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By far, the most asked questions from my audience, here is a podcast talking allll about what supplements we should take and what blood tests to order as a Nutritarian or just as a vegan. 

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YouTube auto-generated transcript:


if i had to name the most


asked question that i get from my audience members


it’s definitely the one that we’re


talking about today


the blood test one and the supplement


one what should i supplement with what


blood test should i get so we’re going


to dive into this today i’m going to


give you everything you need to know in


a very brief overview and you’re going


to take it from there


hi i’m cheri alberts and this is the


watering mouth podcast and i’m going to


teach you to eat to live lose the weight


and love the process for good


episode eight




okay let’s talk about blood tests and


supplementing today i get this question


so much and i’m so excited to finally


create a resource for you that you can


use and refer to now first of course i


have to tell you i’m not a medical


professional by any means so


don’t take what i’m saying is medical


advice you know consult your doctor your


healthcare provider for things that have


to do with your health in the case of


this podcast but any podcast that i


record in the future any youtube video i’ve ever done


consult your doctor okay so these are


some things that i’ve read


and used myself over the past eight nine


years that i’ve been doing the eight to


live diet this is personal experience


i’m going to give you that today as well


as some guidelines that you can use that


i have found on dr fuhrman’s


materials over the years as well so


let’s jump into it this question i get all the time is


we’re going to talk about both these


things first of all


what supplements should i take and for


those who are a little bit in the know


what blood tests should i order for my


doctor now let’s talk about why we need


to know these things


so number one we need to know these


things first we want to know where we


are right now i’ve talked about this


before with this idea of it’s kind of


like your health is kind of like your


bank account right how much money do you


have what is your current health status


you can’t know that you can’t know how


much money you have unless you actually


like look at your bank account right and


if you’re spending willy-nilly all over


the place you have no idea where you’re at


same thing with our blood tests and our


you know our blood tests are really good


resource for us to understand a little


bit about how our body is doing right now so


you know when i first started seeing my


current doctor i started seeing her about a year


just over a year ago and i knew that i


liked her because all the blood tests


she ordered when we first started


working together and so i’m going to


give you a list of those today


a blood test that i have ordered myself


in the past so when i started my eat to live journey


i did it for probably a year or two


before i started to get any blood tests


but i i’d recommend that folks do this


on a yearly basis get some you know good


blood tests that kind of give you


markers as far as where you are so you


can compare from year to year how things


are going now you definitely want to get


this done in the very very beginning as


soon as you even hear about the idea of getting blood tests


get this done because it will give you


that snapshot of where you are right now


and then you can see where you go after that


this relates to the supplement question


because when someone asked me what


supplements i should take my answer is i have no idea


i don’t know what your blood looks like


i don’t know what you might be deficient


in or what you might be getting too much


of or where you might be just in the


right range so that’s why you want to


order a blood test so you can kind of


see where you are and then supplement


based on that so you could never just


ask somebody what supplements i should


take it it needs to sort of be


personalized just for you


so the first thing that you can do when


you start this lifestyle go see your


primary care doctor ask for you know and


when you do this and maybe you have like


a yearly wellness check or whatever a


lot of the times that’s included in your


health insurance plan especially well i


mean if you’re in the us right so i’m only speaking for


united states here but


if you have a health a standard health


insurance plan a one-year


rotation of this will be included


basically so they’ll you know they’ll do


some blood tests see where you’re at and


it will all be included in your health


insurance now if it’s been a while i


mean maybe you don’t do that yearly


wellness visit or maybe you just don’t


see the doctor often or whatever that


might be i still recommend everyone do


this just to kind of see where you’re at


so wherever you’re starting from if you


haven’t done it in a while if it’s been


over a year since you’ve had your blood tested get it tested


just go see your doctor ask them if they


can you know set up an appointment just


for this so you can talk about which


blood tests you want they will give you


the order and then they will send you to


one of the labs to get it done typically


lab core you know quest you might have


to fast i mean you’re definitely going


to have to fast if you do all the ones


that i’m going to tell you about


beforehand get those done get your


results and then you have your baseline


now a lot of people don’t like to do


this kind of stuff because they don’t


want to know where they are right it can


be like a little bit of nerve wracking


