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On today’s podcast, I discuss the major reasons why we can’t lose the weight and remain consistent while following the Eat to Live diet. Learn it all here! Then head over to the High Nutrient Lifestyle Group on Facebook for some free support and camaraderie!


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YouTube auto-generated transcript:

so back in 2020 i took on a client and

we will call her andrea

and when she came on with me she wanted

to lose about 70 pounds

and she was interested in using the eat

to live lifestyle to do that so i was

her gal

and we realized that there was something

she came this is what she came to me

with there was something holding her

back from losing more weight

she said to me sherry i really just

don’t know what it is i think there’s

something wrong with me i can’t figure

this out

i’ve been trying for so long she had

been doing it to live for a couple years

the first few months she lost so much

weight it was really great for her

and then she had so much more to lose

but it took her about i mean there was

like a full year where she was really

pretty stagnant she just could not

figure out how to lose more weight so

that’s why she called

me so we started working working

together and i put her through my

private coaching program

and one of the first set of things that

we do in the very beginning of the

program is that we talk about

first of all what are her goals right so

she had a weight loss goal but also what

are your goals with how healthy do you

want to eat

um and then we i need to sort of gauge

where the client is

on certain things so one of the things

that i need to gauge

is how much do they understand of eat to


actually and how much they understand

um just the sort of the basics that i

think are important like

um how to tell if a recipe

is eat to live or not right or how to be

and this is sort of the important part

we’re going to get into this in this


how to be able to create weight loss

on demand when we want it right how to

be able to create the results we’re

looking for

whenever we want them and i could tell

obviously with the way that andrea kind

of like

described her problem in the beginning

that she had no clue

what to do and this is why you hire a

private coach right this is why you hire

someone even to maybe group coach you to

figure out these little issues that you

are a bit stuck on

and so when we started working together

one of the things that we did i

um we started doing all our regular

program stuff but one of them i’ll do

something which is called recipe parsing

and what we’ll do is look at a bunch of

eat to live recipes and i will actually

teach the client how to look at a recipe

and understand

if and how it’s going to create weight

loss or not

if in how it’s going to create satiety


what that recipe is going to do for you

and we can even look at

recipes that are not eat to live and

learn how to turn them eat to live and

that sort of a thing

so we do those kinds of things and then

we also look at the mindset right so we

do very practical things and then we

look at the specific

mindset that might be creating some

things that maybe we’re not even

realizing we’re not even aware

of some thoughts and some patterns that

we have going on that are creating our

results and so i

it’s very easy for a coach to be able to

see that because

you know coaches ourselves of course we

need coaching too right

we need to be straightened out as well

but when we’re coaching someone else

oh my gosh it’s so easy to see exactly

what needs to be

flipped there so we’ll kind of go in

there with a you know a

precision instrument like a scalpel and

be like hold on let’s just look at this

part right here and see if we need that

right that kind of thing so i was

working with and with andrea and we

started to go through these things we

went through the practical tools we went

through the mindset tools and i remember

there was one week very specifically


some of the things i’m gonna tell you on

this podcast today uh

we went through and next week she had

lost five pounds just like that right

she hadn’t lost any weight for

was like over a year and then within a

week bam five pounds off

forever and so these are the things

we’re gonna go through today to find out

why we can’t lose weight on the eat to

live lifestyle i’m gonna give you all my


here we go hi

i’m sheri alberts and this is the

watering mouth podcast and i’m going to

teach you to eat to live

lose the weight and love the process for


this is episode 2. so i have a youtube

video that talks about a little bit of

this but it was before i really knew a

lot about the mindset stuff i’m going to

add a lot to this right now so go ahead

and look for that youtube video if you

like i’m going to try to put that in the

show notes as well as the description

under youtube

and in the facebook post as well so

feel free to watch that video because it

goes in depth on some of these things

but i’m going to give you the basic

overview to give you the practical

and the mindset tools for how you can

learn how to lose the weight on eat to

