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First off, let’s do some disclosure about me. Actually, before I tell you this, let’s make a deal. If what I tell you changes your opinion of me for the worse, then let’s say I’m talking about my big sister instead. And if it somehow makes you feel a bit closer to me because you can relate, well, then by all means, this story is about me.

When I was a teenager and we had Oreo cookies in the house, I would eat more than 10 Oreos a day. <insert opinion-forming-silence here>

Yeah, I really, really love Oreos. I mean, like I actually can’t buy them anymore (same with Reese’s and Twix, etc) because I’m just really bad at the whole “will-power” thing. Ask my husband, he’ll back me up here. All that to say I love the new campaign Oreo has going about their 100th anniversary, and if you love Oreos, you will, too. This is the kinda crap that I just eat up online (get it?)…clever time-wasters. Here are a few of my favorites:

Oreo's100th Birthday Happy 4th of July!

Oreo's 100th Birthday - Shin Shin!

Oreo's 100th Birthday - International Joke Day

And my favorite, for obvious reasons:

Oreo's 100th Birthday

See more of these awesome images on the Oreo Tumblr site!

[all images via oreodailytwist.tumblr.com]