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The worst thing that can happen isn’t eating bad food. No, it’s not even your favorite food being unavailable.

It’s worse, oh yes, it can get worse… it’s not getting to fully enjoy a food that you love. Let me explain.

It’s that moment when you’re devouring, please pardon the expression, a fantastic mouth-orgy… and you get to that precious last bite. There is the moment of regret at having but one bite left, followed by the jumping-over-a-cliff, ripping-off-the-band-aid feeling of placing said last bite in your mouth. Your taste-party is about to end and you’re staring down that barrel. You have a seemingly opposing mix of excited enthusiasm and zen-like inner calm that was unlike all the other bites because this bite… is to be your last. And then suddenly something happens. Something so wretched and disdainful that even the faintest of hearts would shudder to think about it.

Something interrupts your thought-process or physical state so much as to cause you to swallow that last bite whole, mistakenly not chewing it fully.

Picture your favorite food. Now picture taking the last bite of it that is available for the foreseeable future. Now imagine not even getting to chew it.

Yep. Outright horror. This happened to me recently. I was all:

Little Girl Crying