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I ended up teaching so much in this one, I turned it into a little weight-loss class!!! 😄 How to lose weight or just eat Nutritarian, so many tips and tricks in this one, hope you love it! It’s ALSO a What I Eat in a Day video! Get the awesome recipes and lose weight if you like…or just get in all your g-bombs! Recipes here: http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets

Good morning!

Come into my kitchen with me. I’m going to show you what I eat in a day in order to lose weight on the Eat to Live diet!

I still have 4 lbs left to lose from my pregnancy and I have another 10-15 lbs I’d like to lose to hit my lower Nutritarian goal weight for lifetime maintenance. This is what I would typically eat if I wanted to lose weight.

The recipes that we are looking at today are the first set of recipes in one of the recent 21 Day Challenges we did. I have used these, they work for weight loss, and I’m going to show them to you today. Keep in mind whatever recipes and quantities I give you, only eat what makes you comfortably full and not stuffed. You want to be full at your meals but you don’t want to be stuffed.

Only eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. This will ensure very easy weight loss. It works for me every time!

This set of meals, and the recipes, are in a pdf that you can get by signing up here to receive our cheatsheet, but these are also included in the 21 Day Challenge. That means you can get these recipes, as well as 21 days of grocery lists, meal plans, and recipes like this already planed out for you.

Let’s get in my kitchen and I’ll show you what I’m going to make today!

I always start out with some matcha green tea. That’s my favorite thing to start with and I just do a little bit of milk with that. I have a bunch of matcha green tea because I’ve got the hook up from my friend Izumi, she has the best matcha tea in the whole entire world! If you’ve ever had matcha tea before and you didn’t love the flavor you’ve got to try ours because it is so mild and it’s so good for you!

When you grind up the leaf into powder instead of steeping the nutrition out of the whole tea leaf, it’s kind of like drinking a whole food which is crazy! You mix that straight into the water and that is matcha green tea. Here’s a link where you can get the matcha tea I drink. It’s wonderful stuff, straight from Japan.

I use a 1/4 tsp and a frother to mix. I always start with a little bit of cold water, this is so things come out the right temperature in the end. I dump the 1/4 tsp of matcha powder in the cold water. Then I put a little hot water in so it’s warm. You never want to put boiling water on matcha tea because it will cook it; changing the nutrient content. Then I use the frother to mix it up.

I add a little unsweetened plain soy milk in mine. Then I froth it again and top it off with more water hot water to get it nice and warm. First thing of the day, mmmMMM. It’s a perfect temperature to go ahead and drink it too. I don’t like to have really hot drinks and Dr Fuhrman is always talking about how very hot drinks, like coffee, are not good for our esophagus or our bodies.

I usually have my matcha around 8:30am; sometimes I have it a little bit earlier. Because there is soy milk in it, there’s some protein so I count it as the first thing that I eat for the day. I only eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full. This is something that I have been working on in my own life and it’s something we work on in my program the Eat to Live Family.

I help you understand the hunger scale and how to recognize hunger and teach you some techniques on how to stop when you’re full. This matcha will obviously not fill me up but it will be my first set of calories so I’m not going to eat again until I’m hungry. When I feel that feeling, I’ll show you the smoothie I’m going to make and we’ll just continue on like that during the day. I already have the soup I’ll eat later made but I’ll show you what it looks and give you the recipe. I’ll also show you my salad later on.

It occurred to me that I don’t often talk about the strategy that we use in the Eat to Live Family to help folks lose weight and become consistent on the Eat to Live lifestyle so I want to share that with you! I do the same strategy in my life and I’ll show you what that is over the course of this video.

Here are the actual recipes[5:14 timestamp in video] that I’m following from this particular 21 Day Challenge. It starts with this Cherry Pie Smoothie then it goes to Malita’s Caesar Salad. Malita is one of our Family Members and she wrote this recipe. I really like this salad and I love these chickpea croutons in the recipe!

The other recipe is Simple Bean Soup and I already have it made in the fridge so I’ll show you that but this is the recipe[5:44 timestamp in video]. It’s super simple to make and it’s really hearty and filling. It makes a great dinner so that’s the set for this particular day.

Let me show you how we lay it out in our challenges. This is how we do our 21 Day Challenges. Here is the calendar and the prep instructions[6:04 timestamp in video] We tell you exactly what to prep two days before and we break it up for you so that you don’t have to cook all day long and prep for like four hours on a Sunday. You just do a few things at a time.

