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WIEIAD To Lose Weight

Today we have a 3 New Recipes that will become new favorites of yours!!

A Smoothie Bowl for Breakfast makes for a refreshing start to your day!

I find eating a Smoothie this is a way to slow me down so that I can really taste and enjoy the flavors. If you need to eat yours on the go- just make it thinner by adding more water and skip the toppings!

Lunch takes advantage of in-season blackberries!

The Simple Salad has a combo of the dressing and hummus as a topping. YUM!

Dinner is a Cauliflower Stew that is simple and chocked with nutrient-dense foods.


Let us know if you make any of these and what you think. 😁

Hello! Linus and I are here for another What I Eat In A Day video.

A simple tip that we use in coaching is planning our meals. We ask our clients to plan what they’re going to have for the day. I do a very loose plan for my meals, usually a smoothie or oats, lunch is always the big beautiful salad, and dinner is steamed vegetables or soup or some sort of warmer kind of dish for dinner. Even in the summer I just like a little bit of heft to dinner, that’s just me.

So we’re going to start with a smoothie this morning and I’m just going to pull from the fridge. I’ve got a fresh mango. I love these champagne mangoes.

I’m going to do some spring mix. I have some mature kale leaves, and then from the freezer I always have cauliflower rice on hand. I love this stuff! Then I’ve got my frozen bananas. The flaxseed that I have are ground.

I’m going to make a smoothie bowl today. I’ve been doing this recently because I like to sit down and enjoy my smoothie bite by bite. I use a spoon and I put a little fresh fruit on top and sometimes some oats. I just really enjoy eating my smoothie with a spoon.

I find these mangoes are really easy to get off of the pit as well. Go down the side of the pit like that is another way to get a nice pretty piece. All right so that’s ready!

I’m going to start by putting my water and ice in. You can just use cold water if you’d like. You can always use plant milk if you’d rather. So this is about a cup and a half of ice water I’ll put on the bottom.

I’ve got my fruit, cauliflower rice (I just like to add a little bit of cruciferous) that was about a cup and a half probably. I’m going to add a little bit of turmeric and ginger. You don’t have to do this but it always adds a little spark and I just throw the whole thing in. I don’t even bother to peel it.

A little bit of pepper helps the turmeric be bioavailable. A tablespoon of ground flax seed, I do get the dark flax seeds and grind them. This spring mix has been around for a little while so going to use it up in here.

Do you love smoothies? Do you hate smoothies? I think there’s a mixed camp. I know some people say they love the salads but they get tired of them so then they just go to smoothies a lot more than chewing up the salad. As long as you’re getting your greens in, do it the way you like!

All right, so there’s three big leaves of curly kale. What I love about smoothies is they’re so changeable. I’ve been making the challenge recipes for three years now and haven’t run out of ideas yet.

So I’m going to mix this up and then give it a taste. If it needs some more sweet of some sort, we’ll figure that out. That’s a nice healthy one banana worth. All right, here we go!

This made about 40 ounces of smoothie so this is going to be my breakfast and then I’ll put more away for either later on in the day or a dessert after dinner. It’s pretty, like green pudding. It’s very thick. If you want it thinner, add more water, that’s fine.

Some mornings I like to put oats on top of this. There’s breakfast!

All right, lunch time! We’re going to make that blackberry dressing I mentioned. Then for the salad, the rest of the spring mix and some cabbage and a little bit of a sweet kale mix I have left,onions, and mushrooms. I like to chop so I’m going to chop all that.

I have a small container for my blender. So if you have that, that’s great for smaller amounts. If you don’t, you can use a big one but maybe double the recipe.

Put in the blackberries, that’ll be kind of sweet tart. Blackberries have a little bite to them. So this is bitter and sweet. Vinegar, this is a white balsamic from california balsamics. Put a little dab of mustard.

Now the thing about berries is they have pectin in them which is a natural thickener. That’s what you use when you make jellies but you can also get jelly naturally from fruit because it’s got some thickening in it. So you’ll see this is pretty thick and pretty tart.

So date paste to the rescue! May not be enough but we’ll give it a try, just try and see what works. I think that’s going to be fine on the salad.

I am adding a little bit of a sweet kale mix, a little bit more cabbage. I was thinking breakfast probably had about five or six ounces of greens. Dr. Fuhrman says a good target to shoot for is a pound of raw greens.

So I’ll go ahead and put my onion in here too because I like it really chopped up. We want raw onions and as much as you can stand. This is a vidalia onions that’s pretty sweet and I’m going to do about a quarter of a medium.

All right, this is going to be the base of the salad and I’m going to chop chop. This is the famous two quart Cornell bowl I’m going to put my salad in. Remember this is going to be a lot of salad. If you can eat it all, super! If you feel like you can’t just eat it the next time you can.

We want to fill up on the greens! I tell my clients “eat your greens by any means”.

Adding English cucumber and then I’ll do beans at dinner. That’s the other “B”. We’re going to do a little bit of seeds on this. I’m going to get the pumpkin seeds out. I like those.

I have cooked mushrooms that I cooked earlier in the week and just keep them in the refrigerator to toss on my salads. Some people don’t like the texture of cooked mushrooms on their salad so if you want to hide it in your smoothie, go for it.

