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The number one thing to do when Eating to Live the Nutritarian lifestyle way is to learn to be bored

Bored? It sounds so.. well… boring!!! It just sounds so uncomfortable and so ugh! But learning to accept being bored with your food while eating the same kinds of food all the time – just eating plants and eating the same meal maybe four days in a row – is the key so learn to love it!

Learn to expect that every meal is not a party in your mouth is the key to this lifestyle. BE bored. When it’s time to eat just tell yourself ‘all right I’ll have a salad and yes I’ll have some more greens beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds, nuts.’  Boring. Plain. Simple.  But it really is the key to success because if the food is a party in your mouth all of the time then you’re just stimulating your appetite, which then leads to you daring yourself to have a little bit of this and a little bit of that – a little bit of excitement here and a little bit of exciting food there. And then before you know it you’ve expanded the foods that you’re eating and you’re away from Eating to Live and you’re starting to LIVE TO EAT!!

So, the number one key is to learn to be okay with boring food. if that sounds terrible to you and if you just can’t imagine living without food that’s exciting then my tip is to make sure that your life is exciting, so that your food doesn’t have to be your source of entertainment. 

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