So you get your bananas together, or you get your mushrooms going so now your mushrooms and bananas are set for the whole 21 days. You make the bean soup on Sunday which literally takes 15 minutes hands-on time. Then you prep your caesar salad which takes another 15 minutes, 20 minutes max. Then you are ready to go for the next day.

How we do this in sets is proprietary. The reason why we do this is because you are green at these particular recipes. You don’t know much about these recipes yet so you make them the first time, get used to them, see what you like and what you don’t like. You can modify a little bit the next day if you want to.

By the third day you’re ready for some new recipes because you’re getting kind of sick of these ones but you’re such a pro at them already that now they are ingrained in you and you know exactly how to make these recipes. You know how to change things up.

You can do two-day sets if you want to but we do three-day sets on purpose so you get really good at the recipes and so it becomes second nature for you. Then we have this set up so we have now split up the prep instructions for the following set[7:36 timestamp in the video].

For instance you’re going to be making the carrot soup on this one and making the orange oats. So now your dinner and breakfast are done for the next three days. Then you make the dressing for your salad and you get your mushrooms out of the freezer and you are set up to get all your g-bombs in and then you go on to the next set of meals for three days and then you have prep instructions for the next set.

I wanted to show you how we set up our 21 Day Challenges because I think it’s really important we help you understand that Eat to Live does not have to be overwhelming. We call this rolling prep where you do little things every day. Once you’ve done four or five days of rolling prep, you just do a little bit every day and some days you don’t have to prep at all. You’re all set. Your meals are ready to go.

This is what I do in the mornings. This is what I teach in the Eat to Live Family too. If you guys are interested in joining the Eat to Live Family you can sign up for the waitlist. I’m not sure when we’re opening again but sign up for the waitlist and when we open again you will be notified.

I’m going to show you how I plan. One of the most important parts of the program that I teach in my private coaching and group coaching, and coach Nancy’s coaching as well!

Plan ahead of time!! It’s important because it engages your prefrontal cortex. It engages the rational side of your brain instead of the screaming automatic craving side of your brain.

When you pre-plan your meals, it does not have to take a long time, don’t let that stress you out. It’s like three minutes a day that will save you so much hassle for the rest of the week. Just knowing what you already decided.

You know those times where it’s like 5pm and you’re starved and you don’t know what you’re gonna eat and so you just go to the easiest thing that’s around? Well, you can stop doing that by just planning earlier. Asking yourself ‘what do we have in the fridge?’ ‘what could I make?’ ‘what’s available?’ You will automatically eat less. I think it’s like 20% less if you just plan your meals ahead of time

It’s such a huge thing and then you’re not crazy overeating if you just plan for what kind of hunger you have. What different varying levels of hunger you might have. What you could eat. Planning it ahead of time, and knowing I have a sweet tooth after dinner. I remember I have oranges and I can have an orange or I could make a quick protein shake if I want. If you’ve planned it and you eat that food it’s better than having a ton of popcorn and then some crackers and then this and then that and then you just overeat after your meals. If you at least have a plan, you’re going to eat less than you would otherwise so I’m a big proponent of planning.

We talk so much about that in the Eat to Live Family and I give you lots and lots of details about how to do that and what to do if you don’t want to follow your plan.

I’m going to show you how I typically plan. I have a notebook I always keep on my counter here in the kitchen. For instance this was my plan for February 3rd[10:41 timestamp in video]. I was going to have some matcha(no milk), salad, grapefruit, and some juice. I was going to have oatmeal, and veggie juice. I was going to have soup.

This is my typical protocol anyways. Salad, oatmeal, soup, smoothies, and matcha are what I call my fab five. That was my plan and that’s as in depth as it has to be. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

So simple it took me literally a minute to write that down but one of the most important things that I do is I actually get my calendar out at the same time and I plan things based on what’s on my calendar. Because I need to know what’s realistic. How long does it take to make a meal and to get it ready for me to eat? Do I have time to make that? Do I have time to eat it?

Because Eat to Live meals typically, especially salads, tend to take a lot longer than a typical meal (if you’re not chewing for 30 to 45 minutes that salad wasn’t big enough) so you need some actual time to not only get the salad ready to go (hopefully you’ve done a bunch of pre-prep earlier so it makes it easier) but then you need time to eat it too.

