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This is a simple concept that is EVERYTHING to our journey. 

If we are to truly be successful in anything we want to accomplish, whether it be weight-loss, getting healthy, eating healthy consistently, building a business, etc…there is one trick. 

When you hear this trick, you’re probably gonna think it’s not true, or just one of those things everyone says…but it really is the trick.

The trick is to think like you’ve already got it figured out.

Now this seems simple at first..and it is simple.

But it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

(It also doesn’t mean it’s difficult, though)

What it means is that you’ve gotta systematically or all-at-once rewire your brain to reject the thoughts that keep you where you are:

“I can’t.”

“I’ve never done it before.”

“It’s not gonna work.”

“I always fail at this.” 

“I’ve never been successful before, so I never will be.”

And you have to start to reject those. Reject them in a sustainable, believable way. 

And that could look like choosing thoughts that are just a bit better than those until you believe those instead. And then choose new, even more empowering thoughts until you believe those…and just keep working on that. 

For me, the thoughts I’ve been working to accept are: 

“I am a 110 pound person.”

“I just choose the foods that are on plan and good for me. And there’s no drama.”

“When I crave, I just allow that to happen and it goes away. I do that every time.


I can tell that I don’t quite believe them yet…because I don’t yet weigh 110. 

But I totally feel like I’m on my way. 

Being ok with the journey — that it’s not always linear and easy is what creates success over time. 

And I am willing to put that work in, even if it feels super messy and uncomfortable at times.