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THIS RECIPE, y’all!! Oh my gosh. Nutritarian, healthy, peanut butter cacao cups!! YUMM. You must try this recipe and let me know down below…what did you think!!? Get the full recipe here on a handy PDF: http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets

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For the Cups

1 cup peanuts

1 cup pitted dates

¼ cup cacao, cocoa or carob powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ cup smoothie peanut butter (almond or cashew great, too)

For the Date Cacao Topping

½ cup pitted dates

½ cup water

2 tablespoons cacao, cocoa or carob powder

¼ cup chopped peanuts


For the Cups: In a food processor, add the whole peanuts, dates, cacao powder and vanilla until everything is the size of grains of rice. Add the peanut butter and pulse to combine until smooth but grainy.

Using a muffin tin, add cupcake liners. Firmly press ¼ cup of the mixture into the bottom of 1 cup. Repeat until all the mixture is used.

For the Date Cacao Topping: In a blender, add the dates, water and cacao powder and blend until smooth. Spoon 1 tablespoon of the Date Cacao Topping mixture over each cacao cup, and sprinkle with ½ tablespoon chopped peanuts.

Refrigerate or freeze for 1 hour before removing from the muffin tin. Store in the freezer or fridge, depending on the season, temperature, etc. I stored mine in a ziplock in the freezer and they were gone in 3 days. Oops! :D

[Cheri] Hello friends! We are doing a delicious recipe today from Chris Beat Cancer’s book, Beat Cancer Kitchen. You are gonna love this one. It’s a really really great dessert!

Time out, let’s have Chris himself introduce this recipe for us.

[Chris] Thanks Cheri! So these no-bake peanut cacao cups are healthy, guilt-free, I love them, my wife loves them, my kids love them. I haven’t met anybody yet who does not love these. It’s your favorite nut butter, cacao powder, dates, all whole food ingredients. They’re super good. You’ll love them.

[Cheri] I’m modifying so that it’s going to be totally Nutritarian. This is going to be a great one for your family. I am on my way to the store right now to get the ingredients. Come with me!

All right so I only needed one thing from Whole Foods. Got my other ingredients. Oh yeah! So obviously they use um maple cacao topping. We’re gonna make a date paste instead so it’ll be totally Nutritarian. Here we go!

Let’s see…

This one we’re just going to use water, dates and cacao powder. Okay here we go. Let me get the food processor.

Okay first things first, we’re gonna do the date topping. So I’m gonna have to pit a bunch of these dates first. If you see those little caps, take those off too, and the recipe calls for one cup. Because I’ve already measured out a cup I’m just going to put these right into the food processor for the cups and then I’ll do some more for the syrup.

That’s about half a cup of dates. I’m going to start with a half a cup of water, a couple tablespoons of cacao, oh yeah. I’m gonna scrape down the side so we don’t miss any of that amazing date goodness over there. Oh yeah, that’s beautiful. I’m going to leave it like this there. it’s like a little bit of chunks in there. I’m going to leave it because actually I think on top of the peanut butter it’s going to be just delicious to have a little chewy bits of dates in there.

Do not get date cacao sauce in your eye. It doesn’t feel good. Look at what I do for you people. Oh it feels like I have an eyelash in my eye. I checked, i don’t. Don’t get this in your eyes.

So I want to talk about this date syrup real quick. So this is the basic, kind of how it is looks. Pretty amazing. Can be delicious. You could add more nuts and seed to this and then it would be a little bit more creamy. We’re going to leave it like this because we’re going to top it with peanuts at the end. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re sensitive to caffeine, the cacao powder in this recipe might be a little tough for you, so you can always use carob powder instead.

I really like this one toasted. Tastes delicious! Very similar to cacao powder. Not perfect but no caffeine. Also if you find yourself having a hot flash while you’re cooking like I might right now, just find all the various fans you’ve placed all over your house to make sure that you can survive hot flashes whenever you need to. I even have them under the couch because I know the babies won’t take them. Vincent wants to say hi. Do you agree with the hot flash thing?

So we have our date kind of syrup paste thing ready to go. Onto the rest. Okay so pulse the peanuts, dates, cacao powder and vanilla. One cup peanuts, quarter cup cacao powder, a teaspoon of vanilla extract. You could use vanilla powder too if you want. Covering it so the cocoa powder doesn’t shoot out, my eye still hurts.