Are the meals realistic for the day that you have? What I would do is look at what the meals are; a soup, a salad, and a smoothie. I would go ‘it’s going to take me 15 minutes to make the smoothie’ and then I would look at my calendar and go ‘I have a 9:30 meeting, I have to do laundry and pack today for our trip tomorrow, I have a coaching call with my coach Paige at 1, and the rest of the day my task is to film a what -I-eat-in-a-day video for you guys!’ (which i’m doing right now!!)

I would look at all these things that I have to do, see where my spaces are and see when I can make things. Just looking at this, I would go ‘all right, smoothie’s gonna be here, salad’s gonna be here, and then soup is gonna be directly after because I don’t like to eat too late.’

I like to be done eating by 4 or 5 o’clock and I like to have a really large meal for lunch because then it really fills me up and I don’t need any dinner. I feel totally satisfied. That’s kind of intermittent fasting. I don’t really mean to do it. It’s just what ends up working for me best.

I already had my matcha up here and I don’t feel hungry yet but I can tell I’m gonna get hungry pretty soon so that’ll be perfect timing because after my meeting then i can come down stairs and have my smoothie.

If you have a job where you’re outside of the house, what you’ll want to plan for is when your lunch break is and when your other breaks are where you could actually drink the smoothie. You want to make the smoothie the night before or the morning of and take that with you. You’ll have a salad with you or whatever meal you’re going to have, just have it with you. Plan out when you are going to eat.

I would have my smoothie here[13:23 timestamp in video] and I have plenty of time to make it and drink it. Then I have a coaching call here and my salad’s going to be after that so I’m going to plan to make and prep my salad at this point.

Often times I’m not very good at prepping a salad right before I eat it so I find in order to eat a salad I have to have prepped it earlier, but today since I’m filming what I eat in a day I have more motivation to prep the salad so I’m going to prep it for you right on camera and show you that little caesar salad.

I have 20 minutes before my next meeting so I’m going to make those chickpeas really quick with you on camera. I have just planned out my meals. I would write this down in my notebook just so I have it for reference. I’d be like breakfast – matcha with milk. I would say smoothie and I put 10am. Then I would go lunch is going to be a salad/soup/orange or berries. I have a call at 1pm so 2pm for lunch.

The orange and berries are things that I need to have after the meal because I know I’m going to be a little bit cravy and want something sweet afterwards. I’ll just have berries or an orange maybe an apple. I wouldn’t have all of this; but the salad, the soup, the fruit would all be one big meal and by the end of this I would be so full that that would get me through the rest of the day.

I know my body and I know that if I ate all this for one meal around 2/3/4pm I would be totally satisfied. I’ll be on my call from 1 to 2 and then i’ll stick around at my desk for another hour or two because that’s just how I operate. Then I’ll end up getting hungry and I’ll come down and show you the salad prep.

You would just plan for whatever’s happening in your day. What breaks you have at work, or what breaks you have with your kids, or whatever your life is like. If you’re a doctor, when are you going to have a break to be able to eat this stuff?

I used to have a client who worked in a convenience store so she was constantly forward-facing and she couldn’t have meals behind the counter. We worked out that smoothies are her best bet when she goes to work. She can put it in a big cup and it will keep her full during her whole shift. She worked the night shift too so we just decided which meal was gonna work where and it’s all about logic.

When are we gonna have this meal? It’s not emotion anymore, it’s just logic. When do we have time? When will we eat it? Once we’ve made those decisions ahead of time it’s easier to stick to it.

I’m going to make the chickpeas right now. They’re very easy to make and I’ll show you the finished product when I go to make my salad. This chickpea recipe could not be easier and if you have an air fryer it’s even easier.

I know Dr Fuhrman talks about not using air fryers because of the heat cooking and that’s fine so if you don’t use air fryers just disregard what I’m about to say about the air fryer. I personally use it in my kitchen because it just saves me so much time. This is the easiest recipe and it also gives you a really great portable snack.

All you do is take a can of chickpeas and rinse them in a strainer. Put them in a bowl still wet so the spices will stick to them. I’m going to throw on some onion powder, garlic powder, and Mrs. Dash. I’m not even going to measure because these don’t add calories but add a bunch of flavor. Then add a tablespoon of nutritional yeast.

