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Welcome to my podcast! I’m so excited that you’re here. Let’s talk about Eat to Live and how to stick to it…or better yet…let me just give you the one reason you haven’t been able to stick to it up until now…as well as the solution!


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YouTube auto-generated transcript:

so i found eat to live in march

of 2013 and a friend of mine had

introduced me to the lifestyle i bought

the book and in one weekend

just a few days i devoured that entire

book i put like this big huge comforter


of a non-working jacuzzi in the rental

that my dad and i lived in at the time

and i just read that whole book cover to

cover i had an instant

feeling and i’ve heard this from so many

people since that they had the same


that this was it right this was the

lifestyle that i was gonna be following

i also had an instant feeling that’s

gonna take me about three years to


sure enough it was about three or four

years before i really

got comfortable with variety and all

that and i say that because in the


i only found like one or two recipes

and they worked so well for weight loss

that i was terrified of trying anything


and so i lost a bunch of weight in the

beginning it also also was a very


time in my life i found that lifestyle

in march of 2013 and my father had been

diagnosed with cancer terminal cancer

just a month or two before

and if you guys by the way hear any

noises sometimes

you know i got kids i got cats uh i have

things that will be making noises every

once in a while and you might have just

heard vincent jump off the desk but

we’re gonna just pretend like these

things don’t happen as we go okay so


i you know had a bunch of things going

on my father was dying of cancer he was

to die just 10 months later

and i had just gotten divorced about six

months before

and you know lots of things going on in

my life

and eat to live sort of gave me hope it

gave me something to hold on to sink my

teeth into

literally during that time period you

know as my father’s life was sort of

slipping away

it was the thing that i could control

was the thing i could hold on to

i ended up losing 22 pounds in six weeks

it was wonderful results and i just knew

this was

it but i also knew it was going to take

a while to perfect

and then of course like i’ve heard in so

many other people’s stories as well

you know something happened life


right so you start this lifestyle you

you get some really amazing momentum and

success in the beginning then life hits

you again

and so the topic of this particular

podcast this first podcast i wanted to

record for you is

why you can’t stick to the eat to live


because i know a thing or two about why

folks and myself particularly cannot

stick to it

consistently and so that i have created

an entire

career out of helping folks stick to eat

to live so stick with me

and i’m going to tell you more about my

journey and also how you can create more

consistency in your journey as well

you’re doing just eat to live or you’re

doing just basic healthy eating you

don’t even have to be 100 nutritarian to

learn some stuff from what i’m going to

tell you in this podcast

so stick around i’ll tell you all my

secrets as we go


hi i’m sheri alberts and this is the

watering mouth podcast and i’m gonna

teach you to eat to live

lose the weight and love the process for


episode one

hello everybody i am so

excited to be here you have actually no

idea how long i’ve been wanting to do a

podcast it has been

i think i heard about doing podcasts i

mean a long time ago but then i actually

considered doing a podcast in around


so that was a long time ago but i really

didn’t feel like i had much to

contribute or i didn’t really know what

i wanted to talk about yet and now here

we are

what is it like eight years later or

something like that that i am ready

to give you as much information as i can

about what i know

which is the eat to live lifestyle and

how to stick to it so

let’s sort of set the tone for this

podcast in general now i

am sherry alberts i am a

certified life and weight coach from the

life coach school i’m also an

expert nutritarian i have been coaching


folks on how to eat nutritarian how to

lose weight how to stay consistent for

years and years and years and i just

this is my passion this is my life’s

work it has turned into

a wonderful business that i love that i

can help people and i want to tell you

all about that as we go

but first things first just want to let

you know i am

a wife i am a mother of three i have

two young twins they just turned one

i have a toddler who is about to turn


and i have two really annoying bratty


and i’m telling you this to get to know

me a little bit more but also just so

you know as i said before

there’s probably not going to be some

perfection on this podcast and

just so you know if you’re listening to

this podcast i’m also planning on

always recording a video of me speaking

as well

every time i do one of these podcasts so

you could you might be watching this on

youtube right now but if you’re just

watching the podcast

know that there’s a video along with

every podcast that i do that i’m

publishing on youtube

every every other week or whenever my

publishing schedule

is so if you ever want to watch the

video of me but know

that the video is not perfect either

like right now

it is um 9 45 at night and the lighting


terrible but i just wanted to be able to

and also i realized that i

work best on video this is my you know

method of delivery for teaching

and so when i actually tried to record

this podcast just audio only it felt way

too awkward for me because i’m so used

to talking

