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Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You keep losing the same 30 pounds over and over and over again!
  • You feel like all you do is think about what you are going to eat 
  • You feel like all you do is think about what you are NOT going to eat
  • You have 3 wardrobes in your closet called “skinny”, “comfy” and “I don’t care”
  • You get excited about FINALLY being done with dieting- and you get invited to dinner on Day 1 of your new protocol
  • You think that good self-esteem would help you in this journey- but yours is in the toilet!


Losing weight is NOT for the faint of heart!


Weight loss requires taking in less calories than one needs to live on because you already have stored calories (fat) on your body.  BUT, your body has gotten used to taking in those extra calories! The idea of eating less frightens you immensely! The whole releasing weight proposition is filled with thoughts and feelings that you would rather not deal with at all! Just thinking about your own eating for emotional comfort is hard to think about giving up, right? Those cupcakes have become like “friends” to you… THAT, my friend, is why a Coach is an ally when it comes to losing weight! What if you can FEEL better without the cupcake??



Not just any coach, however!


What you need is a Life Coach who has a certification from The Life Coach School!




Because this kind of Coach is schooled in how our brains work! 


Yep, it’s not just calories in and calories out kind of science that will help you to get to sustainable weight loss- it’s Mind Management that will get you to your lowest weight and keep you there! Are you wondering if examining your thinking could make a difference in your weight?


Apply for a free 30-minute mini-session with me to see how private coaching can benefit you –  your brain AND body! Nutritarian Weight-Loss and Life Coaching – Nancy


Speaking of your brain…


Do you know that the human brain is a SUPER COMPUTER? AND it has a negativity bias that keeps you seeing how impossible your weight loss goal is to achieve!

Your brain has a part that wants you to:

  • Stay in the cave! 
  • Stay safe!
  • Not expend energy! 


That part of your brain being in charge when we were cave dwellers helped our species to survive! It brilliantly helped our ancestors live, reproduce and bring us to life!




However, when that part of our brains rules our actions these days, the result is more like staying home on the couch eating bon bons and watching TV for days on end. That way we stay safe, conserve energy and live another day! (Likely in stretch pants and ever increasing health issues!) The problem is that in our modern society, fast food outlets are on every corner and finding food is not a problem! We have plenty of calories readily available to keep us alive! In contrast, our problem these days is limiting the amount of calories we consume. SO, we are needing to work AGAINST our nature!



Can you say, “Uncomfortable!!!”


Yep, it takes work- but strategic mind management work! Do you know how to do that work? That’s where a Coach on your team is immensely helpful! A Life Coach who has been trained to help you see what’s in your thoughts and what that’s creating in your life is invaluable! AND a Coach who knows the Eat to Live lifestyle intimately- because she lives it! Don’t you want to be confident your Coach KNOWS the struggles first hand? AND has success in Eating to Live?


Why You do What you Do…


The perspective that a Coach who offers CAUSAL Coaching can change your life!


Causal Coaching 
Other Coaching
Focus on WHY Focus on WHAT
Helps show you your thoughts and why they are the culprit Just tells you what to eat and when
Doesn’t rely on accountability because we know the power is in your own mind Holds you accountable, to an outside person/Facebook group etc: makes you feel POWERLESS!
Helps you feel your emotions and learn appropriate responses and processing so you don’t turn to the junk food  Gives you useless tips on how to avoid snacking and overweight like “eat celery when you want chips!” (Booo! That doesn’t work)
Empowers you in ALL areas of life…once you get this weight loss stuff down with causal coaching, you can grow with income, relationships, etc — all using the same tools! Keeps you focused on tracking food, macros, steps, etc and is not a transferable skill to other areas of your life!


Our coaching gets to the cause of why you do what you do. Why you think what you think. Why you feel what you feel. Working with a Coach to aid you in shifting your thoughts will totally blow your mind and inevitably change your life! Imagine the time when you are easily slipping into those pants and they zip without sucking in! Imagine NOT being obsessed with counting, weighing, measuring, counting steps, etc!


Can you even think about the freedom that would allow you? What about the brain space that will now be available for favorite projects, your family, your hobbies, etc? This can change it all!!


Want some help making the transition to Eat to Live?  Want this to be your LAST time to lose the weight? Want to learn how this will work in your own, personal life…even if you think you’re too busy? 

Apply for a free 30-minute mini-session with me to see if private coaching will help you – Nutritarian Weight-Loss and Life Coaching – Nancy