live if you ever feel stuck

or maybe if you haven’t even done eat to

live before and you’re beginner this is

going to give you a really good

foundation so you know where to go

if you do ever get stuck or just to make

your journey as

efficient as possible all right so first

of all the one thing i want to tell you

we’re going to talk about practical and

mindset here

the one thing i’m going to tell you to

start off with is a practical tip here

and that is something that i think

people might be skeptical of when they

first start eat to live i know i

certainly was skeptical of it too

when i started eat to live i really

wanted to

test the sort of theories that dr

frerman said in his book i was like i

don’t know if i believe that

i want to believe that i want that to be

my experience

but i want to see if it’s true for me

and so over the years i have found that

all the things he said which it’s like

it’s like when your parents

you’re a teenager and your parents are

telling you all the things that you know

are really good for you and you’re like

ugh i don’t think so right

and then when you’re 30 you finally

start listening to them right that was

exactly my experience with

eat to live and all that i really just

wanted to test it for myself and i found

out that

you know they were all true so number

one most important thing i think you

want to

first understand is that

it is actually really true when dr

fuhrman says

that the lack of nutrients in our

current diet is what’s creating the


right so the cravings the overeating all

that kind of stuff

it is actually from and and and further

than that right like

less longevity disease and and these

kinds of things you know

chronic issues etc and acute issues so

many of these things come

from a lack of nutrients a lack of


in our current diet all right so the

thing i want you to know

and maybe you don’t know it yet but the

thing i want you to question

and say is probably not true and then

learn later

because you’re like the teenager at this

point right

the thing i want you to understand is

that when you start

giving your body enough nutrients to


up for what we have done in the past and

to kind of get ourselves back on track

with nutrients

the brain and the body actually reduce

cravings automatically

when we’re getting the right amount of

these nutrients

the cravings will diminish significantly

to the point where i call it i i sort of

liken it to um

i have this little story about it like a

little monster like a cute little

monster right like maybe one of those

gremlins from the movie or whatever

right you have this little animal it’s

super super cute sitting on your lap

and it has really sharp claws though

right and so every time you have a

craving imagine that that’s that little

monster in your lap kind of scratching

at you like actually drawing blood it’s

not very fun it doesn’t feel very good

he’s cute and everything but like it’s

not fun right this is how we sort of

talk about our food addictions like oh

you know i was overeating whatever you

know oh my gosh i ate so much of that


oh man i love chocolate cake whatever

that is right so it’s this

cute habit that actually really hurts us

right as we start to take in

more and more nutrients and more fiber

more eat to live type foods it’s as if

you know when we’re starting out it’s as

if we can take that monster and put them

in a little cage and set him right in

front of us right

so now he’s not scratching us and

drawing blood but we

we we’re still very distracted by him

he’s still there and we know

he’s clawing at the cage and wanting to

get out the more and more nutrients we

take in and the longer we do this

the more our body detoxes the further

away that that cage with the monster

gets away right until eventually that

monster is in a cage in another room in

the closet with the door closed now

we know he’s there and we

are aware of his presence but he’s not

bothering us anymore we can totally deal

with it it’s just fine now

understand that he’s still there right

he still has the potential to come out

and move closer and closer to us again

but as we get enough nutrients and as we

eat this way

our cravings become so much more

manageable and this is actually really

really true so the rest of the stuff i’m

going to tell you today

is going to be all about how to actually

get enough nutrients

because we’re going to be talking about

the practical side of it and

the emotional side of it the mindset

side of it as well so

these are the reasons why you can’t lose

weight on eat to live

number one so first of all because

you’re not getting enough

nutrients right that’s that’s the number

one here number two

is that our quantity or our ratios of

certain foods are off

so basically the idea here is that we

are eating too many high calorie

low nutrient foods and not enough

low calorie high nutrient foods i always

get confused when i say that one but

what that means is for instance let’s

say we’re eating an entire

diet of only eat to live foods right

very very healthy foods

but so that’s all we’re eating but the

issue is

when we eat too many higher calorie

