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Hey y’all!! Long time, no update :D
I know I’ve been MIA lately on YouTube as well as in the groups, but I’ve been working on some pretty huge changes to my business this last year and a half.
I’ve gotten a TON of questions on whether or not we’d be doing another 5-Day Challenge or opening the Family again…and the short answer is no…(WHAT?!)
…and the full explanation is in this video! :D
I have GREAT reasons for this, I promise.
I know it’s a huge shift in my business — I’ve been doing this style of launching challenges and programs for over 4 years now…!
Check out the video if you’ve got time (sorry if I was long-winded in it…but I’m sure you’ve grown to expect that from me:)
UPDATE: HUUUUGE Changes at Nourish Your Lifestyle :D
Also: I think you’re awesome, thank you for being here. And I hope to see you around very soon!!
I’m always here for you if you need me.
Sending you all the health and love!