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Have you ever watched a professional basketball game?


Or, has your child played on a Little League team?


Who is there for the athletes? Who calls the plays?


The Coach!


The Coach helps the players to learn techniques, rules of the game and makes sure they practice their skills. The Coach helps the athlete achieve their goal of getting really good at the game! The Coach sees things the players don’t. The perspective of that Team’s Coach will help the players uplevel their skills and play their best! Without the Coach to assist the players in developing their skills and growing in the execution of the game! 

Someone who can see the big picture can help those athletes on the court to make the most efficient moves to win the game! What if there were a person who could stand with you as you learn to transition from the typical cultural food consumption to the Eat to Live Lifestyle?

When you are choosing to eat differently than your family and friends, you feel all alone! Where do you get the support you need to be the only person you know who may be eating this way? What if there was someone who could help you learn how sustainable and empowering it is to eat to live? What if no matter what people around you decide, you feel strong and decisive about your choices?

Imagine you never figured out how to lose weight consistently…what if it’s ALWAYS a struggle? What if you knew there was someone who could guide you and show you exactly what to do and when in order to create a permanent lifestyle change?


Hello, my name is Coach Nancy, and I am that person!

I am available to be on your team! 


I have the support you have been looking for to feel empowered, confident AND drop the weight – the pounds AS WELL as the weight of considering what everyone else thinks and feels and putting yourself dead last!

Want to learn how this will work in your own, personal life…even if you think you’re too busy?  Apply for a free 30-minute mini-session with me to see if private coaching will help you. https://nourishyourlifestyle.com/coachwithnancy

Have you read Dr Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live, or seen his special presentation on PBS? Lots of folks have! Then, they dive into the new way of eating and find it’s harder than they realized.


  • The processed food industries are prevalent and have big dollars to market their products. 
  • Friends and family are not supportive of this “drastic change.”
  • One on one support from a Coach with knowledge and experience with Eat to Live is hard to find!

I have specific experience in the Nutritarian way of eating – in fact, that is my eating style of choice for 3 years now! “Nutritarian” is a term coined by Dr Joel Fuhrman. In his many books, videos and podcasts, he promotes the addition of GBOMBS to insure your body is being flooded with micronutrients. Those are the tiny vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fibers that make up non caloric nutrients. This is in direct contrast to the overemphasis on Macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates) which our society is obsessed with in the recent past.

Dr Fuhrman’s Health Equation is the simple formula: H = N/C


Health = nutrients/calories


Your health is predicted by your nutrient intake divided by your intake of calories. The foods included in the categories of Greens Beans Onions Mushrooms Berries and Seeds and nuts are the most micronutrient foods on the planet. When the food choices revolve around these you know you are giving your body superior nutrition!! These foods are quite the opposite of the most popular foods in our culture!



When you choose to go from eating the standard processed, packaged food-like items, to eating plants, the change can be daunting! Just like when a fresh out of college basketball player gets drafted by the NBA – there will be some learning curves ahead! That player wouldn’t consider navigating the new level of playing required at that elite level without a Coach – or several – to assist him in that transition!

The value of a basketball Coach to a new NBA player can not be estimated! In the same way, when you transition from your old style of eating to the Eat to Live, a Coach can help you avoid pitfalls and you will more quickly navigate the changes! Imagine thinking you could go it alone, without support! You COULD, but the transition is WAY smoother with some professional help!

A Coach can get you to your transformation much more quickly than you can get there alone. Deciding to hire a Coach to be on your team is a vote of confidence that you WILL reach your goal! You will learn the intricacies of the lifestyle AND the mind management that is needed to succeed!

               ~You can’t read the label from inside the bottle~


Those 50 pounds that you have been doing diets, overexercising, and praying will fall off your body, doesn’t just disappear when you start eating Nutritarian! Transformation comes from changing the food AND changing your thinking!

Exactly what can a Nutritarian Coach do to support you in weight release and health gain?

  • Mindset Shifts: A Coach can provide exercises that allow you to study your own brain! When you are able to see how your brain is offering protective thoughts instead of empowering thoughts, you are able to make the decision to start thinking in a way that actually serves you and your goals.
  • See your situation from an outside perspective. A Coach sees things you don’t because the point of view is outside of you.
  • A Coach sees your potential, that you are not even aware of having!
  • A Coach does NOT believe your limiting beliefs and can help you unwind yours.
  • A Coach sees patterns of behavior and how they developed. 
  • Receiving support as you experience cravings and the temptation to self-sabotage is an act of self-kindness. What if you had a way to ask for help in the moment when it’s needed?
  • Help with the Food (accountability from an Eat to Live expert who actually eats this way!) – getting assistance with tweaking food choices is way faster with a Coach who actually develops recipes and menus!
  • Dig in with you to discover the cause of the struggle you experience when attempting to release weight!


Have you decided where you want to be in three months? In six months? Will you be on your way to reaching your goal? How will you do that?  Do you plan to do this alone? What will be different about this time? Who is on your team to support you?

Are you ready to BE DONE with having to unzip your jeans after a meal? Are you ready to be OVER an aching body that longs for an afternoon nap? Are you ready to get the food right once and for all so there is ZERO drama regarding what you eat and when? Are you ready for your food focus to be over so you can hone in on living an exciting life?



Are you thinking that getting some 1-1 help is what will kickstart your weight loss?

Let’s find out if we are a fit for a partnership to reach your goals!


I am here for you: nourishyourlifestyle.com/coachwithnancy