foods in that

spectrum right so for instance we’re

eating too many grains and starches or

eating too many nuts and seeds or eating

too many dried fruits or avocados or

things that are lower on the overall


um they’re still really healthy foods

right but like they’re lower on the


the micronutrient scale meaning fiber

and vitamins and minerals and

antioxidants these things that

like the vitamins and minerals and

antioxidants and in all these little

tiny things

don’t have any calories right so like

that’s what we really want to make our

diet up of

are these foods that have so many of

these micronutrients and

not a ton of calories but usually what

happens when we can’t lose weight is

because we’re just

we’re just our ratios are off right just

the quantities of what we’re eating are

off we’re just having a little bit too

much nuts and seeds or a little bit too

much grain

to the exclusion of the most important

nutritarian foods like

greens right or beans or berries

or onions or mushrooms or you know

non-starchy vegetables

those would be the most important things

that we want to create the bulk of our


up in right of

what i’m trying to say there but you get

what i mean that’s what

we want the bulk of our diet to be but

if we’re if we’re overeating on those

other things

it’s gonna be a little bit tough to lose

weight okay

now so that’s the number one thing we

really want to be having the right

ratio of foods here to um so that we’re

not overeating

those calories now the number two reason

that we might not be losing weight or

actually this is number three i think

where that we’re not losing weight

is because we’re not eating for us

particularly so

um and when we first start out we might

not know

this and what works for our bodies or

not but

i’ll give you a little bit of my

experience to explain this concept here

that when i started out you know i was

using a smoothie and a salad and it was

working really well

but as i went on and tried to experiment

a little bit and get better at this

i realized for me personally since i

hadn’t had the mindset stuff worked out


it was a problem for me to include

starches and grains

in my diet because i would always

overeat on you know oatmeal if i had

prepared oatmeal in the fridge or


or if we had bread in the house even if

it was a healthy bread or healthy wraps

or anything like that

just for me personally at that time in

my life when i first started out my

addictions were way too much

and i also as i mentioned before in the

first point i needed to detox a little

bit more and i needed to get more

nutrients into my body

so that it was reducing those cravings a

little bit

now that’s the beautiful symphony that

you can create with eat to live is like

once you have increased the amount of


in your body and you’ve detoxed some of


out some of the you know things that you

need to detox out basically from a

lifetime of the way that we’ve eaten

once we’ve created some of that momentum

so to speak

that’s when those cravings get lower and

it just becomes easier automatically

but the problem is getting to that point

right so that’s where mindset comes in


the idea is that we want to really be

real and upfront with ourselves about

what we can

and can’t handle in the beginning and

once we’ve gotten really good at that

rhythm and our body is naturally

increasing those nutrients then we get

some help from the food too

but we need to get to that place first

so for me particularly i just didn’t

even have any oatmeal for the first

long time because you know it’s too

tough for me to deal with and so just

understanding your own

kind of weaknesses so to speak like i

you know there was

periods of time where i would then

overeat so i was good at not having

oatmeal but then i would start to have

too many dates right and i would have


dates and almond butter as a snack and

now we just have like 10 of them at a

time right and so these addictions kept

following me and they would they kept

following new foods that i would find

would be like

healthy foods you know quote unquote but

i they were they just didn’t work for me

at the time because i had such a

you know issue um not overeating on them

okay so understanding what works for you

the next one that i think is super

important that people often overlook is

trying to use

exercise to lose weight okay so

what i want you to think of exercise as

it’s super important to do a little bit

later in your journey but in the


what we’re really trying to do is

getting good what we want to do is get

good at eat to live first we want to get

good at the diet itself

like how much of this to eat and how to

prepare it so that it tastes good and

how to

make enough so that we’re not gaining

weight but that we’re

losing weight and we feel satiated right

and like my

challenges that i put on for folks the

challenges things like that that i’m

showing you exactly

those quantities of food and how to do

that kind of stuff

but when folks try to add an exercise

that’s when it gets really confusing and

my favorite word for this is confounded

or like confounding because

it’s just a super confusing situation

