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New podcast episode is LIVE my friend! Let’s chat a bit about a foundational perspective I’d like to give you as you embark on not only your Eat to Live journey…but on your mindset ninja journey as well. (that’s what I’m doing to you, btw, turning you into a mindset ninja🙂)

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YouTube auto-generated transcript:


so when i was a kid of around 10 11


years old something like that my family


took vacation to chicago


it was only a few hours away from where


we lived in grand rapids michigan and we


went to chicago we stayed in a hotel we


got to see all these really cool museums


we went to the natural history museum


science museums all that good stuff we


went to the imax theater as well as i


recall now imax theaters


are really interesting very cool they’re


not always like this but this particular


theater was really special in that the screen


went all the way from the top of your


head in front of you in like a sort of


like you were inside of a sphere kind of


a thing so you’re kind of surrounded a


hundred percent almost you know all the


way from your peripheral vision in front


of you and above you by the screen so


instead of just being in a regular movie


theater with a flat screen in front of


you this really created sort of an


immersive experience i’d never been to a


theater like this before it was really


cool especially to see a nature program


so we saw i don’t even know what it was about but


we saw some type of a movie there and we


had this really cool immersive


experience but there was this moment where


it wasn’t even the movie there was just


probably maybe it was the production


company or something like that had their little you know


their little graphic or something


and so at the very beginning of the


movie there’s this moment where


the screen was totally black and you’re


just starting the movie and then all of


a sudden you see this little speck on


the screen and the spec


starts to get bigger and bigger and bigger


and you’re watching and you’re like what


is this thing coming towards me and


because this is so immersive and because


you have so much screen surrounding you


you kind of can’t get away from it it


looks like it’s going to hit you it gets


bigger and bigger and bigger and then


you notice it’s the earth and it’s


getting bigger and bigger and bigger and


it basically because the screen is so


huge it feels like it overtook me when i was


young like this watching this this movie


i just felt completely overtaken by this


image and to be honest it scared the


crap out of me and i didn’t like i


didn’t expect it and i didn’t expect it to be so


just overtaking right


so i have this very powerful memory of


this you know this


huge earth coming towards me and it


created this kind of


silly fear for the rest of my life i remember


at one point i was looking at my science


textbook at the planets we were we were


having a lesson about the planets and i


was looking at the moon the little


picture of a moon and then i looked at a


little picture of saint mars or


something and then i looked at a picture


of the earth and i looked at a picture


of you know saturn jupiter and then you


see the sun and the sun can’t even fit


on the page because it’s so large


comparatively to say the moon for instance


and i started crying because i was also


just overtaken with sort of the vastness of


you know the universe kind of a thing


and there are these moments that we have


in our lives where we can start to


really see the interplay between you


know large and small and our brain can


sort of grasp this vastness and it


doesn’t always do this but when we do it


gets really overwhelming you know it’s


like when you see those little videos


you ever seen a video like that where


you see a little speck like i was


talking about with the earth kind of a


thing and you see and it sort of gets


bigger and bigger bigger um but you go


the other direction now so like say you see a picture of


you know maybe the cosmos you see like


maybe the milky way and then it kind of


goes in further and you see


maybe kind of a little speck which ends


up being the sun and then it goes in


further and you see a little speck which


ends up being the earth and you keep


going in and in you know smaller and


smaller and smaller in scale so


these kinds of moments that we have


where we can sort of visually start to imagine


big and small in our worlds


is a really powerful thing right


so so powerful that it it traumatized me


to look at a science textbook


a couple years later right


that’s what i want to talk about today


is this kind of interplay between big


and small macro and micro and how that


relates to not only our healthy eating


journey but our consistency with healthy


eating in weight loss specifically and


then just having this amazing eat to


live food on a regular basis for the


rest of our life how can we use this


interplay to create that stick around


this is going to be a fun one


hi i’m cheri alberts and this is the


watering mouth podcast and i’m going to


teach you to eat to live lose the weight


and love the process for good episode 7


hello so on today’s podcast we are talking


about an interesting concept i’m sure


