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Well, isn’t this inspiring?! Recently I got to chat with one my Eat to Live Family members, Kierstan who has been successful losing 120 pounds on the Nutritarian diet! Hear what she has to say about how she does it, what her strategies are, and what she does when she gets off track. And she also gave us some of her favorite recipes so we can use them ourselves! Sign up for those here http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets

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hello there oh i have a fun one for you


today i am interviewing kirsten who is


one of my old school audience members


she has done challenges she’s an


original academy member she’s a member


of the italia family and she has lost


like 120 pounds i need to live and i


wanted to share her story because i


think it’s always fun to hear how other people


do their journey and we can definitely


always learn some things from them i


mentioned some recipes we she is giving


us her favorite recipes at the end of


this and these are located in the cheat


sheets on the cheat sheets page so you


just sign up for the cheat sheets at the wateringmonth.com


cheat sheets and then you’ll have access


to a page which you will be able to


download kirsten’s favorite recipes from


there okay i also wanted to mention


kirsten and i recorded this video


actually in june of 2021 but you’re i’m


releasing this podcast in october of


real time right now what’s about to


happen is we’re gonna have another free


five day challenge starting november


first so you don’t want to make sure


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you will get on the waitlist and then


come october 25th we are going to be


sending out those free five-day eat to


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everything you need to know for five


days of awesome eat to live eating and


i’m also going to be doing a another


four day live workshop to support the


challenge and to support your efforts in


this challenge so make sure you sign up


for that it’s going to be awesome and


right after that we’re going to be


opening up the eat to live family again


for registration so keep your eye out


that’s all of the little news and


announcements for now i want you to meet


kirsten and listen to our interview and


i will see you soon bye




hi i’m sheri alberts and this is the


watering mouth podcast and i’m going to


teach you to eat to live lose the weight


and love the process


for good episode 10.