when you

are trying to learn how to eat to live

you’re trying to learn all that stuff i

mean there is a lot to learn in the

beginning like

i’m not mincing words there really is so

much to deal with in the beginning

that if you’re also adding an exercise

the reason that confounds things

is because of course um well so dr


a statement that i really love that he

makes is that

weight is lost in the kitchen and gained

in the gym

okay and what he means by that is that

you can lose all the weight you need to

eat to

to lose just by with the way that you


and then when you want to actually build

muscle when you actually want to build

up your body build your bone strength

build your muscle strength all that

that’s when you start using exercise

okay we never use exercise for weight

loss because that’s

confounding that confuses the whole

situation and why is that

because if your body burns an amount of


because of exercise it’s gonna urge you

to eat to make that up because the

body’s natural tendency is to try to

maintain equilibrium try to maintain

homeostasis so if you’ve burned a bunch

of calories it’s gonna

up the cravings level it’s gonna up the

hunger level and we know this right

we’ve experienced this

from exercising before that if we um if

we exercise really hard one day the next


either that night or the next day we are

starved right and we eat so much because

the body’s trying to make up for it

so when we’re using exercise or or

specifically also

could be the same case with trying to

like water fast or fast for a long

period of time to lose the weight i’m

not talking about intermittent fasting

right now we’ll get into that another


but i mean trying to do something

unnatural like

not eat in order to lose the weight or

exercise a whole lot in order to lose

the weight

that is totally unnecessary and in fact

it just confounds the situation so my

advice is always

never use exercise for weight loss only

use it for well-being

right only use it for just a few things


and then a muscle mass and bone

bone strength right and

but with the caveat of don’t do it in

the beginning

when you’re not used to this lifestyle

yet take that first i don’t know however

many months

to just learn the lifestyle first learn

what you like

learn what tastes good learn how to keep

yourself satiated and lose weight at the

same time so that you’re on a roll

and then add in exercise little by


so that it doesn’t confound things too

much and you can stay on track okay

and the next thing that i want to talk


is the idea that um

this is why folks oftentimes think that

they can’t lose weight is because

they’re on

a quote-unquote plateau okay now plateau

is a dirty word i always say this

and i think people think i’m crazy in

the beginning but

my thought about plateaus and my

experience with private coaching folks

and my experience with my own plateaus

is that they are

almost always emotional

plateaus are almost always an emotional


a feeling issue we’re actually um

we’re actually having an issue in our

mindset right here comes the mindset

stuff again

you’re never going to get away with it

with me right because to me

the mindset part is what fuels

everything so all the things that i told

you the exercise the

quantity and ratios of what you’re

eating you know learning for your own


getting enough nutrients and all that

it’s literally all informed by our

mindset so for instance

if we are eating too many nuts and seeds

it is because we are

emotionally eating because we feel like

we get something from that type of

heavy food and we sure do right we get a

bunch of calories and the brain

loves that because the the brain and the

body really want to maintain homeostasis

they don’t want to lose weight because

they think something’s

you know really really bad wrong if

we’re losing weight it’s like oh my gosh

food must be scarce right so then it

urges us to eat more

but that is emotional right or the other

thing i told you about

um eating for you right if you have

certain tendencies to overeat on this

food or that food that is also emotional

if you feel like you need exercise and

that’s the only way that you can lose

weight that’s emotional that’s a

that’s a mindset thing that is a thought

pattern and a belief

that can be changed and is not true but

you can get to that point right so

that’s that’s a that’s a mindset thing

that’s an emotional thing

all of these things are actually

emotional and almost all the time when

we’re on a plateau it’s because it’s

emotional i can think of a few

situations where things might change

um because say for instance you changed

your medication

or you actually did you actually are

good at working out and losing weight

and all that

but you maybe changed your workout

routine and now

you can’t lose weight for a moment until

you cut your body and your mind kind of


worked around what that new you know

process is or whatever

so there are some legitimate reasons why

we might have plateaus that aren’t

necessarily emotional

but i want you to think and i want you

to just start looking at your own

plateaus and maybe if you’re on a

plateau right now