on videos so i’m gonna try to have a

video every time so you can look out on

youtube for that or you can just listen

on the podcast

app whatever podcast app that you use so

let’s get into it alright

so that’s my little introduction here

let’s just talk a little bit about what

eat to live is so eat to live if you

don’t know

is a very healthy eating lifestyle by dr

joel fuhrman from his book eat to live

which i believe came out in the early


it is my favorite book it changed my

entire life it’s what everything i talk

about is all about

and it is a healthy whole foods high

nutrient plant-based

mostly you know mostly plant-based


and you can find all the information in

his books he has so many books dr


and his most recent book is called eat

for life

and that is sort of the updated version

of all of this so you can learn

everything you need to know in that book

or you can start with eat to live or any

other of his books they will give you

everything you need to know so eat to


is kind of i sort of consider it as this

end of the spectrum kind of therapeutic


of healthy eating and so when you


that you sort of think okay maybe i

don’t want to be perfect maybe i don’t

want to have

all of that under control maybe i just

want to eat healthier than where i am

right now

that’s totally fine right especially to

listen to this podcast you don’t have to

be perfect on any of this

i’m going to give you information about

eat to live which i do feel is that kind


end of the spectrum the sort of the best

diet on the planet

you can do whatever version of that that

you are comfortable with

i have coached so many private clients


whatever version of that healthy diet

they’re looking for so feel free to make

whatever you like

that kind of you know lifestyle that you

want to follow but i’m going to tell you

how to do it

any version of that i will help you with

that okay so

why you can’t stick to eat to live now

as i

mentioned before i have some experience

with why i can’t stick to it and i know

that my

experiences are very similar to a lot of

folks in my audience as well so i’m


that’s what this entire podcast is about

is why you can’t stick to it

and how you can actually so i’m gonna

give you all my secrets all my tools as

we go

but just understand that um you’re not

alone first of all okay you are not

alone there are so many of us who are

doing the same exact thing out here in

our homes

working to make this lifestyle as

healthy as possible and to feel our best

and to

you know do the things that eat to live

says which is reverse and prevent


you know better digestion repair

things and just feel our healthiest

selves as well as longevity right of


i’m just going to make the disclaimer

that anything i say this is all

you know my information but i am not a

medical professional okay so

there’s my little disclaimer so do

everything with your doctor’s advice


so why you can’t stick with it first of

all i did mention that i’m a life coach

right and i have been coaching this

lifestyle for

several years now since 2017 so it’s

been oh my gosh it’s been four years

now that’s crazy and i have taken on

dozens of private clients and i have

hundreds of not private clients but


clients currently in my eat to live

family membership which is a group

coaching membership

and i have coached thousands and

thousands of people

on my youtube channel and you know my


and my social media and all that i’ve

coached so many people

on this lifestyle so i do have some

pretty um

specialized knowledge in this field and

i do have a quite

an interesting perspective on why you

can’t stick to it and why you can’t stay

consistent and first of all i want to

tell you that it is not

your outside circumstances that are

causing that so for instance

it’s not the fact that your husband

doesn’t eat this way it’s not the fact

that your kids don’t eat this way it’s

not the fact that you have always been a

binge eater perhaps like me

or a food hoarder perhaps like me or

you know always had troubles with your

weight or done so many yo-yo diets or

anything like that it’s none of those


those are not the reasons why you can’t

stick to eat to live okay

it’s not your programming it’s not your

social programming it’s not the ads you

see on tv

right it is not outside circumstances

it’s not the fact that your

you know aunt norma just died or you


we went through a global pandemic or

just had a baby or anything like that

that’s not the reason that we don’t

stick to eat to live

the reason that we do not stick to eat

to live there’s only one reason

and it’s actually our mindset and what

do i mean when i say mindset you’re

going to hear me use this term a lot

i am a life coach certified from the

life coach school so these are the

methods that we learn in there and i’m

going to be telling you so much about


giving you these very specific tools and

one of the very specific tools that we

use is called the model

and this was created by brooke castillo

she’s the founder of the life coach

school and

you know when i say created by brooke

casio she created this framework but

what i’m about to teach you and what the

framework and the tools that i’m going

to be using in the future to explain all

of this to you

it’s stuff that we’ve known for a long

time you know

i mean thousands and thousands of years

about humanity and the way that humanity


the way that our brains work and how we

create results and things like that

it’s all stuff that we’ve known for a

long time but the framework that i’m

going to use that brooke created which

is called the model

is a is a very specific way of looking

at it and it helps us

kind of look at it in a very um

practical sort of way

so that when we’re looking at our life