hey guys sherry from Nourish Your Lifestyle


here i have a very special guest today


i’m doing a special podcast and youtube


video for you this week and i’m interviewing


a nutritarian from my audience and her


name is kirsten and i just want to say


first of all thank you for being here


kirsten thank you for having me i’m


excited to be here and sharing with


everybody out there yeah wonderful so


i’ve done interviews like this before i


really like to do them because i feel like


there’s some mystery to the folks who


look successful and i think it’s there


actually is no mystery and that’s why i


kind of want to just talk about what we


do and how we how we become successful


and how we


continue on this path and just keep


going so that’s kind of the reason i do


these interviews is to help folks see


that there isn’t as much mystery as you might think


that we can all do this and


that um probably there’s a ton of tips


that maybe we hadn’t thought of before


so we’re going to hear from kirsten


today about her journey on the nutritarian lifestyle so


kirsten thank you so much we


started talking recently just you and me


because you are a member of the eat to


live family and you had um posted about


your amazing success so that’s how we


kind of know each other but i want you


to give me just a little bit more


details about how did you find eat to


live and then how did you find me


sure so um i came from the typical sad


diet the all of the bad food the


standard american diet and i’ve been


overweight my whole life and i just


was at my doctor’s office one day and


she always talks about the eating a


plant-based diet and there was a flyer


on the back of the door and it was for


emily buller who’s from northeast


indiana which is where i’m located and


she was coming to talk about her book


and i i read about it and i looked up


her book online and i thought i should


go see her but i wasn’t quite ready for


that big of a level of commitment at the


time so i ended up getting her book


which is called starved to obesity and


in her book she shares her story about


how she started doing dr fuhrman’s eat to live and i


loved what she had to say and so i


decided to give it a try and right away


when i started trying i started looking


for different types of recipes out there


and i just googled


nutritarian and eat to live and i came


across Nourish Your Lifestyle and i found


you and your videos and your infectious


energy and all of the awesome stuff that


you gave and i was i was hooked at that


point i’m kind of fangirling right now a little bit right now


actually i’m fangirling right back at


you i love to have folks who’ve been


successful with my stuff it always makes


you feel so good


so when did you find eat to live


originally so emily’s book was like


three years ago or something like that yeah so i


discovered it probably in june or july of 2020


and i read it and i decided that the


first monday of august like like any


good addict of course i had to binge


over the weekend but that first monday


of august i think it was august 3rd or


that i was going to go go full-fledged


in and at that point i weighed 258


pounds i was on blood pressure


medication even on medicine my blood


pressure was over 140 over 95 at most visits um


i was eating really unhealthy like i


said in the post that i put on the


italia family i would get a pack of


cookie dough on my way to work and that


would be my breakfast and i was just


that’s just how i ate that was you know


a carton of ice cream at night and i’m


not talking about a small one um and


that was sort of just how i live


and um so i started in august and i went


all in and um ever since that i’ve really been


sticking to it this is amazing so you


have been doing this now just for the


viewers to know when i’m recording this it’s been


just under a year is that right yes and


in terms of results i mean i lost 30


yeah first month because i was i was


eating virtually no fruits or vegetables


at all so i lost a lot of weight really quickly


but by the time i went in a month later


for a follow-up with my doctor my


cholesterol had already dropped 70


percent and whoa yeah


yeah and she took me off my blood


pressure medication at that point um


wonderful my scalp psoriasis resolved


within the first couple of months my


allergies got a lot better my seasonal


allergies got a lot better


my depression seemed to improve within


you know a month or two and then i just


kept losing weight and as of right now


i haven’t quite hit my 120 pounds but


i’m at about 118 pounds that i’ve lost


since since august oh my gosh


yeah i thought you were gonna be like i


haven’t hit my hundred yet but then


you’re like my hundred and twenty like


wow congratulations kirsten and i can see


the light in your face i can see the vibrancy


and i wonder about that vibrancy right


right before you found the lifestyle and


what that was like


how did that feel for you when you were


in that place right before you found it


oh it was terrible i mean i’ve battled


depression my whole life um and i’m also


in recovery um from alcohol i’m gonna be


sober i’ll be sober nine years in just a


couple congratulations again right


so before that i really felt like i was


just kind of going through the motions


and in fact i i think if you would have


asked me i would have said i don’t think


i’m going to live past 60 because i


wasn’t really willing to change the way


that i was eating and so there wasn’t a


lot of hope i didn’t have a lot of


energy there was a ton of shame about


the way that i ate um


you know overeating what i bought at the


grocery store people


my perception judging me um and again


just no energy whatsoever you know i


would have maybe one vegetable serving a


day i mean i just wasn’t eating very


healthy at all and so for me it was the shame


and the hopelessness i think were some


of the biggest feelings that i experienced


yeah for sure and i think a lot of us


can relate with that it doesn’t matter


how much weight we have to lose we still


have that that shame and everything too


but certainly when you’re at that place where


you know cookie dough and ice cream and


things like that and i remember actually


the thing you said from your post in the


family and you did mention that as well


having the cookie dough for breakfast


the ice cream at night when we’re in


kind of a pattern like that it just


seems to keep getting a little bit worse


and a little bit worse and a little bit


worse right and you just kind of think oh


that’s fine i’ll just have this now too


it doesn’t matter right i recall some of


my worst moments were these these days


where it just was it just never ended


right it was just


okay now what and now what am i going to


eat and now what am i going to eat and


and nothing ever seemed to


stop that nothing ever seemed to stop those


those thoughts so let’s so you have had


some amazing results let’s talk a little


bit about you first um without the food


stuff and then we’ll talk so we can give


a little depth to your personality and


then we’ll talk a little bit more about


how you got to where you are right now


because i know that’s what everyone


really wants to hear but i wanna i wanna


get to know you a bit so tell me about


who you are in real life and what do you


do for a living and and


and those kinds of things so it’s a


little complicated i’m a licensed


pharmacist but i’m actually not


practicing as a pharmacist so i teach at


a college of pharmacy and so i’m


teaching full-time um i am still an


active licensed pharmacist but the type


of pharmacy that i practice is a little


bit different than what you think of


when you think of like going to the


drugstore to pick up a prescription so


what i do is what we call ambulatory


care pharmacy and so i did an additional


year of training after i graduated


and i worked in a doctor’s office and


what the doctors would do is they would


come to me and they would say i have


this patient whose blood pressure i


can’t control i don’t know what to do


with them will you meet with them find


out what’s going on and make a


recommendation based on what the


situation is so i actually really loved


it because i got to spend a lot of time


with patients getting to know their


stories which to me is so important and


um for a while i actually lost 50 pounds


back in the day and i was actually doing


some um behavioral modification therapy


with patients as well so i’d be




yeah i became a certified uh


tobacco cessation specialist and so i


helped people quit smoking


and i helped people come up with some


lifestyle modifications for their own


health which is so ironic because yeah i


was actually wanna i want to interrupt


you there because can you tell me about


that irony what that was like for you


