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Summer Dessert Alert!! 🍓🍌 Strawberry Almond Nice Cream! A quick, fast, guilt-free summer treat that’s good for the whole family…especially you if you’ve got cravings! 😄 And I promise the kids will love this one too. Just see from the chaos in this video!!! 😄 😄 Hahahha Full Recipe/Downloadable PDF: http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets What do you think of this one? Let us know in the comments!!

Well hello there! How are you?

All right I am in a new season of my life with my girls. We’re now getting to the place where they can actually play by themselves and I can do things without them clawing at my legs. How fun is that?!?

So today I’m going to show you a quick, refreshing, summer recipe, strawberry almond nice cream.

Quick update on where we’ve been lately. At the time of the filming of this video we have two days left of another COVID quarantine. My twins ended up getting COVID this time (Isabella, myself and my husband didn’t have any symptoms). I ended up with COVID myself but I didn’t have any symptoms which was pretty awesome.

The girls are okay now. We ended up with some dramatic stuff. Some lung stuff with our little Gracie but she pulled through just fine and Maddie had it as well but she didn’t have it as strongly as Gracie. Now everyone’s doing good and we are just finishing up our quarantine so I thought it would be a perfect time to film this recipe for you.

Summertime is starting here in Las Vegas and it’s getting really really hot. I have the water table set up outside for the girls to be able to play so we’ve been going outside. It’s been around 95 every day.

I hear somebody coming down the stairs. You girls play while I make a video okay? In the meantime I’m going to show you this very quick, refreshing, summer recipe.

Why do we call it nice cream? Because it’s nice to animals; there are no animals involved, no actual milk or dairy. It’s just four ingredients, so let me show you how to make it.

The first thing I have to tell you is in order to make this recipe you’re going to need some frozen ripe bananas. At my house we always, always, always have bananas hanging around ripening. Over here I have bananas that have been ripening for a week or so. This is the perfect ripeness to where a lot of those starches in the bananas have converted to more sugar so they’re much sweeter and this is the perfect time to put the bananas in your freezer.

I like to do a gallon plastic bag like this and you just peel them, discard the peels, and then break them in half. Throw them in the bag and then freeze them. They get a little bit stuck together depending on how ripe they were but then I just break them up.

We could just do banana and ice cream and that would be delicious but I’m actually gonna make strawberry almond butter banana nice cream. The kind of milk I use for the girls is Ripple. I think this is the best milk out there for kids because it has some good protein in it. It also has vitamin D, iron, vitamin A, Calcium, Potassium, vitamin B12; the only thing about Ripple is that it has some oil in it. If you’re trying to stay away completely from oil then this maybe wouldn’t be a good choice for you.

I really want the milk my kids drink to be a little bit fortified. I usually use either this brand of soy milk, because it’s just one ingredient, unsweetened, or I’ll use regular, unsweetened almond milk. Since I’m making it for my kids I want it to have a little protein in it.

For nice cream you really want to have a high speed blender like a Vitamix. It is pretty important. You can make banana ice cream with just a regular blender but you’re going to want to slice your bananas rather than just brake in half.

If you use a regular blender you’re going to need to put milk in to blend it. If you are using a Vitamix, you don’t have to put milk in. You can just use the tamper thing to push it down into the blades to make really think, creamy nice cream.

I’m gonna throw in my strawberries whole so we get a little bit of green from the tops. You could add some spinach or anything like that to this ice cream as well. A little bit of kale, no one would taste it, but this time I’m just gonna take the easy way out and put the tops in. We’re gonna have some awesome extra protein and fat from almond butter and it’s gonna be delicious!

One whole banana per person is a great way to estimate how many to add to the blender. Add up to two bananas per person otherwise it starts to get to be too much food. I’ll just put three strawberries in now. I’m going to put about a cup of milk. Now we blend!

Let’s see what we’ve got. Now I’m going to throw a couple tablespoons of almond butter in. This tuned out pretty thin because I was talking a lot. I’m going to put another banana in just to make it thicker. One of our favorite things to do is top it with sprinkles or chocolate chips. Let me show you the Enjoy Life, vegan chocolate chips.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, mmmMMM almond, strawberry vanilla nice cream. We’re all gonna go share this right now.

If you want the exact recipe for this go to wateringmouth.com cheat sheets and there will be a printable PDF ready for you that you can just print out. This recipe is super flexible. Like how I just put in more bananas or you can put in any other kind of fruit that you want. You can have lots of different toppings like nuts or seeds.

One final tip is that when you are making the nice cream if it does get too runny you can just put it right into the freezer, let it get hardened and then it will be more like regular ice cream again.

That’s it! Get the recipe if you want to make this refreshing, summer treat. Let me know what you think down in the comments and we’ll have a little chat about it. Happy Summer!


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