All right, it says pulse it until it’s the size of grains of rice. It looks kind of grains of ricey. Now we add peanut butter and this I gotta share with you. We were talking about this in the Eat to Live Family a few months back. Whenever you have peanut butter that has oil, or you know, nut butter that has oil that separates on the top, you have to get this you guys. Oh my gosh it’s the best. Check this out. This thing, put it in there, submerge it and then spin. It’s like a little auger. Mixes up that oil without spilling the oil all over the place, which is the most annoying thing in the world. You can do this in a blender, I’m told, as well but I can’t be bothered with all that mess. It is a pain in the butt, yeah, but so was trying to use a knife or a spoon and spilling it all over.

I’m gonna put a link for this in the cheat sheet pdf with the recipe. You can download the pdf recipe at nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets

So then what you do, you just take this little credit card looking thing. Put that on there like that. Lift up the peanut butter and work it all the way down. How awesome was that?! And don’t squirt peanut butter all over you. My eye still hurts.

Okay can we just talk about this knife for just a second? This brand Nakano, it’s a Japanese company. They sent me this knife to try out. I just want to say for a sec, I think you should check this one out. Everyone needs a really good knife in their kitchen. Really, seriously, I only have like two or three knives in my kitchen but I always wanted a really long one and this is an eight inch chef’s knife. I have a Santoku six inch chef and I spent a lot of money for them and I really like them but I always wanted a longer one. If you’re interested in having a really good sort of professional knife in your kitchen that works really well and is really really sharp check this one out.

I have a discount code for you for ten percent off. There’s a link up in the description. It’s nakano-knives.com/Cheri and I have a special discount code, it’s just: Cheri. Check out this knife. They also have a really nice set as well. The reason I’m telling you about it is because if you just have one of those, you know, sort of store-bought sets of knives…dangerous… not good to use because they’re not super sharp and they don’t get the job done well. I just want to mention this one because it’s super affordable compared to the really high-end professional chef’s knives that you might get. So consider it.

Let’s make these cacao cups. Okay so just press all that down into the cupcake liners. I should probably try one just to make sure it’s okay first before I put the topping on. Just to make sure, right?

Cute! My girls are gonna love these. Wow that’s really really yummy.  I mean I know it was gonna be, how can you go wrong with peanuts and cacao and dates right?! So good! Tons of fiber, that’s what I love about this recipe compared to say just like a reese’s peanut butter cup or something. So much actual nutrition in here. Antioxidants in the cacao powder, fiber and the dates. If you’re gonna have dessert this is the kind of dessert to have.

Right, let’s put the topping on. It looks delicious and I’m gonna top with some peanuts. Cute! Yum this is like a candy bar you guys, but like a healthy candy bar. So I’m gonna put these in the freezer. There we go, that works, yay! That’s it. We’ll see how they are in a minute. I mean in an hour.

Okay, yeah I just ate the last of that one cup that I was eating before, off camera, and I had such a flashback of my sort of candy eating days with baby ruth. It’s reminiscent of that and it’s so satisfying. Such a great way to get your sweet tooth satisfied but still get some fiber and some good nutrition. And I want to say this date paste that we made the dates, the cacao powder and the water would make a great chia seed pudding. So if this didn’t work you could always throw a bunch of chia seeds in there and then it would turn into a pudding and it would be super delicious.

All right I think it’s been a couple hours. Let’s see what we have. Let’s see here… my gosh look at that, how cute! Oh my, um, we have a winner folks. Oh my gosh you know what I’m really excited about? The topping totally works. We do not need oil for the topping. It’s like a nice little frosting. Holy cow!

Sorry not sorry for giving you this recipe. Holy guacamole Chris – amazing! Total winner, so excited about this.

Let’s wrap up a few things to let you know. As I mentioned before, number one, the recipe for this is in the description but if you want to have a PDF print out, you can just easily print it. Sign up for the cheat sheets at nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets and you can also get PDFs of all the recipes we’ve done before.

Okay, next and most importantly, Chris Wark of Chris Beat Cancer is amazing. He’s a super awesome guy obviously. You guys can check out that previous interview I did with him here. It was really really great and enlightening and if you haven’t yet guys, go get his book on Amazon. So easy, just get it delivered. It’s so so good. The recipes are amazing. You have to get this book to just have it in your collection. It’s such a nice nice cookbook to have. If it has recipes like those cacao cups, come on, all the rest of the recipes are going to be amazing too. So click the link down in the description. You can get the book and I’m also going to leave links to all of Chris’s stuff too. So you can check out his things as well down in the description and also in the cheat sheet if you sign up for that as well.

Last but not least, a pro tip: do not squirt date paste in your eye.

Okay, ah oh no I just dropped it on the floor!

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