you’ve heard this before when you hear


about macro versus micro on a nutrient


level so well i’m going to give you a


little bit of explanation about that if


you haven’t heard about that before if


you’re a beginner on the eat to live


lifestyle or if you just like a


refresher we’ll go through that first so


you can understand that but i’m going to


actually take this in a whole different


route that i don’t think you’ve thought


of before because i think that this


interplay like i was talking about


earlier this interplay between macro and micro


on a sort of you know general level is


really important for you to understand


when you’re getting started or when


you’re trying to learn how to be


consistent on the eat to live or any


other healthy eating lifestyle or just


weight loss it’s really important to


understand that interplay so let me tell you first


about how this works just nutritionally


so you’ve if you’ve read the book eat to


live or eat for life by dr freman which is the basis of my


channel my youtube channel this podcast


and everything is about this high


nutrient healthy whole foods plant-based


lifestyle that we’re following


if you’ve read the book you’ve heard


about this concept before


which is the difference between


macronutrients and micronutrients so the


idea being macronutrients are what


everyone else always talks about right


that’s what they always talk about in


the diet world in the you know exercise


world the bodybuilding world etc


everyone always talk about


macronutrients meaning the four


macronutrients there’s only four of them


there’s fat protein carbohydrates and


also water water is a macronutrient as


well we usually just hear about fat


protein and carbohydrates and people are


talking about oh well how much protein


are you getting how much fat does that


food have you know how many calories are


in it that kind of a thing


we call this macronutrients because


they’re the bigger nutrients they


contain calories of course water doesn’t


contain calories even even though it is


in macronutrient but these bigger things


that we are always talking about it’s


sort of what people focus on as if that


was the only way like by focusing on


that that’s the only way that you can


lose weight this is what everything is


based on weight watchers right like


weight watchers is based on a point


system which is sort of based on calories too


you know when we’re talking about um


caloric density we’re talking about any


of these other like atkins is you know


very like low carb we’ve we’ve got just


the the keto kind of low carb thing we


have all these different diets that are


based on the macronutrients


whereas you have a diet lifestyle like


eat to live which is based on the


micronutrients in a food so we know what


protein fat and carbohydrates are


and we also hear about the


micronutrients but we don’t really


understand the difference between the two


necessarily when we’re coming to eat to


live so micronutrients being all the


things in food that actually don’t


contain any calories it’s all the good


stuff all these tiny little wonderful


things that are inside of our plant


foods our whole plant-based foods


that don’t have any calories so things


like antioxidants right there’s a lot of


different kinds of antioxidants there’s


vitamins there’s minerals there’s all


these wonderful things that we know are


really useful for us and important


but we don’t necessarily focus on those


and what dr freeman is saying we should


do is do exactly that it’s shifting our


thinking from the macronutrients of


caring about the protein fat and


carbohydrate content of our food


and you know it’s to some extent even


the water content but


caring more and shifting that caring


towards the micronutrients so having as


many micronutrients in a food per


calorie as possible right so he talks


about that health equation


that our the greater health that we want to have


is because of greater micronutrient load


that’s how we will create better health


in our life greater micronutrient load


per calorie meaning


less calories in a food more


micronutrients more things like vitamins


minerals antioxidants all the you know


the flavonoids all this stuff these big


words that nobody really exactly knows


what they do but they know that they’re useful


all of the more that we have of


those in our foods and the lea the less


amount of calories we have we’re going


to create better health meaning we will


have lower weight we will have more


nutrition in our foods we’ll have more


fiber we’ll have more of this awesome


stuff that helps to


support our health and you know we will


get all those benefits from those


micronutrients the idea being that you


know you can have you can have a certain


ratio of macronutrients which is what


most people think about when they when


they try to diet they think all about


the protein fat and carbohydrates and


the percentages the ratios and all that


as if that really mattered whereas in


the eat to live nutritarian diet we


don’t care so much about that we just


care about having a low amount of


calories lots of roughage right lots of


fiber and lots of nutrients per calorie all right


and interestingly


you know when we’re not considering