typically what will happen and i’ll see

this with client after client after


is that they’re not writing down what

they’re eating so they’re not really

thinking about everything that they’re

eating they’re not really noticing


the little bite here of this and the

little you know bite here of this and

maybe they put a little bit extra nuts

and seeds this week

or this salad time you know they just

put a little bit of extra dressing

and then and then for dinner they maybe

had some bean pasta as well and they

don’t usually eat

pot bean pasta or whatever and we make

like what will happen is we

we know what our sort of protocol is in

order to lose weight

and then we start to get just a little

bit of lacks on this and that and this

and that before you know it like two

three weeks go by and we haven’t lost

weight we’re like what’s wrong with me

what’s going on there’s

there must be something wrong with me my

body doesn’t work i’m just the kind of

person who can’t lose weight right

we start to create all these stories

about what’s actually happening

when what’s actually happening is just

our thoughts changed

literally that’s exactly what it is and

so we talked about this last week

this model of our thoughts create our

feelings and our feelings for our

actions so

let’s look at the person who you know

has been doing really well for a little


and then okay so we’re talking about me

right say

doing it really well for a little while

and then all of a sudden you start to

think like this is something that

happens to me all the time

i start to think to myself like i’ll

just have like a little bit more nuts

and seeds because i really like the nuts

and seeds and it’s going to be fine


and maybe it is fine and maybe you

continue to lose weight a little bit but

you don’t notice the little like

micro change of the 0.1 pounds or

something that you didn’t lose

because you were had a little bit extra

nuts and seeds or something like that


and then the next day you tend to you

add this or whatever and then let’s say

you have a really tough day and you have

a completely

off day of eating and then you have to

come back from that because maybe you

had some salt and

this other emotional thing happened so

then you had this granola bar or

whatever and before you know it

you’ve done so many different things in

the last week that you can’t even keep

track of everything that happened

but what you’re doing is creating a

story out of

not all that stuff because you’re kind

of ignoring all that but you’re actually

creating a story of what happened on the

scale and that’s the only thing you’re

looking at and you’re creating a whole

story about it because you’re not

looking at reality which is that you

just over ate a little bit right

because of emotional agents or reasons

or whatever which is actually not

dramatic at all it’s just a thing that


but what’s actually happening is you

keep stepping on the scale every morning

and not seeing the weight go down and

then you start like freaking out

right because you’re not getting that

carrot you’re not getting that like

instant gratification of the scale

telling you how to feel and telling you

to have a good day or whatever

so then you start making a story about

how there’s something wrong with you

right day one when that first happens

when you don’t lose weight and you

expect to

you start thinking i’m trying so hard

right like

why even why even eat this way if i

can’t lose weight right and then you

start to get really frustrated

and then the next day same thing happens

and you didn’t lose any weight maybe you

just maintained but then it’s the same

thing it’s like

you really were relying on that number

to go down in order to make you feel

better that day

and so then you feel terrible during the

rest of the day right and then you

probably overeat a little bit and then

that overeating leads to more and more

and more

and now you know you’re totally off but

you’re kind of ignoring it and all that

and then a little while later goes by

and you’re like oh i’m on a plateau

right i can’t lose weight or whatever

i’ve had countless clients who were who

had that same exact story and were

maintaining but then i’ve had countless

clients and myself included who

you know your weight just creeps up it’s

easier for you to gain weight possibly


you know you’re just eating a little bit

too much and your weight is creeping up

a bit

either way same kind of an idea like you

just feel stuck and you can’t get out of


but then the issue is that we start to

make up a story about it that there’s

actually something wrong with us

right that we actually can’t lose weight

or that this is never going to work or

i’m a failure or i’m so fat or

you know i look so terrible or i can’t

even look at myself in the mirror

anymore this is

never going to work i’m never going to

lose the weight i’ve been doing this for

how long it’s not even worth it anymore


we start to create this really strong

story about that

and then that’s what we’re operating

from now remember when i told you

thoughts create feelings feelings great

action so if that’s our thoughts now

that’s our new set of thoughts guess