to see is my cholesterol okay do i have


enough iron this kind of stuff right but


this is all part of just being a healthy


adult let’s just you know rip off the


band-aid find out where we are it’s like


checking that bank account after a while


let’s just see where we are better to


know where we are now so we can start to


improve then find out in a few years


that we were deficient or had too much


of something for a long time and then it


created a lot of negative effects all right so


here’s what we’re going to do


when we first start the eat to live


lifestyle get a blood test or whenever


like even if you’re not doing eat to


live you’re not fully nutritarian that


you should always kind of have a handle


on this no matter how you eat or how you


want to eat all right so get your blood


tested find out where you are and then


do that every six months for a little


while like maybe a year or two as you’re


getting things in the right range then


go to every year after say that first


year or two then do every year just


yearly checkup and you can just keep an


eye on that okay so that’s what i recommend there


now the i want to talk about the basic


concept of blood testing in general why


do we do this because we don’t want to


be deficient in anything right and i


think that’s what people are normally


scared of they’re afraid that they’re


not getting enough of something because


that’s that like a scarcity lack mentality right


but on the other hand we want to be


really really careful that we’re not


getting too much of something and this


is the concept that people don’t usually


think about but this is so this is just


as important as being deficient in


something as having too much right so


you know these um kind of multivitamins


that you can buy at the store that have


thousands and thousands of percent of


different things not a good idea you


don’t want to be having thousands and


thousands percent of stuff because


maybe the side effects of of having this


single vitamin


supplement that’s you know thousands


over what the recommended daily intake


is doesn’t maybe the effects of that


don’t show up right now


but years and years down the line how


does that show up that’s why we want to


be really careful and we’re not trying


to be like scared it’s not a place of


fear it’s just we just want to be like


judicious we want to use these these


supplements and the things that we put


into our body we want to be judicious


about that and make sure that we’re


doing it we’re not going overboard and


we’re not going underboard if that’s a


word as well okay so that’s the first


point i want to make make sure


start to adopt a mentality of i just


want to be in the right range right like


you don’t want to be too high you don’t


want to be low you want to just try to


get in the right range so that’s what


we’re going to be supplementing for and


we don’t know what to supplement with if


we haven’t had our blood test done right


then we’re just kind of like throwing


spaghetti at the wall and you know


wonder hoping it it’s working or


whatever but so if we get our blood test


and if there’s some reason why you can’t


get your blood tested


you know very soon then yeah start a


sensible multivitamin and make for sure


some vitamin d because most people even


no matter if you’re a meat eater or not


or you know if you’ve been a nutritarian


for a long time most people are going to be


deficient in vitamin d i know i was when


i first came to the lifestyle we’re


going to talk more about the specifics


of these vitamins and minerals


supplements in just a moment here


so keeping in mind that it’s important


not to be deficient


and not to have access those are you


know they’re equally something you want


to watch out for now we’re going to talk


about which blood test should i order


and then after that we’ll talk about


what supplements we want to be looking


into so i’m i am creating a blog post on


my website and it’s at the


wateringmouth.com blood so you can just


go there and you will be able to


download all the resources i’m talking


about it’s kind of like the show notes


but i’m going to actually give you a


place to be able to download a couple of


pdfs that i’m making for you special


just for this podcast episode that i’m


actually taking from the eat to live


academy i’ve had this information in the


academy for a long time but i’m going to


be using this same stuff so that you can


have it as a resource to download so go


to the wateringmouth.com blood you can


get that or you can check the show notes


and there will be a link for that in there as well okay


so what test should i order now when i’m


giving you a list of what test to order


i’m getting this from my own personal


experience i’ve when i started ordering


blood tests for myself on a regular


basis to check my levels i took them


from dr fuhrman’s website and from the


member forum and member


only information that he’s given in the


past like there’s a um a nutrital like a


call that he did with


from a while back about him and dr


benson were talking about which blood


test order and things like that so i’ve


researched a bunch of this stuff and


this is what i’ve come up with so there


certainly could be some things i’m


missing but i’m taking this straight


from dr fuhrman so the blood test that i


have ordered in the past number one you


start off with a comprehensive metabolic


panel so that’s going to give you just


as it sounds right comprehensive look at


things and along with that you order a


lipid panel which is your cholesterol


then you order the cbc with differential now that is


i’m just looking at wikipedia here while i tell you this