teaching patience did you ever think to


yourself oh i wish i used this as well


or i wish i could or how how did you


feel there oh absolutely i mean i think


when i when i started doing it i had


lost 50 pounds and i was had some


success under my belt and so i was i


felt a little more confident in my


skills and i learned the skills in


pharmacy school and i went to some


additional training


and so i felt like i could help patients


that way but i did always feel a little


hypocritical you know


the fat woman giving you advice on how


to change your life


and so that was really hard for me


because how are people going to take me


seriously and so there was a lot of self


judgment there um


and you know the imposter syndrome kind


of going on as well


yeah for sure for sure so tell me a


little bit more about your personal life


so we’ve we know sort of what you do for


work um and do you have any pets do you


have a family what’s what’s your regular


life like outside of food yes outside of


food i have three dogs i am a pit bull


junkie i have three people


they’re all girls and i’m they haven’t


barked yet which is a christmas miracle


what’s going on right now because they


usually we don’t mind if they do it’s


totally we welcome


we welcome pets over here it


yeah when i was teaching from home


during copied i my dogs like to look out


the window and so there’s always lots of


puppy butt going on while i was teaching so yeah


this will happen um


i got divorced about two years ago-ish


something along those lines that also


contributed i think to my journey um i had


some familial relationships that were a


little tough at the time too so i was


feeling a little isolated and i was


really using food a lot to cope um yep i


know i’m not supposed to be talking


about food but um no no it’s fine it’s


gonna it’s gonna seep in please let it yeah


i other than that i live by myself and


um i’m just now starting to get a little


more active in terms of hobbies but i


didn’t have a lot of hobbies because i


stayed home and ate and um


so that’s kind of a new area of my


personality that i’m exploring as well


can we um can we take a moment for that


just take a moment because i talk about this


all the time and this is such a huge


part of the eat to live academy which is


a part which is included in the eat to


live family itila family being the


monthly group coaching membership that


kirsten is a part of and um and that you


know has the eat to live academy but i


talk so much about this


and i heard dr fuhrman talk about this


in the in the beginning as well of my journey


who would you be without the food stuff


right who would you be


if food wasn’t


as i was talking about before if it


wasn’t that constant what am i gonna eat


for lunch and you’re having lunch and


now what am i gonna have for dinner


right if there was no thought about food


anymore what could come out


that you don’t even know is in there


have you started to think a little bit


about what you might be interested in doing now


yeah you know i think it’s it’s really starting to


to emerge a little bit i had a lot of


healing to do even when this plan first


started just because i was


still really hurt from my divorce and so


i was still dealing with that a lot and


um school teaching during covid was


really really hard teaching college


students the courses i teach were


hands-on so there was a lot of stress


going on so i would say for me that


early part of my journey was just still


kind of trying to stay functional um now


that we’re getting back


in more postcovid normality i think i’m


starting to see that a little bit more


it’s like um i also started dating


online after some of this weight loss


and so i’m going through all of that and


so it’s like wait i could go kayaking


now wait i can’t like


we can go for a walk after dinner i’m


i’m not gonna get out of breath and so


just even like those things just thinking about


what are my interests and so i hadn’t


fully delved into that yet i started


doing yoga a little bit um i started


meditating a little bit and i started


enjoying some of those things but i i


was just talking to my therapist today


about how i’m kind of in this


she we decided i’m kind of a slingshot


person when i decided that i was ready


to do eat to live it was a hundred


percent and boom i’m gone i like hated


the way that i was eating i hated the


way that i felt about myself and then


all of a sudden i was like okay


i’m done and i didn’t really look back


it was the same way with alcohol and i


feel like i’m kind of starting to get


there right now with other aspects of my


life because i feel like a lot of


internal tension and i think i’m getting


to the point where it’s like okay i’m


ready to slingshot forward to that next


part of my life where i actually live


because i don’t have to think about food


i don’t obsess about food i don’t eat at


my feelings and so i’m really excited


about this next step


i love that slingshot idea that’s so


cool because i feel like a lot of us


have a story in our minds that


there is no slingshot it’s all just


trudging right and like oh i have to do


i have to make the salad now and i have


to now i have to eat the salad and all


that kind of stuff and you have a a


thought about yourself that like once i


do something i do it how do you think


you got that identity how do you think


you created that oh that’s a really good question um


you know i think it’s i’m a thinker i’m


a big time thinker i overthink


everything and i feel a lot of anxiety


and i mean like literally i just talked


about this today in therapy so i have


some fresh insight into this but i think


and i think and i think and i think and


i think and i think and i stress um


and and then all of a sudden


it’s like that tension building in the


slingshot and then all of a sudden it’s


like i get tired of feeling sick and


tired and then i just want to make change


so i don’t really necessarily know where


it came from except that


having been through


my alcoholism it was just like life just


got too painful and it was just like all


of a sudden i realized i wasn’t living and


it it’s just like i don’t want to not


live anymore and so i did that with


alcohol and then i did this with food


and um it’s just sort of i don’t i don’t want


to hurt anymore the way that i’m hurting


and just realizing that life can be


easier than i’m i’m allowing it to be


i love that that’s beautiful


i wanted to mention because i know you


haven’t done a ton of the academy yet but


i did want to mention back to that last


point is that we have an a really fun


exercise in the academy that’s um


and you might want to look this one up


i’m trying to think i think it’s in week seven


in the self-care section so that’s in


the third video of the self-care section


there’s a really fun worksheet that


allows you to pull out some ideas for


what you might want to do for self-care


in this way and so i define self-care in


a little bit different way than most


people do it’s not manicures and


pedicures although it can be but


self-care is anything that sort of moves


you forward like we’re talking about


self-care as anything so so one of my


favorite examples that people never


think of for self-care is budgeting or


getting really good with your money


getting out of debt finally right these


kinds of things can create so much more


space in our world very similar to how


you’re talking about with eating to live


right um creating space in your life


that doesn’t have to do with food that


actually you know you can put that down


for a while but there is a fun worksheet


in there that is um


you take each 10 years of your life or


at least the first 20 years and you take


you could break them down in 10 year


increments and you go


what was something you love to do in


that time period so for instance um from


ages 0 to 10 was something you love to


do and one of them that’s really fun is


like i used to like to make mud pies


right i remember me and my cousin used


to make mud pies at her house all the


time she had a really cool backyard with


um woods and everything


you would make mud pies and mud cakes


and things like that


and so well what if you tried ceramics


right because ceramics is very similar


to making mud pies and that you know


that might be something you like kind of


an idea so it’s a kind of it’s a really


fun activity to sort of just pull out


some stuff you haven’t thought about in


a long time and maybe you can find


something new that will create just


spark some type of an idea there for you so


that might be


i think i need to do that and it’s funny


though you mentioned the budget because


i actually did start seeing a financial


coach as well in the past year




