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Our thoughts always create our feelings. 

It’s always like this. 

If I think, “I’m having a tough time,” I’m always going to end up feeling a feeling that’s like that thought: maybe discouragement, hopelessness, lack of direction. 

These types of feelings always lead us to NOT get results that we’re after.

Whereas, if I think something like, “I’m having a tough time but I’ve been through tough times before, and I know I can do it again…” That thought brings on a whole other type of feeling, doesn’t it? 

Something closer to hope, to feeling like we can do this. To resolve.  To a little more power.

And see how that was just a microshift in the thought itself? We don’t even have to believe the (currently difficult to muster) thoughts of “I can do this forever. This is easy.” That would be a little harder to swallow. 

But if we can find tiny microshifts in our thoughts about something that we want to believe,  that can really make a difference. 

Like instead of thinking, “This is really tough,” we realize that we think it feels tough and we say to ourselves right after, “But what do I WANT to believe about weight-loss/healthy eating instead?

We decide, “I really want to believe that healthy eating is easy (like it actually is sometimes) and that it can be that way all the time.” 

Even if you don’t believe that now, practicing the thought in your head actually can cause a shift. 

It can actually start to turn the direction of the “cruise ship of difficulty” in your head, and eventually get you to choose a new path easily, and with joy.


But this type of thought work takes time and practice. 

Just like we have practiced craving and giving in over and over again in the past, which has ultimately strengthened that pattern, we can also start to practice thinking a new thought every time a disempowering thought comes in.

Over and over again, thinking one thing, even if we don’t believe it yet, eventually leads to the new thought.

It’s just repetition, which is how the brain learns.

So give this a go and see if you can start to notice your own thoughts, and how they might be empowering or disempowering you.