complete blood count so it provides


information about the cells in a


person’s blood so we’ll tell you things


about like anemia iron deficiency b12 deficiency


viral bacterial parasitic infections etc


so when you kind of get that blood


result just of how the blood count is


doing that will give you some


information about things that might be


going on you also want to get your b12


tested as well as folate you want to get


your ferritin with iron so it’s going to


tell you all about your iron levels you


might want to get your thyroid tested as


well that’s something that my doctor


ordered when i first started seeing her


and it can tell a lot about what’s going


on vitamin d and you want to get the 25


hydroxy test you want to get your zinc


tested if possible and you can also add


on a fatty acid profile as well so


that’s going to tell you how your omega-3s are doing


now i know from experience that


like some of these tests are not like


included i feel like i’m trying to


remember i think it was the zinc and for


sure the fatty acid tests are not just


something that doctors are used to so


here i just want to talk a little bit


about going to see your doctor about


this in the first place because


doctors are not used to their patients


being like kind of on top of stuff you


know so when you go and you’re like hey


i want to get all these blood tests your


doctor is probably going to look at you


weird especially if you have an older


doctor who’s been doing this for a long


time and maybe doesn’t really know much


about eat to live or nutrition or anything like that


you might get a weird look right so just be be


aware of that because the doctor that i


had previously who ended up retiring


it looked at me like i had two heads


when i first asked for blood tests okay


and especially the certain tests that i


asked for because i told him i was a


vegan and he didn’t understand really what that meant


and so he had no idea what i could be


deficient in so i had to tell him what


tests i wanted okay so just understand


that it’s likely your doctor is not


going to really understand what’s going


on and you will have to school them and


you might get some weird looks but that’s okay


so ask for these tests now to be clear the fatty acid


analysis can be a little tough to get


you want to make sure you’re getting the


right one and i actually i don’t know


which one to tell you to get i just know


that my doctor understood which one when


i asked her for it but um there is like


a little box they can check that’s a


fatty acid test that’s going to tell you


how your omega-3s are doing


dha epa that kind of a thing so


but i do happen to know that dr fuhrman


has this available on his website fatty


acid analysis test and you’re gonna i


remember paying around like a hundred


hundred fifty dollars for this test when


i got it done before and you pay a


hundred and thirty dollars and ninety


five cents a time of recording of this


podcast uh on dr fuhrman’s website as


well so that’s just something that you can do at home


which is very convenient so you order


those blood tests get those done you get


the results your doctor will probably


call you back in to discuss them you’ll


find out how your cholesterol is doing


how your iron is how your folate levels


are b12 you know everything else that


you need to know it will give you a


really good kind of profile of where


you’re at right now i want you to


consider blood tests are just a snapshot right so


whatever you see there don’t freak out


right all this stuff can be fixed all


this stuff can be worked through and you


can start to supplement


and start to change your diet a little


bit to see where you are and that’s a


really important point i want to make


this is about being aware this is about


learning what you need specifically and


then taking steps to improve all right


so if you see for instance that your


cholesterol is a little high or you see


that your iron is a little low or your


vitamin d is quite low or whatever that


might might be now your doctor’s going


to help you find out how much of what to


take and dr fuhrman also has a vitamin


advisor on his website as well so i’m


going to put links for all this stuff in


the show notes and in that blog post i’m


going to put up the watermelon.com blood


so all of this is going to be in there


you can go to that vitamin advisor find


out where you are especially like for


your iron levels especially are you a


pregnant woman are you looking to get


pregnant that sort of a thing and you


can find out exactly how much you need


to take to get yourself back up there


and what dr fuhrman recommends this is


another important point i’m going to


make what dr fuhrman recommends as far


as what where you should be in that


level because your primary care doctor


especially if they’re not a nutritarian


will be giving you different


recommendations as well on what is the best level for you to be at


and of course you should be listening to


your own doctor but if you want to be


more on the nutritarian side dr fuhrman


has recommendations as well and you can


decide which doctor you want to listen


to right of course that’s not my place


to tell you who to listen to but you can


certainly check that out and get that


information for yourself based on the


links that i give you in the show notes all right


i’m also going to link to a


blog post that dr fuhrman has about why


take a multivitamin so i’m going to tell


you a little bit about this stuff and


you can go and read the rest of this


from what’s in the show notes here i’m


also going to give you in that blog post


a little infographic that i saw on dr


fuhrman’s website about


supplementing so i’m just going to read


