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Yes, my friend, it’s true. I have breast cancer. I’ve been dealing with it for some time, and I’m ready to go public about it now and tell you all the details. Get the full scoop and walk with me on my journey back to health. :)

I also reached out to Dr. Fuhrman for comment and to see if he’d do an interview with me about it and share his perspective, and he graciously accepted. Check that out at the end of this video.

Wondering questions like, “Why would I go Nutritarian if someone like Cheri can get cancer? Shouldn’t ETL protect her? How could this happen??” Get all your questions answered in this video.

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00:58 Details of my type of cancer
01:38 My treatment plan and history
06:04 Where I am in treatment now
06:40 How my eating protocol has changed
07:30 Where I am emotionally
18:18 Interview with Dr Fuhrman
19:12 How could someone like Cheri get cancer at age 38?
29:10 Can you touch on how long it takes for cancer to form?
32:10 What are the early detection options for cancer nowadays?
35:02 What are the differences between my cancer which is slow-growing versus aggressive cancers?
41:14 Can you talk about the use of soy and cancer?
46:20 Are there any cases where someone would want to avoid soybeans or edamame?
47:41 Can you talk about the protocol and/or juicing  for someone who has cancer? Should cancer patients avoid sweetness or fruits?
50:16 Can you talk about supplements for cancer treatment?
50:51 Do you spread out the supplements that you recommend during the day?
53:46 Should we take mushroom supplements that haven’t been cooked before packaging?
55:13 Can you talk more about juicing and cancer. Why don’t you recommend juicing for everybody across the board?
56:48 Can you talk about organic produce and juicing?
57:53 Can you talk about your thoughts on radiation and tamoxifen as treatments for breast cancer?

The above is from this week’s YouTube video. Click here if you’d like to see the video.