micronutrients we’re just kind of not


seeing the forest for the trees we’re


not seeing actual nutrition we’re just


seeing we’re just counting numbers right


it’s like counting calories or it’s like


counting weight watchers points we’re


making a game out of something which you


know can be helpful in in certain cases


but we’re not not actually creating any


real health benefit now i’ve actually


heard weight watchers has changed their


point system in the recent years to


say that vegetables for instance or at


least non-starchy vegetables are zero


points which is actually kind of cool


that’s a cool thing they cut you know


they kind of catch on a little bit to


what we’re doing that these foods are


now unlimited right you can have


unlimited romaine unlimited all that


kind of stuff this is kind of taking in


that you know the micronutrient


amount in a food into consideration


which which is actually very helpful


but what we’re trying to do is we’re


trying to throw all of those point


systems out completely because if we


just focus on this idea of more


micronutrients less calories just and


we’re not even counting the calories let


me make that clear we are not counting


calories here we’re just you know if you


look if you kind of rate foods based on


these things having more fiber more


antioxidants more minerals more vitamins


and a little bit less calories that


means you’re automatically having plant


foods you’re automatically having these


high nutrient plant foods like kale and


collard greens and watercress and


arugula and you’re having lots of just


greens in general any kind of greens


romaine you know red leaf lettuce green


leaf lettuce you’re having cabbage


you’re having all these very


micro nutrient dense


non-starchy vegetables because those are


the ones that have the least amount of


calories similarly you’re having you


know just non-stretchy vegetables in


general so mushrooms onions eggplants


even you know zucchinis peppers things


like this so when you have these types


of foods as the bulk of your diet you’re


already automatically getting a ton of


fiber you’re getting you know just in


general a ton of bulk


when we’re getting a lot of bulk for our buck


so to speak right we’re getting a lot of


bulk we’re getting


a ton of micronutrients at the same time


but a little amount of calories that’s


what naturally


creates that weight loss for us okay so


this equation this idea of using


micronutrients instead of macronutrients


just not even caring about the


macronutrients you know having the


micronutrients be spot on per calorie


kind of a thing having those lower


calorie higher nutrient foods as the


bulk of what we eat automatically


creates weight loss so that’s kind of


how we think of this nutritionally right


but what i really wanted to talk about


today so that’s all i given okay and


that’s all stuff that you can read and


eat to live if you want to know that but


what really interests me what i want to


talk about is this interplay between macro and micro um


how would you say this maybe like


intellectually or emotionally or


psychologically is kind of what i’m


talking about today okay so this


interplay between


the way that we think about this now you


know it’s a good example to see that we


use macro meaning the sort of big view


of everything and we use micro nutritionally


but i also want you to start to think


about the interplay between macro and


micro on how we look at everything


in our journey like how is our journey


going how are we doing


what happened yesterday what could i


change about yesterday what


is happening in general so that’s kind


of what i want to talk about on this podcast


what this is is basically


seeing a perspective of what’s happening


to you so i’m going to give you an example


let’s say you got invited to go out with


some friends for some drinks or some


appetizers something like that okay


now let’s say you also had a stressful


week at work and you were feeling very


tired and you were feeling you you


wanted a break you wanted to celebrate


you wanted to kind of de-stress and so


you decide to go out with your friends


and you know maybe the whole time you’re


kind of wrestling with yourself about


what you should order how much of this


you should have should you have another


drink or not that kind of a thing you


end up eating maybe a bunch of


appetizers and you come home you know


you’re kind of bloated with salt the


next morning you wake up you’ve got you


know you’ve got a lot of like salt going


on there you don’t feel so good you’re


kind of upset with yourself for the


decision that you made you wish you made


a different decision


perhaps right like does this sound


familiar to any of you i know it sounds


familiar from my past for sure


so how does the macro and micro come


into play here well this is actually


where it is the most important for us to


figure out and start to use in our lives


seeing the difference between the macro and micro here


because my guess is


that many of you who are new to my work


new to the life coaching stuff that i


do this interplay between macro and


micro maybe you haven’t even considered


before so that’s why this i think is


going to be a really fun podcast okay


now consider this