what our feelings are totally dejected

totally humiliated and annoyed with

ourselves and angry and

frustrated and um disempowered right and

how do we act when we feel that way oh

we overeat

right so it’s just this vicious cycle

it’s this catch-22

we’re just a you know a walking vicious


walking pattern we just keep doing the

same thing over and over again

and proving ourselves right they’re like

oh i am terrible i’ll never be able to

i’ll never be able to get to my goals

and then those

thoughts create terrible feelings and

those terrible feelings create

actions that we’re not proud of right

and it just keeps going and going and

going like that

and that is actually usually what a

plateau is it’s actually because of our


about stepping on the scale so what if

we could learn

how to actually step on the scale and

not judge ourselves

what if we could actually learn to just

use the scale as a piece

of data and we could just not

have a ruined day because of whatever

that number is on the scale

what if we could actually get to that

place where

stepping on the scale and not seeing a

change or seeing that skill go up

actually didn’t ruin our whole day and

it actually

just became so neutral to us that we

used it as a piece of data to

tweak our protocol or or you know we we

really have really detailed notes on

what we do and so we know exactly what

we did and where we went wrong and

and then we also know the mindset stuff

so we can look at our thoughts and

feelings during that situation and see

exactly what happened and we’re doing

all these thought downloads and learning

more about what’s happening in our brain

and then it becomes so obvious to us why

we got off track right

that’s what that’s the work that we do

with our mindset and

when we you know another thing i really


find is that these excuses that we have

in our heads about why we can’t eat to

live right we’re so busy we’re so tired

so and so sick or whatever the excuses

that we have

that that’s actually all just mindset

right and those excuses that we have in

our head

definitely i mean they’re usually not

even actually true and i’ll show you a

lot of examples of this in the in future

episodes but

that’s all emotional stuff right this is

all mindset stuff

and when these are our thoughts right

not even just that oh i’m never gonna

get this i’m a failure if these are just

our thoughts like oh i’m just really

tired or

you know i’m so busy i don’t have time

to make a salad or i don’t have time to

do this or whatever if that’s where

we’re operating from of course we’re

going to feel

like it’s impossible and then when we

feel like it’s impossible

then we’re going to make it we’re going

to prove that it’s impossible by not

actually doing it right and so that

pattern that model just keeps playing

itself out

but if we could find ways that the scale

doesn’t make us feel dejected

if we could find ways that we can get

over that story of just being too tired

if we can find ways of becoming

calm and peaceful and empowered about

our journey

rather than constantly frustrated or you

know feeling like we’re never going to

get there if we can

find a place of peace that is where we

actually start to

create the actions that turn into habits


create the results we’re looking for but

you know what it all comes down to

our thoughts a hundred percent our

thoughts okay so

let me guide you on this journey i’m so

excited to tell you more about this

in the next four episodes i’m so excited

i’m doing a four part series called the

four basics of eat to live

and weight loss so we are going to dive

in deep into the stuff i just told you


and a lot more so stick around for that

series i can’t wait to

give you that one now let’s just recap

real quick why you can’t lose the weight

on eat to live first of all

it’s those nutrients we have to get

those nutrients okay

number two it’s the quantities the

ratios of the food that we’re eating we

don’t want to eat too many high-calorie


you want to eat more low calorie higher

nutrients the next one

is that we’re not eating for ourselves

and our own weaknesses sort of right

we’re overeating on the things that we

feel weak about and we’re not figuring

out how to get over those weaknesses

and be able to introduce those foods

without overeating on them

the next one is maybe that we’re

exercising or fasting too much and

trying to use exercise and fasting in

order to lose weight

instead of using it for what it should

be used for which is

you know strength in the body and

well-being things

okay and then the last one is that the

plateaus when we view plateaus we view

them as

um some sort of enigma that we can’t

figure out and there must be something

wrong with us when really

all it is all it is very simply is just

our thoughts

when we work on that mindset and we

really dial in how to use our thoughts

to create the results that we want

that’s when we can get rid of any

plateau that we want

and i am going to guide you through the

whole process in this podcast

and everywhere else in the challenges in

the eat to live family

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