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Oh, hi there! If you’re one of my Dear Readers that’s been with me since the beginning back in February, you’ll notice quite a change today from the blog you used to know. I’ve gone and changed out the theme of the website, to something that I think will suit my needs a bit more in the future. Plus, I think it looks snazzy.

So I hope you enjoy it. Of course, there are things that I haven’t had the opportunity to customize yet, because I wanted to go live with it more than I wanted everything to be perfect, so as all works in progress, please bear with me as I continually upgrade and customize things for a while.

Actually, this whole process has felt a lot like moving in real life:

Oh, look at this old stuff we haven’t looked at in years! Where are we going to put this now? Do we really need this? Crap, this is a lot of work. I shouldn’t have done this! I am crazy. I hate myself for doing this. Oh, we’re almost done. I’m about to pull out my hair. I swear, I am never doing this again, never ever again for as long as I live.

Moving sucks.

But we’re done now! Thanks for bearing with me as I’ve been absent for a couple days. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

But — I’m dying to know — what do YOU think of the new theme??