that person who was deciding whether or


not to go out for appetizers that person


who was deciding whether or not to get


the appetizer that person who was


deciding whether or not to have another drink


and then that person who came home went


to sleep woke up the next morning not


feeling so good about themselves having


some thoughts about themselves right


maybe regretting a little bit feeling


guilty maybe upset with yourself that person


who made those decisions is not you what


all right hold on hear me out and then


i’m going to explain how this relates to


macro and micro in a second


that person who did those things


who actually decided to do those things


is not you you are actually


the person who thinks about what you’re doing


you get the difference there let me try


to explain that a little bit more


you are not the person who made the


decisions you’re not the person who just


ordered the drinks and the appetizers


and things like that you


are the person who can think about that


now this is where the macro and the micro comes in


because i want you to start thinking about micro


and you know the smaller littler perspective


of having been the person who got the


drinks right the one who was inside your head


making the decisions doing what you do


just you know having fun with friends


talking you know what i was maybe


flirting like you know ordering the


appetizers having the drinks that was


that was the part of you who makes who made the decisions


but there is another part of you who


thinks about the decisions you made


do you see that do you buy that


can you understand that


that’s crazy first of all when you start


to think of it in this way but what this


means is that you are actually not your


decisions you the the person that you


are is the one who can think about what


you’re thinking about okay


You are the person who is able to


decide afterwards whether or not that


was a good idea what you want to do


about it you are the person so so let me


give you this little idea that could


have happened while you were at the bar so let’s say


it’s kind of like this idea when people say


i don’t even know how it happened i just


ended up having you know some app you


know before you knew it i had already


eaten a bunch of the appetizer i already


had a drink or two and then i was like


oh man i should stop right


that person who says oh man i should


stop or that person who realizes what’s happening that is you


that is who you actually are you are not


the person eating the food you are


actually the person who can think about


what’s happening so what i want you to


have like a little visual here of you at the bar


sitting with your friends


and now i want you to imagine you know


you see those things in the movies when


someone has a near-death experience and


they sort of float above their body and


they see themselves doing things


that’s you okay it’s the person who can


become aware of all the things that are


happening including what you yourself


are actually doing in that moment


you are the one who can see all that


you’re the one who can think about what


you’re thinking about going like


what should i be thinking right now like


what what should i actually decide what should i


what should i do in this situation


that’s who you actually are you’re not


the one that’s like just you know kind


of like going unconscious and deciding


to eat the things or whatever like


that’s just that’s your sort of lower


consciousness right but you are actually


so want to think about the difference in


our in our the parts of our brain here


there’s a part of our brain that is what


we maybe call the like you might have


heard it before when people refer to it


as sort of the lizard brain or whatever


but you can kind of think it as like the


primal brain it’s in the back kind of on


the inside it’s the the sort of


the part of the brain that we’ve had the


longest you know um that has sort of


been around the longest it’s the one


that tries to keep us out of trouble is


what its job is actually supposed to do


keep us alive keep us from certain


sudden death and and issues right but


then we have this other part of our


brain the top part of our brain that


kind of covers everything


it’s called the prefrontal cortex or


it’s the neocortex it’s the part of our brain


that can do rational decision making


now imagine you have these two different


parts of your brain and you’re getting


signals from both and you can utilize


both for different things


one of them you can’t control right like


you you can’t so much control the primal


brain and the thoughts that it’s gonna


serve you like oh you should totally


have the appetizer right you should


totally have another drink that’s the


primal brain going like you totally need


to enjoy because we really like when


those dopamine and serotonin chemicals


come out and make us feel better and


that always makes you feel better and in


the moment that’s the best option for


you you should totally do that so it


screams really really loud at you


because it is the part of our brain that


we’ve had the longest so it is the most


developed and the most able to get you to act right


whereas we have this other part of our


brain the neocortex the prefrontal


