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Two years ago, when my father was dying of cancer, my Aunt Jo drove down from Michigan all the way to Florida to see him just before he passed away. It was a really cool visit because I hadn’t seen her in years and we’d never been able to spend much time together. This gave us a neat opportunity to bond over cooking, now that I’d developed the love for it.

Something my Dad requested was for her to make the family’s famous cabbage rolls. My Dad’s side of the family is Syrian, and there are so many cool recipes I’d grown up with at family reunions, including baklava (a tradition that my Dad and I used to make together), stuffed grape leaves, and that cabbage roll recipe.

A Family Tradition Leads to Genius

My Dad remembered it so fondly, and when she went to make it, I made sure to be there so I could learn another family tradition…while we were making it, she gave me the following tip that I am so grateful for. It’s so simple but it’s genius!

Why Is It Top Secret?

I love this tip because it preserves a part of the vegetable that is usually thrown away, not many people know about it AND it tastes amazing! My Aunt Jo showed me using cabbage, but it works the same for cauliflower (and broccoli too!). I found that I loved the taste of the cauliflower the most, but try it out for other veggies and see which is your favorite!

I’m all for cutting down on food waste and getting the most nutrients from any plant food as possible. So here it is, without further ado…

The Best Part of the Cauliflower 56 Second Video:


Have you ever tried this part of the cauliflower? Did you like it?