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Have you read Dr Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live? Many people have and get very inspired to launch out on this change in eating and lifestyle.  The stories of weight loss are very appealing! Could THIS be what you have been looking to find to help you drop some pounds and feel better? Following the Dr’s recommendations seems easy enough. The stories Dr Fuhrman includes of how folks feel SO much better when eating plants certainly sounds amazing!


But, HOW will you do this?


It seems like such a BIG LEAP into the unknown to tackle this lifestyle change. You are correct: it IS a big change! It takes some skill to navigate this change and having a knowledgeable, experienced Nutritarian on your team can make the difference in actually following through or abandoning the dream of becoming Nutritarian. You have been told that, “All you need is to know WHY you are making this change!”


What is your WHY?


There are various reasons for making the shift in eating style, including:

  • Weight normalization
  • Health improvements
  • Improving energy and vitality


All these CAN and MAY be affected by the foods you put in your body.  The changes that are required to make the shift from the Standard 21st Century way of eating (fast food, processed flours and sugars, chemical-laden fake “phoods”) are more successfully done with some personalized help.



Why do YOU need a Nutritarian Coach for private coaching?


  1. You are tired of being on a roller coaster of on and off eating to live.
  2. You are sick of not fitting in your jeans.
  3. You are tired and out of energy- turning to caffeine isn’t cutting it!
  4. You aren’t sure how to get the food right.


What if Private Coaching sounds great to you, but you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know if you can add one more thing to your calendar? Perhaps this decision can actually OPEN up some peace and calm in your life?

A free 30 Minute Mini Session will help you decide: Nutritarian Weight-Loss and Life Coaching – Nancy



it’s Friday morning and you find yourself looking forward to going out with friends and letting go for a bit. Then, you think about the commitment you made to yourself to follow the Nutritarian way of eating and you don’t know how you will hang out with friends AND keep to the eating plan. Do you have the tools you need to manage this situation? Or will you stay at home and not see your friends?


Does this sound familiar?

Your partner swings by the BBQ place before coming home from work.  The aroma from the containers hits your nose.  Panic ensues! You WANT that food!  The salad that you have waiting in the refrigerator no longer has appeal. What do you do? You see no possibilities, because you haven’t been taught how to handle this incessant urge.


Do you see yourself in this scene?

All day you have been keeping up with your toddler.  You clean up one mess and another one occurs. You use all your strength to wrestle your tot into the car seat so you can pick up your older child from school. You are a bit late for the carpool pick up line, so it feels like it takes forever until you finally get to the front of the line! When you get home- you are SPENT! The only thing you can think of is, “I need a reward!” as you head for the pantry- because the only reward you can think of involves sugar, fat and salt!

These are all very real situations that require planning and some tools for mind management to navigate successfully. A coach will get you to the point where calm and ease prevails in these situations! Willpower will only get you so far! It is a limited resource and when it’s depleted, what then?


Why You Need a Nutritarian Coach
  • You have 3 different wardrobes in your closet? 1 filled with clothes that fit. Well, kinda… 1 filled with clothes that are your “fat” clothes for when you inevitably go up a few pounds. 1 filled with clothes you *wish* fit. (Those skinny jeans👖and bikinis 👙!)
  • You wonder what it would be like to order clothes on-line and be certain that you will fit in that size!
  • You hide yourself behind other folks in pictures- or better still, always volunteer to take the pictures so you won’t be seen in them!

Why You Need a Nutritarian Coach


It’s 3:00 pm, you are at work and the Break Room is calling your name. You feel sleepy and your body has gotten used to the Energy Drinks that are available in the refrigerator. Maybe this time, you will try a large coffee with creamer and sugar, because you just NEED to stay awake! You KNOW this isn’t ideal, but what other choice do you have when your brain is screaming for some caffeine? What if there IS an answer that won’t make you crazy??


Why You Need a Nutritarian Coach

Reading Eat to Live was inspiring! But, kale isn’t really your thing. It’s bitter and tough and you don’t like it! What about those daily raw onions? Do you HAVE to eat them? Your family says you smell after you eat them- so maybe skipping those would be ok. You have questions about the food and need someone to help you make decisions about HOW this is actually gonna work! And, what about protein, oil and bagels??? 


This is just sounding TOO overwhelming!


Your brain is not liking the change that you are considering! All these reasons it’s bringing up to convince you this is NOT a good idea really FEEL important! THESE are the reasons that having a Nutritarian Coach on your team will be THE game changer for you! It’s time to stop listening to all the excuses your brain offers and consider that hiring a Coach is THE ONE THING YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED. What if that ONE decision makes all the difference!

Apply for a free 30 Minute mini session here where we will consider the possibilities that open up for you when you partner with your brain and a Nutritarian Coach! Nutritarian Weight-Loss and Life Coaching – Nancy