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If you live in the Sarasota area, chances are you’ve heard of the Sarasota Farmers Market that goes on every Saturday morning from 7 am to 1 pm.

I’ve been to it a few times before throughout the course of my living here, which is what, the past 6 years, holycraptimeflies. When I started going, I resolved to keep going on a weekly basis but well, that didn’t happen. I just started going again bi-weekly and love the the feeling I get when I’m there. I park in the Whole Foods parking lot ’cause it’s where the cool people park and the only place with a spot available in a mile radius. I find a place and turn off the ignition and immediately get the feeling again. I’m in the middle of something. A city’s activity type something. You have to understand that me and hubby are kinda homebodies, who don’t go out too much unless it’s to a friends house. I mean, the last time we went to a restaurant, we felt like “holy crap, look how many people are in this town!” like prior to that we thought we lived in freakin’ Bodie, CA or something.

So every time I get here and see the activity, I get excited. I mean, it’s not like a huge deal or something, but what mostly gets me excited is a group of like-minded individuals like myself who I have things in common with all gathering together for a purpose. And that purpose is to support local farmers and vendors, eat healthy stuff and improve ourselves. All while contributing to a sense of community and well, now I’m goin’ a little overboard. It’s just fun, okay?

For about 4 or 5 years now I’ve been eating as much organic and fresh foods as I can. I get a little bit leery of mass-produced goods and actually feel pretty strongly about it, but since eating perfectly isn’t always possible, I’m not like super strict on it or anything. I just do what I can when I can. (Which I think everyone should at least strive for). And lately, I’ve been switching to as much local produce as possible too, so making a point of going to the Sarasota Farmers Market is a really great thing for me to put on my to-do list. And since we don’t have kids yet, we can really get away with buying enough produce to last us two weeks if we’re lucky!

So the first trip back there in a while, I got some great stuff. Future trips I will post more about what I buy there, but this trip, i got a bunch of conventional and organic vegetables and some really fancy but delicious honey. The woman there from Winter Park Honey gave samples of the different kinds and they were so awesome. It’s really cool when you get to sample different types of a product next to each other, you really get a good feel for what’s going on taste-wise. I’d tried a few of them, the Blackberry (surprisingly bold and deep flavored) and Orange Blossom and eventually settled on the regular Ultimate Wildflower. The honey is supposed to be good for allergies but I am mostly going for deliciousness. I succeeded.

Check out the other great pics my iPhone let me take that day:

Picture of fresh local produce - carrots, parsley, etc.

These kids were pretty cool, playing a set of ALL-TRASH INSTRUMENTS! They sound pretty good, too! “The Garbage-Men”

image of a dog wearing sunglassesCoolest dog on planet.

image of Nueske's booth at adjacent Cheese Festival

Love cheese. Especially free cheese.

image of strawberries in a basket

Company billboard advertisement for organic produce

woman cooking cheese on a burner at the cheese festival Only angels give away free cheese.