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Have you noticed that you tend to QUIT on yourself?

Quitting can look like…

❌ Abandoning your goals

❌ Deciding in the moment to eat that highly-palatable snack you said you wouldn’t

❌ Talk yourself OUT of exercising…again

Reaching your goals simply won’t happen if you keep quitting on yourself.

How do you do that?

🎉 Coach Nancy gives 2 simple tips to help yourself and NOT QUIT.

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Are you tired of quitting on yourself? You know what I mean by quitting on yourself, right? When you start something – whether it’s an exercise program or a new way of eating, say. You’ve just found Eat to Live, the Nutritarian way of eating, you believe it’s the best way of eating and you go gung-ho, and you happen to pick up a cookie off of Aunt Martha’s plate and eat it, and now it’s all over.

It’s time to quit; all or nothing. “If I can’t stay away from Christmas cookies, then I’m not doing this,” you quit on yourself. You have one week of off-plan eating, you have one morning of not getting up for your exercise class, “I may as well quit.” Are you ready to quit quitting on yourself?

What I’d like to say is that quitting on yourself looks like stopping doing the thing, right; no longer doing the activity that you want to do, or doing an activity you don’t want to do; either way, you quit with your goals and your dreams. And that seems to be what it means to quit on yourself, but in actuality, it started one step back – it started with what’s going on up here, in between your ears. It starts with thoughts like, “why bother?” “Oh, it’s just not worth it.” “One little bite and it’s off – all or nothing, slippery slope, here we go.”

That kind of dramatic thinking is what causes us to quit. Spoiler alert: it’s always a thought that interrupts us from getting to the goals that we have planned for ourselves. So, I want to give you two simple things that can start to help change that stinking thinking so you can quit quitting on yourself. The first one is to stay curious.

It sounds so simple, and it is; it’s just a matter of remembering to do it. Instead of “all right, I quit; I give up,” “what if I…” “How about if…” “I wonder what’s possible…” – starting to use questions to open up some space here, to not be so black and white thinking that you have to stop; you have to quit; it’s just not worth it anymore, and you talk yourself down that path. But with questions, “I wonder how many more greens I could eat today,” rather than focusing on the things that you think are “a problem,” focusing a different way, asking yourself “what is possible?” “What could be going right here?” “This one little thing seems to have gone wrong, but what about all the times when I’ve followed the plan?”

So you get me with that one, I hope – stay curious. Stay curious, and then stay compassionate. Please, stay self-compassionate; take good care of you. And compassion looks like, “I’m doing the best I can with the resources I have at the time” – that’s it, “I’m doing the best I can.”

And why not think that way about yourself? Why not use your powerful brain to work for you, rather than to quit on yourself and to feel terrible? My clients get results from coaching like creating a changed relationship with food, they no longer feel at the mercy of food, they no longer have black and white thinking where it’s all or nothing, they’ve begun to live in the gray area where things aren’t always so dramatic; you make better decisions about food and other decisions, too – just your quality of decisions are way better, and you get very good at taking care of yourself. That’s what happens with my clients; that’s the results they get consistently.

Your transformation is just on the other side of that link right there. Click on that, go fill out the form. I look forward to chatting to you about helping you to quit quitting on yourself – let that be a thing of the past, don’t drag that into the new year! Until next time, I’m Coach Nancy with Nourish Your Lifestyle.


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