it’s just sort of like i’m ready to


clean house now all this stuff yeah


that’s it


avoided and um the stuff that was too


scary and too big and too feely because


i couldn’t handle it um i’m starting to


face all of that now and it’s free


yeah having that space to finally


start to just open up and think well


maybe i could start looking at my budget


again maybe i could start doing that and and


yeah the only way that we can create


that space is by putting down the ice


cream and by putting down the cookie


dough and having more moments to


ourselves to just think and be


who we are um


gosh this is it’s so beautiful what


you’ve found and i i want to go back to


the thing you’re talking about with the slingshot too


the idea that when we


we have all of us have different


journeys right so some of us do have


this sort of end of that spectrum where


we might be dealing with alcoholism as


well or even drugs or other things that


are quite addictive and


you know we know the definition of


addictive being something that


interferes with our natural progression of life right like


um and so that’s where it could be food


it could be shopping it could be


anything but it sort of interferes


that’s why i like to think of the


definition of binge eating as well as


being just it’s something past what a


normal meal would be right like you’re


just eating more than you need at a normal meal


not necessarily a full-on binge but just


thinking about this idea of what if we


could get our mindset wrapped around


just having what we need and moving on


right like for a meal having what we


need and then moving on


you like to think about the alcohol and


drug thing as well similarly


is there a way that we can learn to


become comfortable with our own thoughts


and feelings so that we don’t need the


substances anymore right could we


learn to accept our life the way it is


so that we don’t need those other things


can you talk a little bit about that


with your alcohol journey


was it a 12-step program that you credit


what do you credit for getting over the


alcohol in the first place


yeah so i actually did i did the


intensive outpatient therapy so um


rather than going inpatient i worked


full-time still and you went three


nights a week for three hours to a group


session where you learned about alcohol


and how it affected you and how to live


without it and so that you know that


support group of realizing i wasn’t


alone um even though in the support


group i had a different story i was a


really high functioning alcoholic and


not a lot of people had that i didn’t


have any legal issues or relationship


issues nobody knew that i was drinking i


was really good at hiding it


and so nobody really had any idea


so my story wasn’t the same as everybody


there but we all have the same feelings


and i think that kind of comes with food


too is the way that we handle food we


all have the same feelings even though


our story might look a little bit


different whether that be our weight


whether that be what we eat whether that


be what we accept as normal um and so


for me i did that and then i did go into


a 12-step program for a while


and then i ended up just it wasn’t


feeling right for me i didn’t find my


sense of community there so i actually


stopped going to a 12-step program


several years ago and i’ve been able to


maintain my sobriety through


um you know touching him with my higher


power as well as continuing with therapy


and um and just


a lot of self just work and


introspection and things like that and


so that’s really what worked for me but


it was it was that point where i would


come home from work and it was the same


thing with food i would come home from


work and i would put on my pajamas and


then i would immediately just start


drinking and in fact i was eating too i


would i would go out and i would yeah


fast food i would get an appetizer i


would get a meal and i would get a dessert


and i would drink


hesitant to say this but i’m gonna go


ahead and say it all right it’s okay two


bottles of wine you know and so i would


sit down and i would drink first of all


how do you drink that much fluid second of all


yeah it’s a lot of food and then i would


eat all of this food


and um it let me numb out and i didn’t


have to feel what i was feeling and it


was my way of of avoiding yep


and so for me it was figuring out how do


i sit with my feelings


this what i’ve been taught to run from


my whole life or what i’ve been


conditioned to run from my whole life


because that’s the only way i’m going to


make it through it is if i feel these feelings


yeah so i learned how to do that without


alcohol but


i started using food um yes instead and


using food to comfort myself and to to


find you know i would wake up in the


middle of the night and i wouldn’t have


anything bad to eat in my house


but i would get up and go to the grocery


store at two o’clock in the morning and


i would get a package of oreos and i


would eat an entire package of oreos and


that was kind of normal i mean it wasn’t


every night but it was it was normal and


enough that that it was it was a part of my existence


yeah for sure and so


and we see that a lot with folks who


have had um they’ve done studies on this


as well with folks who have had for


instance bariatric surgery that once


they get get the physical inability to


binge on that food anymore


they’re still left with the feelings


they’re still you know we still have our


feelings we all have feelings we all


have you know negative thoughts or um


and then we all have circumstances that


we view as negative as well so


covid or job loss or death in the family or


so and so said this to me and it hurt me


or whatever right we all have these


things and these things are never going


away they will always continue to be i


mean it’s 50 50 as we say in the academy


so they will always continue to be a


part of our life and


it’s learning how to sort of ride that


wave so to speak of whatever comes our


way so can you so this idea that okay


you were able to give up the alcohol and


you substituted alcohol with food now


can you tell us about august 2020


what happened and how did you get here


how did you get all the way here to


almost 120 pounds lost


yeah wow i don’t know if you could tell


me that’d be great because i haven’t quite figured it out


let’s let’s try to remember yeah um so


for me i read the book by emily bowler


and i just remember in that book she


tells her story her childhood was very


similar to mine in terms of eating you


know twinkies and all of that was just


sort of normal and how i ate and we


showed love through food


and in her book she talks about how her


child got very ill and she brought


coolers with her to the hospital and was


eating out of her car to do the eat to


live and i thought my goodness


this woman did this when one of the


toughest situations in there her life


was happening and i’m thinking i can’t


do this when i’m single and i don’t have


kids and i live by myself like i just


sort of thought


step it up it’s time to step it up and so


um i read dr fuhrman’s book and i read


the six week plan and i just decided


that i was just going to do it and so i


went through and i picked the recipes


that i liked out of his six week plan


and i i just started following those and when i


was feeling my feelings i i can’t think


of exactly what i did


but i think i think for me i just


reached the tipping point pretty quickly


where my energy got so much better that yeah


i didn’t have as much of a struggle as i


thought i would i mean considering you know i was


yeah i was gonna say actually some of it


probably had to do with just the the


feeling of well-being that starts to


come over you first of all when you lose


weight that’s fun


right we can’t we can’t gloss over the


fact of like how fun that is to actually


be losing weight and seeing results and


then as you mentioned just the feelings


in our body of


feeling so much more energy feeling like


we’re cleaning out and things like that


as well probably really contributed to


it and it you know it’s it’s a little


bit different than alcohol maybe because


with alcohol um it’s not like you lose a


ton like you lose a hundred pounds from


stopping alcohol right you but when you


sort of um start using the food instead


it really does you know you’re kind of


still masking those thoughts and


feelings but at this point um


when you give up the food part


you get so much benefit out of it right


and that yeah i bet that probably had a


lot to do with it yeah just the energy


and i think just my body getting the


nutrients it was supposed to get you


know if you yeah


you know for me that was that was the


big thing is just like my body hadn’t


had nutrition in so long and i