off the ones that he has in this


infographic and then you can use this


for reference this infographic i’ll give you


so um it says most multivitamins contain


ingredients that can be harmful to your


health check the label to see if your


supplement is doing more harm than good


this is right on dr fuhrman’s website so


do not take supplements that include vitamin e


can increase the risk of heart failure


and all cause mortality beta-carotene


can absorb interfere with the absorption of other carotenoids


and increase the chances of lung cancer etc vitamin a


can cause a loss of calcium in the urine


weaker bones increased hip fracture etc


and folic acid synthetic compound made from petroleum


folate is the actual natural form of it


which you would find in green vegetables


and beans but avoid folic acid as it’s


associated with increased risks of


breast prostate and colorectal cancers etc


now be careful if you are supplementing


with these minerals selenium which can


help regulate metabolism but too much is


linked to diabetes elevated cholesterol


prostate cancer and cardiovascular


disease be careful if it’s got copper in


it higher intake leaked linked to


increased cancer alzheimer’s etc iron


it’s the same thing and iron for women


needs vary widely among women and intake


is best individualized according to


ferritin levels pregnant women need


sufficient iron for the baby but levels


too high or too low can increase risk of


low birth rate etc so that’s why you


know this is why this cut in a sweet


spot you want to find that sweet spot


for yourself personally and then he goes


on to say in this infographic to make


sure your multivitamin contains these


ingredients vitamin b12 zinc


iodine vitamin d and k2 okay so those


are some guidelines for you all these


are going to be available in the blog


post that i’m giving you


those are the ones that you want to


the blood test that you want to take and


the types of supplements you want to


take now this question comes up a lot well i


you know i don’t take dr fuhrman’s


multivitamin but i do take this one


that’s over the counter and it has


vitamin a in it this is at your own risk


right um dr fuhrman’s job is just to


give you the information and it’s your


job to decide what you want to put into your body so


if it’s a budgetary issue right so for


for me personally what do i take so i


take dr fuhrman’s um gentle prenatal


vitamin not because i’m looking to get


pregnant but because it has added iron


in it so it’s just like the women’s


multi but it has extra iron so i take


that one because i’m i’ve always been


deficient in iron i also take an extra


iron supplement based on what my blood


tests were and i’ve just discontinued


that for for iron level reasons right


like the way my body is i also take


vitamin d and i take a lot because i was


after my twin pregnancy i was very


deficient and i was down to like a 23


and dr fuhrman wants us to be at least


at a 30. so i started supplementing


quite heavily and i will get my blood


test again very soon to find out and of


course i’ll put those results up on


youtube like i always do so i take a lot


of vitamin d i also take his dha and epa


supplement so i always take things that


dr fuhrman has when possible so his


multivitamin his dha epa supplement and


as far as dha and epa goes you know the


omega omega-3 fatty acids you can and


i’ve heard him say this before you can


take a supplement from fish oil if it’s


a good high quality fish oil and you’ll


kind of know especially like the problem


with fish oil is that typically you know


it’s coming from fish so there could be


some mercury heavy metal type stuff but


also because they tend to go rancid


really quickly and so you don’t want to


be taking a supplement that’s just low


quality maybe it’s been sitting on the


shelf for a long time and you wouldn’t


know unless you actually broke it open


and smelled that pill


but what happens is a lot of the times


you will get these fishy burps and it


it’s not a very pleasant thing but it’s


actually because the supplement itself


went rancid the oil in there went rancid


and that’s no good so you want to make


sure you have a really high quality one


and i know that dr fuhrman they take


great care to refrigerate the supplement


and when you get it and you bring it


home you refrigerate as well i’ve never


had a problem if unless i’ve stored it


improperly then it will go rancid but


that’s the way it’s supposed to go right


it is a natural product


so i prefer that supplement it’s a vegan


supplement and it comes from algae


instead of coming from fish but you can


find other algae-based vegan supplements


on the market today as well or you know


just get dr fuhrman’s


i do find that his supplements tend to


be on the maybe expensive side but i


prefer to take his i just trust him i’m


going to put some links for the ones um


some affiliate links down below if you


aren’t interested in checking them out


but um you know feel free to make those


calls based on what your budget is as a


matter of some a couple other things


that i take so i take um


amla as well which is a it’s a indian gooseberry amla


it’s a supplement that dr greger talks


about a lot as well which is supposed to


be good for cholesterol and we shall see


how that goes i’ve been taking it for


about six months we’ll see how that goes


and then i also take dr fuhrman’s um more kind of


expensive but i think very useful


supplements as far as getting like


turmeric and things like that and


mushroom extract so he has ultra cell biotech and


immune biotech so i take those he has some other


supplements as well for osteoporosis for cholesterol he has


