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So this Coaching Note I want to give you today is a pretty advanced concept, you guys. 

Are you ready? :)

I was talking with a dear client of mine today, we’ll call her M.

We were talking about a concept that comes up a lot in my coaching in general. What do you do when you have a thought that doesn’t serve you or help your journey? One that seems logical, but is actually a thought error that is just holding you back?

  1. wrestles with this often. Programming from her childhood taught her that there must be something wrong with her to not be able to lose weight long-term and to keep yo-yo-ing.

Her specific thoughts are:

“There’s something wrong with me.”

“I must be broken.”

“I’m just not a person who can lose weight.” 

And very often, it’s even a lot more harsh than this in her mind. 

We might have similar thoughts to M. when we think of our weight-loss path. “I’ve gotten this far, but I know I just won’t be able to get any farther because ________________.”  [insert your reason why, aka thought error]

Often this reason is something along the lines of:

My metabolism is too slow.

I’m too old.

I’m just big-boned

I’m meant to be this weight.

This is just my set point.

I’m too addicted to food.

It’s just not possible for me.

I’ll never have a normal relationship with food.

Etc! Sound familiar?

But what I want you to realize is that these could all just be stories in your mind that you have made up to explain why your weight-loss is taking longer than you deem it should.

Just because we thought these thoughts once, or think them repeatedly, or hear them often from peers or the media doesn’t mean they are facts.

If you’re not quite ready for that next level of growth yet, it doesn’t have to mean that you are not capable. It doesn’t have to mean there is something wrong with you or you are just stuck where you are forever.

It just might mean that you don’t have the mental know-how yet to overcome the thought error(s). And that’s ok.  

The thing I know for sure is that you are capable of so much more than you tell yourself. 

We’re gonna help each other and watch each other grow together. 

This is the work we have chosen and we are capable.