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Vegetable Lasagna straight out of the oven

Vegetable Lasagna straight out of the oven

Monday and things are looking a lot better than Saturday.

Mostly because I came up with a whole new slew of recipes for the week, so it’s keeping my interest so far. Granted it’s only been a day, but I get my kicks where I can now that I’m not eating a whole container of Oreos every day. :P

So this week, I am making a new smoothie recipe from Fuhrman’s book, it’s called the Purple Power smoothie. It’s seriously healthy-tasting, so I’m gonna add another date or two to tomorrow’s recipe, then I think it’ll be there. It’s berries, dates, greens and cucumber. I do like the change of the cucumber flavor — it’s really different from smoothies I’m used to drinking and it’s refreshing this time of year.

And yesterday I did my Periscope cooking show and my brother came over to help. I’m still working out the kinks of that system, but I really like it. I actually had about 5 people stick around for like 20 minutes so that was great!

Recipe prep for the live cooking show

Recipe prep for the live cooking show

I think I’m going to do most of the prep beforehand going forward, and just do mostly assembly so it’s not such a time thing for people. I know Sundays are people’s rest day, so I think that makes more sense. We’ll see. I didn’t want it like that because it makes more work for me to organize, but I think it will be worth it.

So I tried out a Vegetable Lasagna recipe from a different book of his, and it actually turned out way better than I’d expected! Lol. I’m still getting used to eggplant, so there’s that…but I did really like it. It’s super hearty like regular lasagna, but it’s definitely different that traditional…but if you know that going into it, it makes it easier. I will share that recipe later.

What’s best about the lasagna is that it’s suuuuper filling. I had a regular lasagna-sized portion at 3 pm and I just started getting hungry again like 6 hours later. Makes losing weight and staying on track very easy! What a change from Saturday.

And I also tried Fuhrman’s Caesar Dressing as well, and it was pretty good. So I’m having that salad in addition to the lasagna and smoothie this week.

A great change of tastes from last week.