Once you put that on then you just mix so those spices will distribute. You do not need oil for this. Throw it in the air fryer and cook these for 15 mins at 320 degrees F. You can cook for longer depending on how dry you like them. Another trick for crispy chickpeas is cook them in the oven. Cook for 45 mins and then turn off the oven but leave the door closed. It will dry out the chickpeas even more.

When you do it in the air fryer the heat escapes really quickly so it doesn’t dry them out as much. I don’t care but if you want them really, really crispy you can do it in the oven. Now our chickpeas are ready to be the croutons for our little caesar salad.

I’ll see you at lunch time!

Just as I suspected. I got working for a little while after that call and I forgot to eat. One of my contractors was like ‘don’t forget to eat’. Good thing they said that because I forgot I started to get hungry.

As we talked about before, wait till you’re hungry and you don’t eat before then. Now I’m actually really starved and that’s not a good idea because then you end up overeating or snacking, but I’m at a place right now where I’m committed to my what I eat in a day plan today because I’m making the video.

I’m making the Cherry Pie Smoothie as we call it. I add a small apple to it as well because I like it to be a bit sweeter and I find that it doesn’t affect the weight loss part for me. Decide if you want to do that or not. Here’s what I’m putting in it.

We’re gonna do 12 ounces of cabbage. I’m also gonna chop up my salad for lunch while we’re at it because I find that is the biggest indicator of whether or not I will eat a salad is if my lettuce is chopped, washed, and ready to go. I’m going to weigh it.

I also have my romaine, so 12 oz of cabbage plus the romaine. I’m going to wash the romaine. Add frozen cherries, frozen bananas. Cherries can count in your berry allotment for the day. I always have these on hand because they make such a great quick smoothie. Frozen cherries with some greens, and some almond milk.

Add ginger, cinnamon, flax seed. You have to see the color of this smoothie it is the most fun thing ever.

Side note: red cabbage is the most high antioxidant and healthiest vegetable for the lowest cost. It is the most nutrient and caloric bang for your buck.

Now because we don’t have any room in the Vita-mix I gotta blend this first so I’m gonna put the liquids in. About a cup of plant milk, unsweetened. I’m going to put in enough water so that I like the consistency.

This is my favorite part, look at how beautiful that is. It’s just the prettiest color purple. I love it so much!!

I’m going to show you a fun trick. I’m going to squeeze the lemon into a container and then I’ll pour it in. Watch what happens when you pour the lemon juice onto the antioxidants of the cabbage. It turns it pink! How fun is that! Okay, I’m a nerd.

Next put in bananas, apples, and ginger. I love this knife by the way. I’m going to link it in the description. Very affordable chef knife. The ones that I always had my eye on I just never bought it because it was so expensive. This one is like less than half the price and I really like it.

Add cherries, and flax. I almost forgot the orange, and a bunch of cinnamon. So much good stuff in this smoothie it’s ridiculous. Then we blend. Gorgeous! Look how much smoothie this makes. This is a massive amount of food! A massive amount of fiber! A massive amount of nutrients!

I’m not saying you have to drink a smoothie like this every day, but it helps for weight loss so much and it’s not limiting your portion size. Limiting portion size is the worst thing that we do when we start the Eat to Live diet because we’re thinking we need to have certain portion sizes, but we just need to eat what we need. Our bodies will tell us what that is.

It’s nice and sweet. It’s sweet enough if you add that apple. You don’t have to add the apple; especially if you’re watching your blood sugar, but feel free to add the apple. It’s not much of an issue because there’s so much fiber in here, but you’ll want to be careful with that if you’re keeping your fruits low. You get a hint of cabbage flavor so if you’re not used to that it’s something to just work up to.

You have a nice little kick of ginger in there too. You can drink this smoothie for breakfast or have 1/3 or 2/3 of it. I try to have this whole thing for my first meal of the day and here it is almost 12, so it’s gonna be interesting because this is going to fill me up for at least 2-3 hours and then I’ll go on to have my salad so I’m going to make my salad not too huge because I’m also going to have soup with it.

That’ll be plenty of food for the day which means I still have another smoothie left over. Probably my husband will drink it but if he didn’t I would just use it for the next day and that’s really easy.

If you’re a more active person you can totally have the whole smoothie. I’m just going to be eating what my body needs for today to feel full and satiated and then I will automatically lose weight because this is such low calorie density food but if you’re more active or you’re a man you need more food. feel free to have the whole smoothie.