Pumpkin seeds. Let me show you what a tablespoon is. A tablespoon, it goes pretty far. So like a tablespoon and a half. So far all we’ve had is flax.

I could thin this hummus out but I’m just going to do some plops here and then I’ll stir it all up when I’m ready to eat it. I love love love hummus to make things creamy.

So set up and there we go!

Time to make the dinner. So sometime last week, I was gathering things from the refrigerator which is how I tend to make meals and came up with this particular recipe. Kind of a stew. A lot of veggies of course and today I’m going to make it with a little bit of lentils because, as I said earlier, we need a few more beans for today.

So get a big pan out. I think I’ll do a red onion this time. These are a little strong. My red lentils, and some apricots, a little bit of veggie broth. You may have seen me use this tool before. I love this little guy, so handy, very sharp, be very careful.

Celery’s looking pretty sad but we’ll work through that. I’m going to heat the skillet while I’m going here. Okay so I’m going to do the onions in here to make them a smaller size, and put them in the skillet. Big carrots. I did get some bok choy and some jalapeno pepper out.

I’m going to do the jalapeno in there too. If this gets dry at all, I’m just going to add a little bit of veggie broth. The consistency we’re looking for is a little brothy but not soup.

I am going to put lentils in here to cook as well, so I will need a little more broth to cook. I’m just going to start with those veggies and add the lentils and some broth.

We’re going to end up with a cup and a half of cooked lentils in here roughly. The whole thing is going to serve three or four people. Not too beany.

Okay so now I’m going to put about a cup and a half of liquid in here and let it cook. They cook for about half hour. Here’s the garlic smash which loosens up the paper nicely and then you can chop or put it through the garlic press. I think I’m going to use the press.

Then I’m going to show you this little guy. Just a simple little tube that my sister gave to me. She thought I might like it. Same idea, it just gets the paper started, so either way. The best garlic press I have found there is this Pampered Chef one. I really like it.

This is the consistency that we’re going for but the lentils need to cook so I’m going to add a little bit more liquid and put the lid on it and in 15-20 minutes I’ll be back to add the other things. See you then.

While we’re here I will do my cauliflower again. Forgiving recipe. You can use as much or as little veggies as you want. Slice florets whatever texture you want and dump in there.

I’ve got this bag of soft dried apricots from Whole Foods. They are just organic dried apricots. There’s four left. They’re not very pretty but I’m going to just dice these up and put them in here for a little sweetness.

Okay this has been cooking for about 15 minutes or so. The lentils have cooked. They’re kind of disappearing so that’s probably the case and they’ll just kind of get mushy if we cook them so long. They don’t have to be intact.

This was three baby bok choys that I just cleaned and sliced. I’m going to put them on top. I’ll let this cook another probably ten minutes.

This is about the consistency I want. I want just a little bit of liquid so I’ll put this back on for another 10 minutes and I’ll have the complete directions in the PDF that you can get by going to nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets/ and also it’s in the description with this video.

We’ll let this cook a little bit more. Oh! Tomatoes! I’m going to throw them in now too, cherry tomatoes. These are actually grape tomatoes, they’re small. I’m just going to throw them in like that and they’re going to pop. The skins will stretch and they’ll pop and they’ll be perfect.

Notice there aren’t many spices in this. This is a very simple recipe. The jalapeno will give it a little bit of heat. The apricots will give it a little bit of sweetness, but I will not put any other seasonings in it and then at the table I can add some Mrs. Dash or any other no salt seasoning. Pretty simple, you of course can spice it up however you’d like to.

I’m just going simple and then when I do the serving in the bowl, I’ll show you this. We talked about not having quite our pound of raw vegetables today between our smoothie and our salad so I’m going to toss some arugula, another couple ounces of arugula, in the bottom of the bowl and I’ll just tear this up. Or I could cut it up. You can just use some scissors.

And here is the finished dish! Lovely, see those tomatoes? Just kind of deflated.

Not too watery, not like a soup but I can always pull it out of that liquid if I want to. I’ll do a little bit of the liquid and there we go! Our Eat to Live food is done for the day.

Leftovers for another day of this beautiful, we’ll call it a cauliflower stew, so enjoy your day of eating. Hope it’s as tasty as this. If you try the recipes, let us know. Tell us what you think down below, leave a comment.

I hope you liked that video. I hope you got some tips for your own life, for your own kitchen, that will help you. And speaking of help on your weight loss journey, on your health journey, if you’re on our mailing list Nourish Your Lifestyle’s mailing list, I promised you in the letter this week that I would give you a tip. One tip that can change everything for you. Are you ready for it? Here you go…

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Open to there’s more that I can do, there’s more that I can learn, there’s more that I can think and feel and change the trajectory of my eating journey. Just being open to the possibility gives me a little crack in the door and I will rush right in with coaching, with all of the love in the world, with all the help that I can offer you.

But I can’t do it, it’s not even possible if you’re not open to possibilities. Could things possibly be different than they are? Could your future look different than your past? Let’s find out! Click the button here that talks about getting on a strategy call with me.

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Let’s talk soon!

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