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Leftover Tomato Paste

It happens to me every freaking time. I want to make something amazing that will totally be worth it, but the recipe calls for just 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste at a time, without fail! We all face the same thing. And me, being on a pretty strict budget, I feel TERRIBLE throwing it away. I mean, it’s perfectly good tomato paste for chrissakes!! (Visions of my Dad enter my head, telling me to ration the amount of toilet paper squares I use.) *shudder*

And how many times have I put it the stupid unused portion in the fridge with foil or plastic wrap covering it, only to throw it out a few weeks later when I haven’t remembered to make something else with tomato paste??! (Answer: 4,367 times) Not to mention getting the heebie jeebies thinking of how tinny it’s gonna taste sitting in the can the whole time, because I was too lazy to transfer it, adding to how come I never end up using the leftovers.

OKAY! All of this crap is over now. I’ve got the perfect solution. It takes 4 seconds to do and wastes nothing! Clap your hands for whoever the MacGyver was who first came up with this and consider your life changed. Here’s the first step:

Leftover Tomato Paste

Watch the quick 0:37 second video for the rest of the secret!!

What To Do with Leftover Tomato Paste Video


ORRRR Buy Tomato Paste in a Tube!

If you’re just not into this can to plastic bag to freezer idea, my friend Ann told me about tomato paste in a tube! Makes SO much more sense; why do they even can the stuff?!

Only thing I wonder about is the packaging (BPA?) and if there’s any preservatives in there. I don’t think there is based on what I’ve read.

But if you’re into the tube idea, you can get it on Amazon for a good deal. And they have other flavors too like pesto and sun-dried tomato! Click the affiliate links to check it out. If you buy this in bulk, you can really save a lot:

Amore Tomato Paste, 4.5 ounce tube
Amore Pesto Paste, 2.8 ounce tube
Amore Sun-Dried Tomato Paste, 2.8 ounce tube