handled like the detox pretty well i was


really really worried about that i will


say i was very worried about how i was


going to feel and for me i went all in i


didn’t titrate up i didn’t like slowly


worry about like my gi tract i didn’t


really tell myself i wasn’t going to be


successful i didn’t do that messaging um


yeah so i wasn’t really into i mean i


was worried about side effects just from


reading about it but i i wasn’t like overly


anxious about it i would say i think day


maybe two or three pretty early on


i was eating something and i just all of


a sudden got very physically ill i could


not eat one more bite and i got physically


very disgustingly ill and i tried to eat


some soup after that i tried to eat


something a little bit easier and i just i couldn’t and


that day i was really ill and i was like


i don’t think i can do this and then the


next day i was fine and i never had any


other complications from it other than


that it was just this one day where i


physically got ill


wow that’s interesting dr fredman does


talk about when you first start this


lifestyle many people will experience


flu-like symptoms in the first week or


two it sounds like you got a little of


your share of that one as well yeah but


i didn’t you know it wasn’t enough for


me to give up on it because i think


at that point i think the big thing is


that we’re all looking for hope is


ultimately what we’re looking for um


whether that be in the bottom of the


bottle or whether that be in food or


whether that be in


you know lechonato kale i mean


we’re all looking for help and at that


point i was convinced that i was going


to find it through eating this way and


so that was enough to keep me going


through any of the negative stuff that i experienced


i love that when you went from the way


that you ate to eat to live what was


your kind of initial impression of it


did you love it did you kind of not like


it so much what you know the flavors and


things like that what was it like you know


i have always loved vegetables i’ve just


never really made them a part of my life


on a regular basis so i


really enjoyed the flavors i was


surprised at the richness of the flavors


particularly just like the salad


dressings and things um


how fulfilling they they were


and how my palette changed pretty


quickly i was really nervous the first


recipe that called for collards i was like oh


no i cannot do collars i was like yeah


but i did it and and it worked out and


you know like i said i didn’t titrate up


i know some people will start with more


spinach based i i went in and i was just


like kale all right i’m doing it all


nice and it was it worked and the flavor


profiles were really good for me i found


a recipe early on for


peanut butter chocolate and ice cream


that i think saved me yeah


i could see how that would save you


yes i guess i shouldn’t say that i did


perfectly the the fervent plan but for


several you know for the first couple


weeks i probably had that several times


a week and that kind of so in that


so that that makes me curious that kind


of a thing right because for me i wasn’t


in the i mean i definitely was a food


addict but i didn’t have the kind of


extreme where when i started i was like


i felt like i was at the end of my rope


you know i didn’t feel like that i i


made the choice because my father was


sick and i wanted to do that for my


health but i didn’t really have


a huge motivating reason or factor in my


personal life at the time other than my


father you know just seeing that but


that’s kind of like a secondhand thing


or you know just first-hand witnessing


but not really like inside of me so i’m


curious about


how you went from being an addictive


food personality type to having


something like that you know peanut


butter and ice cream peanut butter


chocolate ice cream was it that you kind


of decided to then not have as much of


how did that happen where you decided


did you say i’m having too much of this


i’m gonna cut back or how did that go


um you know i think for me it was just i


started seeing the scale go down and


that got me motivated to cut out


more of the calories and i think i also


liked eating the food a little bit more


too so i started enjoying the flavor


profile of the food even more and so


for for me i think that’s really what it


was it wasn’t like a conscious effort i


will say i’m battling a little bit of


that right now of i’m eating too much of


something i’ve been i’ve been having


some addictive food behavior with skinny


pop like ridiculous uh popcorn yep yeah


yeah yeah i love the brand i am like i


I’m not not hating the brand i’m hating my


behavior with it um


yeah for sure but for me i think i just


it was like i started to see the weight


go down and i thought i can do this


faster and i really don’t need this i


mean it’s adding some nutrition it’s not


giving me the same kind of joy that i


got when i ate regular ice cream


right and so it was sort of like why am


i eating this and what is it doing for


me and it just didn’t do as much for me


as as it used to


yeah yeah that’s good and i think i


think the answer to that to that


question is you’re


sort of like looking inwards really and


it’s kind of what we talk about in the


itil of family that’s what we talk about


in the academy this idea of it is just


the mindfulness of it it’s starting to


what we say or the sort of steps through


this are to become aware first of all so


we’re coming up where what we’re doing


and why we’re doing it maybe and then we


start to have like an internal dialogue


about it why am i doing this is this


useful for me what could i be doing


that’s better kind of a thing


and i like i love this idea that the


beginning of the journey is fueled by


the weight loss and the good feelings


and all that right and i look at my


journey it’s been over eight years now


that it’s been a lot of ups and downs


and for me i look at my journey as having um


on purpose ups and downs because of the


pregnancies so i knew there was going to


be at least a couple pregnancies that


would cause an upset


for me and i would have to relearn


everything you know and that’s sort of


the place that i’m in right now


over a year after having the second pregnancy


but it can it can be a very similar


thing like let’s say you’ve been doing


this for a year or two for anyone who’s


listening and suddenly something comes


up in your life right i remember when i first started


after a few months my father passed away


and so there was a real up and down


there on this high of you know nothing


could go wrong everything’s great of


course my dad’s sick but he’s still here


right i’m losing weight and all that and


then bam life hits again right and i


hear this from so many nutritarians and


so many just folks who want to eat


healthy that it’s that and then life hit


and then you know and then i fell off


track and i went back to my old ways and


all that and so that’s what i am most


interested in and i i want to mention


this because i love your journey and i


love the way that i feel like so much of


what you’re doing is based on


the work that you’ve already done with


the alcohol and like you already laid


this huge foundation of understanding


your feelings and your thoughts and the


work that you’re doing in therapy you’ve


already laid this really solid


foundation and so that’s what really helps you


but i and that’s why i’m saying this


because i don’t want to gloss over that


that’s the reason you’re successful is


because of your mindset and because of


what you do with your thoughts and your feelings


so what do you think about that yeah


absolutely i think that


i don’t i don’t want to say you can’t be


successful if you don’t look at your


thoughts but for me i couldn’t be


successful if i didn’t look at my


thoughts and the times when i let my


focus stray from that are the times that


i start to get into a little bit of


trouble even even now um uh


there was a while a couple weeks in a


row where i went out and got a pizza a


few times and


realizing you know one why did i do it


two forgiving yourself for it and three


figuring out what is my plan going


forward and i think one of the most


important things that i’ve learned through


you guys and particularly coach nancy


who um has just communicated this in a


way that really resonated with me was that


you can choose to make maybe


less than ideal choices if it’s if it’s


a choice versus more of that compulsion


and yeah


that she’s like what if i i think i


posted one time specifically about how i


just ate a pizza and how terrible i felt


about myself and she just said what if


instead of i know it was cookies and she


said what if you are just the kind of


person who chose to eat a cookie you