cortex which is the decision-making


rational side of our brain which is not as


dialed in as our automatic primal brain


is it doesn’t automatically make


rational decisions it’s not as easy to


make those decisions so it takes some


actual work to do that


when these two sides of our brains are


warring with each other the one that’s


the loudest and the one that we’re the


most used to letting wind which is


typically the primal brain is gonna win out


that is the one that we’re gonna listen


to so that’s why we end up getting the


appetizers because what we’re trying to


do is we’re trying to maintain


homeostasis we’re trying to just like


keep doing what we always do that’s what


the brain that’s what the primal side of


the brain likes it just likes for us to


be even keel doing what we do we don’t


want to wreck the boat we don’t want to


be losing weight because that must mean


food is scarce like oh my gosh watch out


where are the calories we must eat or we


will die right the primal brain starts


to freak out a little bit when we’re


actually in diet mode and so it gets a little bit


louder especially before we’ve really


made solid decisions on what we want to do


but we can take that prefrontal cortex


of ours and start to train it towards


these rational better decisions for long


term right the one thing the primal


brain doesn’t understand is the


craziness that we’re up against with the


amount of salt sugar and oil and massive


calorie load that we get from other


foods you know that that are maybe newer


like we’ve only had maybe the past 50 70 years


in the food supply these are not normal


foods for us to be eating these very


high you know calorically dense foods


with lots of salt oil and sugar that are


created to create profit they’re not


created to create health


they’re created to create profit from a


company which you know in itself that’s


just um that’s just capitalism right but


for a human it actually decreases our


lifespan as we know so we want to figure


out how to change that situation well


that is by training our prefrontal


cortex that newer part of our brain to be really good


at shutting down the primal brain and


going like nah let’s just chill out we


don’t have to do all the appetizers we


don’t have to do all the drinks let’s


have less or maybe we stay in this week right now


that is the difference between macro and


micro in this case so i want you to imagine


the micro is you going to the bar


and just being there right but the macro is as if


you were watching a movie of yourself at the bar


right and you’re going like oh i hope


she makes the right choice right now i


hope she does right when we get our


prefrontal cortex to start making


decisions for us rationally and we


choose things that are actually helpful


for us that is when we start becoming sort of


macro and so i want you to think of this


out of body experience like as if you’re


floating above yourself or watching


yourself on a movie screen and you can


see everything’s happening and then you


can make rational decisions about it now


i don’t know if you’ve ever thought of


the difference between these two if


you’re if you’re into like


meditation or you’ve done a lot of


therapy cognitive behavioral therapy


anything like this this is all these


kinds of concepts but maybe you are not


very familiar with that so that’s why i


wanted to bring this up in our first podcast


what i want you to be doing is just


seeing that interplay between micro the


you who just quickly chooses the junk


food and eats it without even thinking


about it and the you who can come out of


your body and become aware of what’s


happening and what you’re struggling


with and then you can make rational


decisions that are good for your


long-term health instead of your short-term health okay


and interestingly in the way that i was


giving you this story in the beginning


of when i went to chicago and i was at


the imax theater and i got really


freaked out by the earth


there is a vastness that is contained in


both the micro and the macro and this is


what is so fascinating there is a vastness of


learning potential and activity that you


can create in your own life


in order to start using these two


sides of the coin very efficiently to


create the the results that you’re


looking for and what i mean by this is


the micro for instance the


micronutrients how to get all these


micronutrients how to learn more about


the actual nutrition get real you know


get real granular about nutrition


learning this micro stuff so that you


can understand it on a much broader


level a much broader macro kind of level right


we can use that interplay between the


two to become a scholar become


you know really really good at eat to


live really really good at healthful


eating whatever version of that is that you want to follow


but then we can use that macro to start to look at


just our thoughts and our feelings and


how we react to situations and and what


were we thinking and so we’ve talked


about this in previous podcasts about


the idea of the model that we use


which is that our thoughts create our


feelings okay and if our thoughts are


creating our feelings and you know in order to


in our feelings then create our actions


