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  • It’s like entering the conversation in a tangle of thoughts and feelings and leaving with peace, calm and a plan.
  • It’s like coming to a call thinking there isn’t really anything to talk about and leaving with clarity and direction.
  • It’s like getting on the call not even thinking you care what you eat- much less wanting to Eat to Live and leaving inspired and ready!
Sometimes we all need a place to be messy and express what’s going on inside! Do you have that place? 



A container designed just FOR YOU?


What if there was a SPACE that was designated just for YOU? A place of safety and exploration… A place of SUPPORT:

When you change the way you eat and begin to Eat to Live, do you have someone to turn to for help when family and friends don’t eat the same way? Have you lost weight and now are wondering how to maintain that loss in a consistent and easy way?  How do you get help for the weird and awkward ways you feel about your evolving body?


THIS is how to get to that SPACE of caring conversation and challenging assignments that WILL bring you faster results than going it on your own!





Do you have a safe place where space is held for you by someone well-trained and experienced in listening. That’s how a Coaching session is designed! It’s a private place provided for you to be SEEN and HEARD.  It’s a place where all your thoughts and feelings are welcome…. Where frustrations and pain are welcome. Where joy and celebrations are honored.

From the convenience of your own home, each week you will join Coach Nancy on a Zoom call, at a time of your choosing from a selection of available appointments. For an hour you will have Coach Nancy’s undivided attention as she listens, supports and guides you to consider what your current situation is and what you would like to have that’s different. Then, through conversation consisting of lots of questions and space for listening and processing, each session unfolds


There is no agenda other than helping YOU!


Each coaching session is unique- just like you!




Do you have a person who can skillfully listen and pull out the threads of what you are wanting to articulate? Where you can share the details of emotional eating and not fear what someone thinks… Where you can experiment with new feelings… Where you can leave feeling heard… Where you can leave with new thoughts… Where one question can undo years of thinking that changes everything for you!




You know the times when you are brought face to face with a perspective that’s different than your own? Those times can create an opening where your own perspective can shift. It’s challenging- AND totally amazing to witness yourself changing before your eyes! Coach Nancy will accept you completely as the amazing human you are AND nudge you to the place where you are ready to shed beliefs that no longer serve you.


Are you ready for this to be the LAST time you lose weight?


Face it: you can’t see what you can’t see- so you can’t change what you don’t realize needs changing!

Dropping the story that you have about yourself and why things are the way they are for you is the secret to PEACE and FREEDOM!

  • What if you have simply convinced yourself that “you are meant to be overweight?”
  • What if you were able to realize that you have been settling for only what you currently know?
  • What if there IS a way to have awareness arise via a supportive conversation?


How could that change your life?


Are you familiar with a spiral of thinking? I think this, then this, then that, which proves this is the problem… Yeah, that circular thinking doesn’t get you anywhere helpful!






Are you ready to move away from that pain?  Is it high time to TRANSFORM that pain into momentum? Does this sound intriguing to you?


There is a NO-RISK solution for you!


Apply for 30 minutes with Coach Nancy to explore the ways Coaching can move you forward with your weight loss and health goals. 


You could just come away from that call like one gal did…” Are the coaching calls as amazing as this mini session has been?” she exclaimed following her free call with Coach Nancy.


Nutritarian Weight-Loss and Life Coaching – Nancy

“What I love about Coach Nancy is that she was a real light for me in my dark places, a great teacher and guide, that I could trust her, she was on my side but would not get in my pool of drama and chatter, she is a professional yet so accessible and open and vulnerable.

~ Client Susan B