didn’t fail you didn’t do anything wrong


you just chose to have a cookie and i


was like wait


i can do that yes


i can choose to have a cookie and i can


be here is your permission


yeah here’s your permission yeah and it


was just like i don’t that was like a


big game changer for me so instead of


like shaking myself into i can never eat


the way my friends eat or i can never do


this or do that


that has been a really important thing


too you know like i’m dating right now


and so going out to eat is it happens


more often and it’s just i look at the


menu before i go and i determine what


i’m going to have and sometimes i do


have a flat bread pizza but i make that


choice in advance


yeah i’m okay with it


i know what i’m doing i pick something


that’s maybe not as you know a hamburger


and fries um but something that still is


not necessarily 100 in line with where


i’m hoping to be


but yeah i’m okay with it


but you’re choosing it yeah and that’s


that that’s such an important point


kirsten thanks for bringing it up


because that


first of all coach nancy is amazing


she’s so incredible she’s the she’s she


helps me in the eatily family she is the


private coach within the eat to live


family and um she’s just offering


helpful suggestions all the time she’s incredible


and it’s this and i sort of use this


hand gesture so if you’re just listening


to this on podcast you have to kind of


listen to my description here i use this


hand gesture all the time of you make a fist


and this is the action that you took


either over eating or whatever


and then you can just have that fist you


can just have that action that you took


or you can cover it with your other hand


which is what i’m doing right now and


you add shame and guilt and humiliation


and embarrassment and now look you’ve


got much bigger fist there you got a


much bigger issue


but if you take off that other fist the


second fist of humiliation and shame and


all the extra feelings and you say no no


i just chose that


and we take responsibility for the


things that we did instead of creating a


whole story around it about how it means


we’re terrible people we’ll never get


this and we are we’re just you know the worst and and


we’re a failure and we’re not worthy and


we don’t deserve the success and we


start creating this huge story about it


it’s not just a flatbread pizza anymore now it’s


we’re not even worthy of weight loss


right we’re not even we create a whole


thing about it


so we talk a lot about this in the


academy and in the family about


worthiness and what worthiness actually


is and how it’s actually has nothing to


do with what we do or don’t do


uh that we’re inherently worthy and that


worthy is just there from the get-go and


it doesn’t matter what we do or don’t do ever


that we will always remain worthy


and that um the actions that we take are


completely neutral


when we can just


accept the action for what it was and we


can take responsibility for what we chose


and not in a and not in a way that’s


good or bad because the action itself is


completely neutral what we did or didn’t


do is completely neutral it’s not good


or bad it is just a thing that happened


in the you know history books it’s just


a thing that happened it’s what we make of it


that creates our experience of it so


we had that flat bread pizza we can say


no i’m going to choose a flat bread


pizza and i’m totally fine with that


that’s what i want to do and


that’s it the end of it we eat the pizza


we move on or


we can be upset with ourselves or we’re


even considering the pizza as we’re


having it we can hate ourselves for


eating it then we can be super regretful


afterwards and turn it into this big


dramatic you know um issue


or we can just have it move on and that


experience is what continues to


shape the next meal and the next meal


after that and the next meal after that yeah


and i will just say to anybody out there


who’s listening i can tell you i have


done both of those and i think i did


those within a week


with relatively soon after starting


eating this way mo maybe a few months in


but i did it one way


and then i did it the other way and i


can just i can just give it just think


about it and try it because it’s amazing


when you just say you know what tonight


i want that favorite pizza and i’m gonna


have it i’m gonna eat a half of it and


you know what i’m not gonna beat myself


up and i did it and it was it was the


weirdest thing because i was like wait


i feel okay and i’m i’m not hating


myself oh my gosh food can not be this


evil thing that is gonna sentence me to


death like it’s just a thing and it was


the most foreign thing i’ve ever felt in


my entire life


and then and then i did it the other way


and i love that hand over the fist


because for me shame is what drives me


to eat for me personally yes yes that’s


right i ate bad so now i feel shame well


the only way i know how to shut that


shame up is by putting something at it


whether that be food or alcohol for me and so


and so if you take out that shame step


it it makes the program easier it makes


eating this way easier because


you’re not giving yourself that


predefined reason to continue to and i


hate to say misbehave because that’s not


true make decisions that are not


decisions that you really want to make


in good conscience but even that that is


a rewiring of my brain what i just did


there that is a rewiring that i’ve been


working on and it’s not easy it’s an


ongoing process for sure


yeah and the only way to do it as we


mentioned earlier the only way to do it


is to become aware first of all what’s


happening to become aware of the


thoughts that are occurring and aware of


the feelings that are occurring we have


some very specific tools in the family


that we use to open that up and just


start to start to see that because i


think what happens so much with us is


that when we have taught ourselves to


overeat for years and years and years


and we have taught ourselves to overeat


but maybe even binge as well we’ve


taught ourselves to add alcohol or to


add shopping overspending or any other


thing that we what we call buffer with


we’ve when we’ve taught ourselves to do


this for so many years it becomes such a


pattern and then it becomes subconscious


and it becomes completely impossible to


detect until we are halfway through that


bag of doritos or we are all the way


through the oreo package or the pizza is


on its way and we’re like dang it i did it again right


but it is the awareness before during


and after that creates all of the change


so we have lots of tools that we use about


um and we have one in specific that we


use with the scale actually um using a


scale to start to help us to work


through those thoughts and feelings as


well we use this in the tilla family in


the academy


so i’m just so glad to hear


your take on how you did this because


you you made a little comment a moment


ago that you think most


that most people like maybe there are


some people who could do it without


using thoughts and mindset and things like that but


i would be interested to meet those


people because i think the folks who can


i think the folks who can do this


naturally either have a really fast


metabolism and they don’t really have


any issues with food and food they just


don’t care about food they’re just


naturally are that kind of person that


food doesn’t matter to them but i think for folks like us


if we want to get to the place where


we feel calm and peaceful and empowered


about food again that takes some thought


work it takes some some introspection


and there is a difference between losing


weight and hating yourself


and hating yourself to lose weight and there’s a dif and


and so there’s there’s that possibility


or there’s what we’re doing which is


loving ourselves the whole time enough


to actually rework our brain and rewire things and


try to get to that place of because there’s


um you can hate yourself and use shame


and guilt and humiliation and all these


negative feelings to lose the weight and


we’ve all probably done this to some


extent i know i’ve done that so many times


and then once you get there you still


feel really shameful and worried and


like you’re this terrible person so


that’s when you gain it back because you


those feelings haven’t gone away and as you said


when we feel shamed or we feel shameful


or humiliated or angry with ourselves


that’s when we eat


right and so that is just a never-ending cycle yeah


yeah wow that’s beautiful i think you


know having to prepare for that too like i


um my family is coming to visit for the


first time they were here just before i


started this eating plan a year ago i


live away from my family and my family


doesn’t follow this lifestyle at all