if we want to have different actions we get to learn then


how to change the feelings and in order


to change the feelings we learn how to


change those thoughts so how do we


work on our thought systems in our


brains right we’ve got the automatic


thoughts sure which are not controllable


necessarily in the beginning but then we


have this beautiful tool of the


prefrontal cortex we’ve got this amazing


brain who has the capability and the


potential to reign in that automatic side of our


brain like for example in the example of


going out to the restaurant with the


friends we have the capability of


reigning in that really loud voice


that’s like oh you need a break you need


rest you need all that we can question


that we can start to look at those


stories and look at those thought


patterns and those beliefs and start to


question them and and


learning which ones are actually very


limiting beliefs that we currently hold


and how could we shift those thoughts


how could we shift out of that


that is all the macro work that’s all


the macro kind of psychological looking


at everything from the top down of


what’s actually going on here


instead of just being stuck in our


little micro pod of oh i’m just gonna


have the drinks because i don’t care i


just really need a break right now right


that’s saying i’m not i don’t want to do


the work right i don’t want to put any


effort in and that’s okay sometimes


that’s just what we do


but one we can start to practice coming


up on a macro level going what’s really


going on what could i change about these


situations what can i change about what


i do and my constant patterns because


the fun part is that when our when our


rational side of our brain starts to get


really good at this process of you know


coming becoming aware coming out of


ourselves and seeing what’s really going


on for for what’s happening when our


brain gets really good at that that’s


when our automatic brain stops to signal


as much you know it um


actually technically what it does is it


weakens those synapses it weakens those


signals in the brain so you might have


these automatic signals that were very


loud but once you start to get into


different habits and patterns it


automatically reduces the


the loud voice of that automatic brain


and helps you to create new patterns


that’s how we create new habits it’s how


we create new patterns in the brain of


learning a language or practicing piano


or getting good at something new we do


that because we repeat and you know that


repetition and we create repetition by


changing what we do and changing what we


think about what we’re doing okay so


this is an introduction to sort of the


thought work that we’re going to be


talking about a lot more here and how


this interplay between macro and micro


we’re going to be talking about this so


much this awareness of just what’s


happening around you is everything it is


everything to creating the consistency


that you’re looking for with healthy


eating because consistency looks crazy when you


when you’re not very good at it because


when you start on this journey just imagine it like


most of your activity comes from that


primal brain and so it looks crazy


because like it’s like oh i you know i


messed up again and i ate this again and


i did really poorly and i’m not very


good at this and whatever you’re not


supposed to be a perfect tennis player


when you first start playing right


you’re not supposed to be a perfect


pianist when you first you know start


tickling the ivories right like you’re


not supposed to be good when you start


so it’s going to look messy in the


beginning but as we practice and as we get better


the more we try and the more we work on


harnessing this part of our this part of


our brain that allows us to be more


aware of what’s happening


that is when we start to create true


change and true habit building that is


going to take us for the rest of our


lives creating consistency in not only


our healthy eating but certainly in our


weight loss you know if we want to lose


weight and we want to keep it off it’s


all the same concept coming out of


ourselves becoming aware seeing what’s


happening and just practicing and


practicing and practicing that interplay


between macro and micro and utilizing


our brain for the amazing powerful


beautiful strength that it is that all of our brains have


that’s the last point that i want to


make every single one of our brains if


you are listening to this podcast has the potential


to harness this power and this energy it has the


potential this is a feature right this


is a feature like like your


your you know your your cell phone has


call waiting your brain has the the


ability the potential to harness this


you have the ability to harness this and


create any kind of change that you’re looking for and


this is the basis that we’re going to be


kind of working from so i wanted to give


you this this this thing to think about


just this idea to think about that you


can think about your own thinking and


you can create the change that you’re


looking for so stick with me i’m going


to give you lots more information about


this as we go thank you so much for


being here today i’ll talk to you next time


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