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Mmmm. Salad Taco.


What is a Salad Taco?

In short, it’s the easiest way to re-purpose a salad you have in your fridge and make it taste like something completely new!

You can use virtually any salad that you need to use up, or maybe one that you’re just sick of! :P

Easy Steps to Make a Salad Taco

  1. Warm up (and brown) corn tortillas or even whole wheat tortillas in a pan over medium heat
  2. Add you favorite sauces like hummus, guacamole, salad dressing or even salsa or tomato sauce
  3. Add a large spoonful or two of the salad onto the taco
  4. Add crunchy or flavorful items to the top, like onion, carrots or even herbs like mint or rosemary to really give it a kick




Other Ways to Spice Up Your Salad Routine

  • add spices and fresh herbs
  • add a new dressing or spread
  • add pungent fresh veggies
  • add fruit
  • use rice paper wraps
  • use nori wrappers

What’s the Weight Loss Salad?

The Weight Loss Salad is a salad that I make a lot, that has a ton of ingredients, is super hearty, and is one of those amazing nutritarian foods where the more you eat of it, the more weight you lose.

Why is this?

Well, the ingredients are all plant-based and there is a very minimal type dressing used. It means that it has a TON of flavor, but not a ton of calories. Since it’s a very dense salad, you can eat a ton of it (think: 4-5 cups at a time), get totally full and not have had a lot of calories.

the Weight Loss Salad

the Weight Loss Salad

This is the basic concept of being a Nutritarian (what this website is all about) in that, you can typically eat as much of these foods as you like and still remain at a great weight — or even lose weight!


Do you have a favorite way of re-purposing your salad?