and um they’re coming to visit for the first time and


yeah you’re gonna be here in about a


month and i’m already thinking about


what are the thoughts i have around with


this you know just your own family


dynamics sometimes can change the way


you behave and whatever and so i’m


already having to kind of think about my


thoughts and how am i gonna navigate


them when they’re here and i think


that’s something that’s changed is that


i’m more anticipatory of that rather


than just being reactive and waiting


sorry for my other dog here um


that’s okay waiting for it


to happen you know i’m i’m anticipating that


this might be a little bit of an out of


my routine for me so how am i gonna best prepare for that


yep yep and that is that before during


and after thinking that is so so


important to all those situations so


let’s talk a little bit about practical stuff


so when you when you go out to eat what


are your strategies do you go out to eat


of course you said you’re dating now so


what are your strategies for when you go


out to eat now you said you look at the


menu beforehand yes i absolutely look at


the menu beforehand um i


fort wayne is i’m in fort wayne indiana


and we have a pretty big vegan community


here and so a lot of restaurants have


pretty good menus that you can choose


from but i had somebody i’m not going to


be judgmental but i’m a little


judgmental who chose applebee’s for our


first date oh gosh


that tells you something maybe no i


should have not gone at that point it


went downhill quickly after that but um


there’s not a lot to choose from at an


applebee’s restaurant and yeah i know i


actually didn’t even look at advance


because i knew that i wasn’t good anyway


so i got there early but you know i just


i chose i chose um a salad and i look at


what’s on there what can i get on the


side what can i pull off of it and so i


try to think through that a little bit


um some days i make that decision where


you know i’m gonna have chicken today i


i just i i am gonna choose to have


chicken on my salad yes and i do that


but a lot of times i’ll


i don’t i stopped worrying so much about


being that obnoxious person that people


are judging for asking to have things


taken off or to have actually added i


mean i’m not totally obnoxious about it


but i’ll say i don’t want the candied


pecans or i’ll say i want my dressing on


the side i don’t want feta cheese like


who doesn’t want feta cheese but i’ll say that


which pains me great you mean like


nutritionally i don’t want feta cheese right now okay


emotionally give me emotionally


but in reality i’m gonna have you skip


it um and and i’m usually really


self-conscious about inconveniencing people


and about people judging me and it i’ve


had to set that aside when i eat out


because i oh hello kitty cat


keep going sorry


that’s okay so you know that’s i’ve had


to be okay with asking to be a little


bit high what i consider to be a little


bit high maintenance at a restaurant and


i just have to let that go um that’s a


big part of it looking at the menu in


advance and if i can choose a restaurant


trying to have some say over where we go um you know


yeah something sparked for me there when


you said that this idea of the the high


maintenance thing


um something sparked for me there


because i never really thought about it


this way before but like


restaurants are created by standard


american dieters typically right so


restaurant is created by someone who is not


understanding eat to live at all or not


even caring to their


they create restaurants that people will


buy more food so clearly there’s going


to be oil and salt and things like that right


but it makes us be high maintenance


because we have to work around all of


those obstacles right


but actually what they’re doing they’re


making it like they are making us be


high maintenance right like because


all we want to do is just eat something


that’s going to like support our life


and all they want to do is sell more oil and sugar


and salt right and so um


the advent of the restaurant in this way


like these types of restaurants that we


have these industrialized you know huge


kind of restaurants that we have have


completely shifted what normal eating is


and we know this to some extent but this idea that


we’re the ones that have to become high


maintenance but they actually made us


high maintenance i just want to like


make that point right like it’s not that


you’re a high maintenance person and i


think like when we go to restaurants


with folks like this we like oh i don’t


want to appear high maintenance but like


it’s not our fault right just like make


it so we can have a salad that doesn’t


have a bunch of crap on it you know but


okay i’ve got to leave that one right there


i think that that’s what that gets to a


really important point too is that you


have to retrain yourself to not say i’m


high maintenance so one of the things


i’m working on right now is i call


myself procrasti kirsten because i am a


queen of procrastinating and someone


just told me recently they’re like every


time you say procrasti kirsten you are


perpetuating that idea of yourself and so


i need to learn to not say i’m being


high maintenance but


you know we have to retrain ourselves i


i am ordering food that is good for my body and


that is yes it’s taken me a very long


time to get to the point where i can do


that and so even as i i said that i


realized i need to not refer to that that way


and and that’s interesting because


that’s why i wanted to sort of talk a


little bit about the slingshot thing in


the beginning because you have created an identity


for yourself of being someone who


slingshots now that’s a positive


identity so we’ll keep that one right


but when you create identities were


creating this large story around i’m a


procrastinator or i am a high


maintenance person or whatever and when


we have a story our brain is just


looking for more confirmation of that


story that’s what it does so we’re


looking for more combination


confirmation that we’re a procrastinator


or that we this or that or whatever and


um if it’s a negative story we’re just


looking for more confirmation that the


negativity exists right but even


talking about it even characterizing it


with a word like procrastination right


and so with your high maintenance thing


is you flip that to you flip that thought to


i’m not high maintenance i’m just


someone who cares about my health right


i’m just someone who cares about that


kind of a thing or i’m not a


procrastinator i’m just somebody who


doesn’t like the pain of doing work but


like everybody doesn’t like the pain of


doing work so there’s actually nothing


negative there right so it really is


just on how we think of it yeah


and i think that the same thing can be


said for you know i i’m a failure at this


yes you’re not a failure at this you’re


trying to undo years of


of training your your body to eat the


way you’ve been eating and so that’s one


of the things that i would encourage


people who are early on in their journey to try to


you know i’m i’m feeling because i’m


having a craving or whatever you’re not


you’re doing what your body has done for


the past 15 20 30 40 years that’s right


you are working your butt off to go


against it like you’re not failing


you’re succeeding but it’s sometimes


you have to face those old patterns


yeah i love the word practice in this


case it’s not failing it’s practice


right and doctors


don’t call themselves it’s not a medical


failing it’s a medical practice right so


they don’t get it right all the time either


so tell me just a little bit about your


experience with my program so you said


you’ve done um you’ve done the


challenges is that right what have you


done and then you’re also part of the


family so tell me a little bit about


your experience with my stuff so i have


been through all of the each live


academy um wow nice not the best student


during all of that’s okay it’s okay so i


i have done it all and it’s it’s all


amazing and i’m actually getting ready


to start listening to it again now that


i’m a part of the family but yeah i have


i have done a lot of the challenges when


you put them on sale that one year i


bought like 20 of them because i think


about seven or eight of them because


that’s actually it’s been


it’s the core of my success honestly um


i’m still pretty much following recipes


even a year later uh i’m making my own


challenges now but i’m still not using a


lot of my i don’t trust myself to make


my own recipes so i’m just not i’m just


using what’s there and it’s working for


me if i leave myself to my own devices


i i wouldn’t do it but that’s not the


question you asked you asked me


what of your program have i used so yes