probiotics and all that mood balance


calm glucose etc a lot of really really


great products and personally i take


them because i just you know i’m a


nutritarian and i trust his judgment and


i trust his packaging and his sourcing


of materials so feel free to do what you


like with your own budget but i do want


to talk a bit about budget this idea of


spending money on something like this


because it took me a long long time to


start to spend money on stuff like this


and i just think of it like i would


rather spend the money on the


supplements now and feeling good than


waiting until i’m feeling poorly and


you know having to spend the money at


that time because having diabetes having


heart attacks having cancer these things


are expensive right they really actually


are they really do affect your bottom


line would you want to pay for those


later and have a lot of pain and


suffering or do you just take the


supplements now and just eat the really good you know


as organic as possible


you know high nutrient foods do you


prefer to do that now and have the budget cut there


but be putting wonderful things in your


body or deal with it later okay so just


consider that kind of a thing that’s


something that i came to but it


certainly took me a while to get my


mindset wrapped around that and i always


pose these podcast topics to my eat to


live family membership folks


first so that i could answer some


questions that they might have so if you


are considering joining eat to live


family this is a great way where you can


get really individualized support and


get all your questions answered about


this lifestyle so let me get into some


of the questions that the folks from the


eat to live family had and of course


that’s my monthly group coaching


membership so this is this comes from


cass and she’s in the italy family and


she asks when i recently had blood tests


taken i asked my doctor to test my fatty


acids among other things she had no idea


what i was talking about she said my ldl


and hdl that she tested those so i


assumed that’s what i wanted do you know


if that’s correct this is a great


question this is what i was talking


about just a minute ago doctors just


really don’t know they don’t have


nutrition information and they you know


they don’t have the training for it so


no that’s actually not correct right ldl


hdl that refers to cholesterol so that


is the lipid profile that you would have


gotten which is a standard thing to get but as i said the


fatty acid thing is different and it is


a separate test that you would be


ordering and they would have to maybe


make a call or something to find out


which box to check on that forum to know


which one that is but yeah not the same


thing so tell her to do her homework a


little bit more


this question comes from rebecca she


says supplements for toddlers is it okay


to give a toddler a multivitamin


includes vitamin a if she won’t take the


pixie vite or is it better to skip the


multi and just do b12 dha apn vitamin d only


and then they have gummies of course you


know what what other recommended organic


toddler multivitamins are there that


don’t have vitamin a etc and she


mentions an issue with her daughter that


she’s tried crushing the pixie bites or


getting that the powder pixie bites but


the taste of the the sweetener is too


strong for her i totally get it my


daughter has an issue with the vitamins


as well and i haven’t actually


unfortunately i haven’t found a solution


to this and you know i’m not a doctor so


i’m not really sure what to advise i


wouldn’t want to advise on this but i


would love to take comments so if you


have any thoughts about this that you’ve


found something that works for you that


feels very nutritarian let us know in


the comments on the blog post the


wateringmouth.com blood and we can talk


about this and share information okay


great question this question comes from


patrice and she says if i’m low in


vitamin b12 do i need to take a


supplement with the other b vitamins


along with my sublingual b12 supplement


so my advice on this patrice is always


if you’re low in something get the blood


test find out where you are supplement


for a while right so find a b12 you know


you’re doing a sublingual supplement


that’s going to have lots and lots of


percentage but thousands of percents


probably for b12 to get that up bring


that up but keep testing say every six


months to make sure and if you need


anything else go ahead and talk to your


doctor about that and one of our eight


to live family members named butch says


mentions that life extension often


offers a lot of test options so that


might be something to look into but i


personally don’t know anything about


that company all right so i think i’ve


answered all the other questions from


the eat to live family members about the


blood test within this podcast so


hopefully you got your question answered


as well if you have any other questions


feel free to reach out on the comment


section of that that blog post i was


talking about and if you have if you


need any of the resources i was talking


about of course find those on that blog


post or in the show notes and you can download


some pdfs with all the helpful things


that i was telling you about on this


podcast and as always if you’re looking


to join the eat tilla family and you’re


interested in getting some support being in a group of


hundreds of other people who are doing


the same thing as you who want to eat


healthy perhaps lose weight and just


have that camaraderie and that community


support look into joining the eat to live family


with me that’s where i coach it’s a


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