and our circumstances and going oh

you know i’m having so much trouble

whatever why am i having trouble this is

the way that we can figure out

why we’re having trouble so just stick

with stick with me on this one i’m going

to explain it a lot more as we go but

the general concept here

is that it is our mindset and when i say

mindset i mean

actually our thoughts actually i mean

the thoughts in our head

are creating our results they are

actually the thing that is creating

um our weight right the weight on the

scale the number on the scale

they are creating um our choices with

food everything that we’re eating during

the day or not eating during the day

as it were they that our thoughts are

what is creating all that i’m going to

give you a little bit more information

as we go here so hold on one sec

but if it’s our mindset and our thoughts

that create all of our issues with food

that’s the bad news but guess what the

good news is that we have the power to

change it

right that means that we don’t have to

rely on something outside of us in order

to create that change that is the best

news in the world

because that means that this the more we

practice it the better we get at it the


we’re going to be able to use these


and the fun part about what i’m going to

teach you on this podcast and in all my

other videos and everything

is that if it’s your mindset and it’s

your thoughts that are controlling


this is a technique that will work for

weight and

food but guess what it works for

everything else in our lives too

all of the struggles that we have in our

life and all it can all be

worked on and worked out using these

techniques so that’s really fun

now the general idea here is that and i

was talking about this model

part of this model is that our thoughts

create our feelings

okay now if you’ve never heard this

concept before it might be a little

tough to understand in the beginning but

i just want you to go with what i say


and just maybe suspend your disbelief

about some things and maybe just go with

what i’m saying you don’t have to

believe it yet

but just start to look for evidence of

this in your own life

and then that way i just

i’m gonna constantly be like flicking

the cat to get her to stop like licking


and purring and things while we’re on

this podcast but anyways okay

you will see that on the youtube video

if you want to see that but

just go with what i’m about to tell you

and look for the evidence that this

might be true

and see how this might actually be

playing out in your life and how you

might use it to your advantage

to improve things right so the idea is

that our thoughts create our feelings

but then the other important part is

that our feelings create our actions

so thoughts create feelings feelings


actions now this is actually a very

common model um it’s not just brooks

model it’s actually the

cognitive therapy you know cognitive

behavioral therapy model

it’s been talked about in so many

self-help books and

you know all these different places this

is a very

common type of model that we use now

brooke expands it a bit so we’re going

to be talking about that in the future

as well but the basic concept our

thoughts create our feelings our

feelings for our actions now we’ve

talked about this idea of actions

and what i mean actions if you put a

set of actions together over and over

and over again do the same actions over

and over again it becomes a habit

okay so you can look at actions as

habits actually

so if our thoughts and another way we

can think about thoughts beliefs as well


our thoughts create our beliefs create

our feelings

and emotions and our feelings and

emotions create our habits and actions

then what we say is that the sum of our


and actions equals our results so

if our results on the scale are that we

weigh more than we would like to

it just goes to it just goes to say that

if our thoughts create our feelings


actions actions create results if we

want different results

all we have to do is change our thoughts

right now

that’s interesting and exciting because

if we want different results

it’s all in our mind it’s all in our

head all we have to do is change our


but this is where it gets tricky because

everyone always ends up saying okay well

then how do i change my thoughts

right that’s the first question and i

hear that on every single private

coaching call i ever do with anyone

there’s always that moment of oh i can

see that i’m thinking this now how do i

change it

how do i get out of that pain how do i

change that that’s what we’re really

going to be focusing on in this podcast

as we go

so stick with me but the first thing

that we can do

in order to change our results and to

get to that place where we can change

our thoughts is number one we need to be

aware we have to have awareness of even

what we’re thinking anyways now

in my experience with coaching private

clients in the past

a lot of the issues that we have or the

struggles or the behaviors that we have

created have become

subconscious or unconscious right

they’ve been sort of

relegated to that place in the brain

where we don’t even think about it


and that’s why we can end up you know at

the bottom of a bag of doritos before we

even notice it

right we can we can end up at the bottom


you know a bag of oreos before we even

notice it that’s because

our actions have become so habitual they

have become

so habitual that they just turn

subconscious and we don’t even notice

that anymore like

me for example i would notice a pattern

of mine

several years ago that every time i

would have to send out an

email for the website or i would have to

send out an

important email or do some type of an

important task for work