i’ve done the challenges i have watched


a lot of the the what i eat in a day


videos i have watched there’s the live


coaching sessions that are available if


you’re a member of the family i’m


watching those i have done the eat to


live academy once through where i more


listened to it and now i’m getting ready


to launch in and do it a little more


where i’m actually doing the work doing


more of the different activities you


talk about the thought downloads the


models there’s always amazing things


that everyone out there should sign up


to have because they can just um and so


just the the community connection


through the family as well just seeing


what other people are doing has been


really really helpful for me for me


though i think the most beneficial thing


has been the challenges or the recipes


that you offer that really has


it’s it’s changed my life i mean jerry


you’ve been a big part of that the


reason i’m successful is because of


those recipes and i get emotional i


couldn’t have done it without those and


without you and that’s pretty awesome


oh you’re gonna make me emotional stuff i know


you know it’s so amazing because at this


point there’s


you know have a good deal of people in


the audience i have a really good deal


of people in the family who are you know


working these programs and these tools


every month and just creating so much


change and to meet somebody like you who


there’s a lot of people in my audience i


think who are just kind of in the


background and they’re maybe doing the


programs without telling me that they’re


doing the programs and you know in the


beginning like i knew everyone’s name i


knew everyone who was doing everything


and they would tell me everything


and now it’s gotten to this really fun


place where i’m creating you know these


programs and these programs are creating


the change right and so


i love to see this that it’s kind of


continuing to work and your idea of


going back to the academy we’ve had


people do the academy three four five times in a row


and even i go back and listen to my own


videos and i’m like hey that was really


smart i can’t i don’t remember saying that


and i learned stuff from myself again um


but yeah so i’m glad to hear that you


love the challenges and i just want to


give a shout out again to coach nancy


because she’s the recipe developer right


now of course so you know i did the


first couple challenges and i just i


couldn’t keep up with the workload and


she has just jumped in and created such


amazing recipes now for these challenges


they are they’re phenomenal so


if you guys can ever look for one of the um


flash sales that we do or we try to put


these on sale like kirsten was talking


about pick some of those up and use


those because and that is specifically


why i created challenges because i wanted to have


people understand how i lost the weight


too and it’s just these little periods


of precision you know getting through


and just doing what you got to do and


and um and learning a lot about the


lifestyle so you said something about


liking the recipes what are your


two favorite recipes that you use


nowadays in on your eat to live journey


um well i’m a big smoothie person and so


any combination of smoothies so i don’t


have a specific smoothie i just kind of


throw in whatever greens i have whatever


vegetables i or fruit i have and


sometimes i’ll just like so you were so


you were lying when you said you don’t


create your own recipes


so that’s a story but i just want to


point out you are able to create your


very own


smoothies at this point okay sorry to


interrupt go ahead keep going


thank you for reminding me of that yes


smoothies i can be a little more


flexible with i’m not yet there with


salads that’s that’s tougher for me to


get a good flavor profile i guess i


don’t have the confidence in my ability


although i was just thinking the other


day i’m like i’m gonna start i’m gonna


start trying my own i’m i think i’m


getting to the point where i’m ready to


start trying my own um but my favorite


is the big quinoa salad oh my gosh it’s


so good it’s got quinoa i don’t know if


you want me to go into the rest of the


ingredients yes tell us and we’re also


i’m also going to put these recipes down


below so if you can give us one of your


favorite smoothie recipes and then we’re


going to put this other quinoa one down


below this video so um so if you’re


watching the podcast it’ll be in the


show notes or if you are watching the


youtube videos underneath the youtube


video so go ahead so i think that right


now i just had it today so i’m gonna say


this one the anti-inflammatory smoothie


um i was not a big ginger fan but now i


can actually put in the full amount of ginger my flavor


this is actually interesting because


both of these are flavors that i didn’t


originally like um but the


anti-inflammatory smoothie is huge and


it’s really really good and i like that


it’s got pineapple in it and some ginger and greens and um


a banana and it’s it’s awesome


the big quinoa salad has quinoa beets


which i always thought tasted like dirt


and now i absolutely love crazy some


madness going on here


it’s also got blueberries and raspberries


and green onions and a bunch of greens


of course and a cashew based dressing and it is


honestly the best salad i think i’ve


ever eaten in my life i love it i could


i could eat it every day and my parents


are coming and they they like i said


they don’t eat this and that’s the salad


i’m gonna make them because i don’t know


how you could not like that salad it’s


so delicious nice


good deal i’m so glad to hear that we


have come up some with some awesome


winners for you and there are so many


other recipes out there we even do


free five-day challenges from time to


time as well and there’s a free nine-day


challenge on my website so feel free to


pick that one up if you guys want to as


well that’s right on the home page so if


you’re interested in what these


challenges are like and you’re you’re


interested in um


knowing as kirsten said it can be a


little bit intimidating to get started


but if you just know some tried and to


true recipes that can really get you


going so thank you for sharing those with us


um i think that that is almost


everything i just want to ask you one last question


what is your advice for people wanting


to get started with this lifestyle start


i i mean


honestly start i think i think


for me my advice would be


pick something that is doable for you


and start there um i was the kind of


person where i had to go from zero to


sixty that worked best for me but i


don’t know that that’s gonna work for


everybody so i think if you if you read


the eat to live book and read about how


starved nutritionally our bodies are


picking one meal that is


easy for you to to change is a really


good place to start so for me smoothies


make the most sense um yeah just because


they’re a little bit lower maintenance


than having to prep a lot of salad and


so if you’re hesitant about that to me


smoothies are a little bit easier you


just throw all the stuff in a blender


it’s a powerhouse of of of nutrients and


it fills you up and so for me it would be just pick


one change to start with and you call


this the small shifts in the program i think


i’m saying that correctly that’s right


that one shift that you want to make and um


starting there that’s that’s the big


thing but i think also just realizing that


believe you’re worth it


believe you’re worth it believe you’re


worth taking time and energy and


spending a little extra money perhaps on


produce and believe that you are worth


the time and effort it takes


to feel better and i’m gonna get


emotional because i didn’t think that i


was worth it and um you know


you are you are worthy of feeling better


than you’re feeling today and just find nutrient


you know putting more nutrients in your


body you will feel better and you


deserve that everyone out there deserves


that and i wish just 10 of what i had


for everyone out there because it’s powerful




oh that makes me so happy to see that


thank you for sharing your emotion with


us that is that is such a blessing to see that um


from the perspective of someone who is


really good at this who’s been doing


this for a while and


showing your results with others that it’s possible


to go from where you went to where you


are now in such a short period of time


it’s just a very hopeful message so


thank you for sharing with us kirsten


thank you for having me of course so


yes thank you so much for doing this


interview i really really appreciate it


and thank you so much kirsten we will be


hearing from you more in the future hope


you love that interview don’t forget


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