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This video is a live stream, question and answer piece. Those joining the live stream were persons from, literally, all over the world.

Concentration of this Vlog is to help followers know they need to re-circuit their brains to rid constant struggles learned, all through life, of eating habits that are not conducive to a healthy life.  It also concentrates on how to reach health goals, lose weight and be consistent about their Eat to Live eating habits.

As an Eat to Live World Expert and Certified Life Coach, Cheri personally discovered the one key that all humans need to develop to  overcome cravings and staying consistent.  People are not usually good at managing their emotions. People need to control their emotions, but not with food.  As humans, we need to provide ourselves with proper thoughts or “mindset”.

Cheri has set up an introductive video learning sessions for all, beginning January 28, 2020.  She will begin with a 4 day, free mini-course to help begin the process.  One mini video will be provided for 4 days in a row.  To obtain this course go to  info.nourishyourlifestyle.com/optin.

The next step will be an 8 Week Academy which will teach how to deal with the emotional struggles of eating improperly and give you “peace around your food”.  More information on this Academy will follow.

Sample questions and answers:

Caroline L:  Do you have a certain time you stop eating?  Even an occasional evening snack?

Cheri:  “When you get to the place of consistency, the most beautiful thing about it is there is no more drama around food.  You don’t think about it.  You’ll eat when you’re supposed to eat and that is it!”

Jeanette Mitchell:  Hello from Australia.  New to Nutritarian lifestyle.  You are making it so much easier with your videos.

Cheri:  “Yay!  That is my whole goal Jeanette.  I’m so glad.”