i would be halfway to the kitchen before

i would even notice

i was walking to the kitchen because i

just had a habit of oh this is scary

this is hard i don’t want to do this

right now i’m going to go get a snack

take a break i need a break

right i need to get out of this pain and

this kind of behavior once you repeat

this so many times it just becomes

automatic it becomes something that you

just do without even thinking

and this is why weight loss can be so

mystical to so many folks it feels like

something they just don’t understand

they can’t

possibly figure it out it doesn’t make

any sense i don’t even notice when i’m

having these binges or these overeats or

whatever i don’t even notice it so how

could i change it if i don’t notice it

we don’t even notice the extent to which

we’re doing things so for instance

you know we we might be having a you

know a nice meal for lunch and then we

realized we’re having a piece of fruit

and then after that we realized we’ve

made another you know

thing of pasta or something like that

and after that we noticed we’re

you know looking for some chocolate or

whatever some kind of a dessert

and then just a couple hours later we’re

thinking about more food again and it

just kind of keeps going on in the cycle

but we don’t even

think about it we didn’t even notice it

and we

and here’s the thing if we don’t notice

it we can’t

change it okay so that’s the big concept

that i want to

show you is that you know i give you

this model thoughts create feelings


actions actions create results but if we

don’t even notice

what the actions are how can we even

work through any of the other things


so the first thing the first step that

we have to work on is our awareness of

what we’re doing so number one the

awareness of our habits

the actions we’re talking about are

awareness of our results even so this is

a really good one too i always like to

talk about this

it’s it’s like when we’re starting off

on a healthy eating journey

some of us don’t even like to weigh

ourselves anymore so we have no

idea where we are on the scale we have

no idea where we are compared to where

we used to be kind of a thing

it’s like not checking our bank account

balance ever

right so let’s say you know your

paychecks are coming in whatever and


you know one day you finally you get one

of those overdraft fees and you’re like

how could this happen

well if you haven’t been checking your

bank account balance

it’s really easy to know how it could

happen right because we’re not even

paying attention and when we’re doing

the same thing with our health or with

our weight loss

things get away from us we do a lot of

subconscious unconscious type of actions

and then we don’t even realize how far

we’ve taken things

until we see a picture of ourselves and

we can’t believe we look like that or

you know we we see a video of ourselves

and we can’t believe we let it get that


because when we’re looking at ourselves

in the mirror all the time every day you

know seeing ourselves we just were used

to how we look

and it’s not until we see a photo that’s

sort of out of context for our brain

that we can truly see and of course the

camera adds a little bit maybe right but

we can truly see kind of how far things

have gone

and so it really does come down to

awareness just as

if you were going to start to get your

finances in order you would first need

to know

what your balances are right so you even

know where your journey is headed where

you’re going and so that’s the first tip

that i want to give you

we’re going to dive into this so much

more as we go but why we can’t stick to

the eat to live lifestyle

is because of our mindset it’s because

of our thoughts because

we haven’t even been checking our

results right

we haven’t even been checking in fully

with the actions that we’re taking

so we don’t even notice when we’re

eating that whole bag of doritos plus

this plus that plus this plus that we

don’t even notice how often we’re doing

it we’re not even aware right

we’re definitely not aware of our

feelings and if our feelings are

creating our actions then

you know that is a really important

piece of the puzzle to be

really understanding and feelings i’ll

just give you a spoiler alert

are the most important part of this

whole equation almost well all the

pieces are really important but we’ll

get into why

each one is so important as well and

then if we’re not if we’re not even

in touch with our feelings then how can

we be in touch with our thoughts that

create those feelings

and it’s fun because when i see a client

when i first start talking to a client

and they’re like i didn’t even

i’ve never even thought of that before i

didn’t realize that my thoughts were

connected to my feelings

and never even understood how my

emotions came up i thought they just

came up right

when we start actually looking at all of

these pieces

that’s when we really start to get that

clarity that mental clarity that starts

to allow us to

change and that’s actually one of the

most important things to keep in mind

and i’m going to be repeating this

so many times so you understand this

very important concept

concept is that first is awareness

and it’s actually the awareness of the


that creates change so as i was telling

you before with these clients who come

to me and say oh but how do i change my

thought then right

how do i change my thought well that’s

not it we don’t just change our thought

what we actually do is become aware of

the entire situation that’s happening

and once we see everything for what it


that’s when we start to automatically

change this this idea that

you know if you’re in enough pain you

will change right

so when we can see the situation for

