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If you’ve ever followed an old school blog of mine, you know I absolutely HATE those posts where the author’s been MIA for a period of time, and is like “I’m SOOO SORRRRYYY!!! I’ve been so busy blah blah blah…” and then apologizes up and down for their absence and then doesn’t post regularly after that anyway. I promise not to be that person — I’m not even gonna apologize. ;) Haha.

Well, I may have apologized in the video, but mostly it’s just an explanation of why I was away and how this affects you as a Dear Blog Reader, because the slant of this blog is going through a change. A great change, actually. One that I’m really excited about. And I hope you will support me through all the ups and downs of it.

Here’s the shorthand version in video format:

And the longhand version is this…

I’ve had a pretty shitty year so far.

First, I find out my best friend has two life-threatening diseases. I vow to help her in any way I can. Then my husband wants a divorce. After crying for 2 months straight, we finally get through that one amicably. Then my father is diagnosed with Stage 4 Small Cell cancer, which doesn’t mean much to me other than it’s pretty bad and he is going to be gone quicker than I’d like. But thankfully, because of the divorce, I’ve moved in with him, so now I can be his self-appointed Chief Caretaker as well.

When it rains, it pours, right?

I decided to come out of hiding recently because of the idea that I could do some good with my blog under these circumstances. I want to try and affect my Dad’s health with some lifestyle changes. And I want to do that with food mostly. And if he doesn’t take to that and just wants to sleep and eat ice cream all day, that will be fine with me, but I will continue to try for myself. To prevent anything that I can in 20 years. And I’ve decided to shift my focus on this blog to the exploration of all that — the journaling of cancer caretaking, the finding of new healthy recipes, cancer facts and support systems for people going through the same issues, and lots more of what I used to do like local restaurant reviews, infographics and fun, pointless guessing games. And how could we forget those delicious cocktail recipes??

So please join with me, and help me out, or get help yourself, from what I’m offering. Hopefully we can teach each other a thing or two and offer support like good humans do.

I’m honored that you’re with me. Let’s do this!