what it really is instead of

numbing out somehow that’s when we

actually start to create that change

okay so so step number one is that


we have to understand where our thoughts

and feelings and actions and results

even come from

and then just being so aware of that

process as it unfolds for us

day by day when we’re so aware of that


that’s when we start to make these

changes and that’s when we can start to

deliberately choose the thoughts that

we’re having okay

so to recap why we cannot stick to the

eat to live lifestyle

or any healthy eating lifestyle or our

exercise program or

our budget or right insert anything here

there’s so many different i mean this

applies to everything in our life but

why we can’t stick to it why we can’t

stay consistent

it’s because of our thoughts because our

thoughts are creating these stories and

i’m gonna give you an example here

um to sort of tie this up for you so you

can see how this works in my life or has

worked in my life and then maybe you can

see how it works in yours as well

so for me we say thoughts create

feelings feeling actions

now for me my story had always been

several years ago and you can even see

this on my youtube channel i have


and vlogged for years all of these

things why can’t i stop binging why

can’t i stop overeating why can’t i lose

the weight all that

you’ll see that all on my youtube

channel i’ve done you know vlogs

every day for over 200 days at one point

back in 2016 2017 you can see all those

videos on my youtube channel

now my thought so thoughts great

feelings feelings great actions my

thought was always when i walked into

the kitchen i got to the fridge

i thought if there was anything like

carby in there you know like

prepared pasta or prepared oatmeal or

maybe there was some bread in there or


i would notice that food and then my

brain would go oh

you got to have some and if you have

some you’re not going to be able to stop

eating it like you will eat the whole


you’re going to devour it it’s going to

be amazing you’re going to love it but

you’re definitely not going to be able

to stop eating it

so that was always my story every time i

looked in the fridge

that thought would create a feeling of

now what does that create disempowerment

it creates

urge craving desire it creates

a lot of really strong feelings that are

hard to

overcome right because when you’re

having that very strong craving to eat


and you’re looking at it in the fridge

and your brain is telling you you’ll

never be able to stop

eating the whole thing you know what

then happens you eat it and you eat the

whole thing

right so for me that meant massive

quantities of oatmeal that i had

prepared for a week in advance right or

it meant

an entire loaf of bread or half a loaf

of bread whatever i could fit physically

in my stomach at that moment

i would just eat piece after piece after

piece of toast you know with whatever

and that was my story so look at how

that works my thoughts about how

i was going to binge and how i wouldn’t

be able to stop binging until i had

eaten you know to the point of just

literally not being able to eat anymore

it wasn’t about having a sensible meal

it was about just

eating and eating and eating right my

thoughts about that created my feelings

my feelings were like

disempowerment they were like

humiliation disgust shame

um craving desire and then

powerlessness right those were my

feelings when i opened the fridge every

time i would see a food like that

that’s how i felt and when you feel that

way when you think about those kinds of

feelings what do you do

you overeat right you overeat you don’t

plan your meals you don’t do all the

things you know

create those kind of healthy actions

and then when you do that enough you get

a set of results and the set of results

for me was always

either constantly gaining weight right

slowly but surely scale keeps creeping


or it’s this back and forth yo-yo all

the time of just being totally out of


so that’s a little description of how

thoughts can create feelings

feelings create actions and actions can

create results and that’s how it worked

in my life

and when we’re super aware of this we

can start to make those changes okay

so that is the podcast for today i am

so excited to start telling you more and

more and more of this information so

that you can gain

this um empowerment back in your own

life you can gain your own

power back and and i say back very


because you had this power before you

had this power to

um have this self-discipline to have

this self-love to have this

overwhelming sense of self-worth you had

all of that stuff when you were a little

kid in the very beginning right or when

you were a baby

when you first started out you didn’t

have you know when you were just born

you didn’t have

ideas that society put in your head

during your childhood or during your

teenage years or during

you know your 20s or in onward you

didn’t have anything

sort of clouding your judgment about how

amazing you

are and you are amazing and i’m going to

tell you all the time about that and i’m

going to tell you how

you can feel that inside of your own

heart too

so that’s the journey we’re going on the

journey we’re going on is to

as i said remember i said something

about feelings earlier we are going to

improve our

feelings so that we can eat better right

because notice every time we have

negative feelings that’s when we

tend to not eat so well so that’s what

we’re going to be working on doing is

having our thoughts create these amazing

amazing feelings

and when we have amazing feelings we’re

going to make amazing choices we’re

going to create

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