I’m going to take a moment to just chop my lettuce. I’ve been using these romaine hearts for the whole week for my smoothie already so I have removed the outer leaves and washed those and put them into my smoothie. I’m just going to chop these I’m not even going to wash them I’m just going to chop them and throw them in my bowl for my salad.

I always like to use these 2 quart salad bowls. I know how much is gonna fill me up. I know when I have a finely chopped salad, this much salad is a full meal for me, so I’m going to have less than that today so I can have soup with it.

Chopping my salad ahead of time, as I said, is the number one indicator to whether or not i’m gonna have a salad every day so I always try to be very conscious about getting my greens prepped.

I forgot, my chickpeas are done, but they’re not really done. I can tell they’re a little bit too soft right now so I’m going to put them in for another 15 mins. The croutons are all done. The dressing is actually all done. Here’s the recipe[26:26 timestamp in video] and I have it left over in the fridge so I’m going to have this with the rest of this salad today.

This is my leftover dressing so you just take all these ingredients, put them into the Vita-mix, blend them. The salad calls for romaine lettuce, onion, chickpea croutons, and caesar dressing so I’m just gonna chop some sweet onion when I go to make the salad and then it’ll be done.

I’m going to also have some soup with this possibly because this is actually bigger than I thought it was going to be. Normally if I was having a smaller salad I wouldn’t have this much lettuce but I’m just going to eat this salad first.

This is the hack. I have what I call a loving-rule for myself. I always eat my salad first and I have to eat the whole salad before I eat the other component of my meal which might be soup or whatever.

What will happen is I’ll start to eat the soup and then I’ll get full and then I won’t want the salad but the salad is the most important part for me. For satiety, for nutrients, for all that so I just want to make sure that I have my salad first. If I’m having a salad that day.

I’m going to eat this whole thing first and with this salad dressing recipe I’m going to be adding a little bit more vinegar to it like some kind of a balsamic. I’m not sure what yet, probably lemon. It will add some extra flavor to the salad and then I’ll warm up some soup. I’ll have some soup with it if I want and then I’ll be done for the day. I might have one piece of fruit and that would be it.

All right see you soon!

I just put this little cover I got from Amazon on the bowl. It’s really cool. You just smush it down and then you can even pick up the bowl with it. It’s a good quick cover when you know you’re going to eat something really soon.

Its quarter to 4 and I’m running out of time. I always do this. Where I end up working and getting really into work and then I get really hungry so I’m kind of starved right now. I’m feeling very cravy, very hungry. I know that my next meal is a salad however, I don’t have enough time to eat a whole salad so I’m trying to think of what I’m going to do and I’ll just walk you through my thought process.

The chickpeas are done. They’re really yummy. They’re not as crispy as I’ve been able to make them in the oven but that’s okay. I really like these as something to just snack on when I’m in this state. When I’m really hungry I like to just have a few of them at a time while I make my salad.

I do that with mushrooms too because I figure I’m going to be eating them in the salad in just a minute anyway and it helps me to have something like that that I would have had in my salad than to just go and eat whatever nuts and seeds, or bread.

I got my salad from earlier I’m gonna chop up that sweet yellow onion I was talking about and make my salad.

Well that day got away from me. The last video I made was at around 4 and now it’s 8:15 pm so I’ll give you the update on what happened after I made this.

I made the salad as I said I was going to according to the recipe that you can see in the cheatsheet. I did add a little bit of extra store-bought dressing which came from a salad that I got at a restaurant recently so I had a little bit of oil in it, but it added some really nice flavor to it. I could have added some balsamic vinegar like I mentioned before too. You can play around adding things for whatever flavor you’re  looking for.

You can just add a little bit of that to your salad if you want but the recipe as is is really delicious too. I just had it for a few days in a row and wanted to change it up.

I had my whole salad and by the time I was done with it I had to jet to go get the girls so I could play with them for a while and I took them to a park. The rest of the night we hung out and then I put the babies to bed.

And here we are.

I am packing for a trip right now. Me and Isabella are gonna go back to my hometown. This evening I made some more chickpeas so we could have them for our trip. I made some plant-based waffles so I could bring them for the trip. These are oatmeal, banana, hemp seed waffles and I was just putting things together like the fruit and things that I’m going to bring with me.

I’m going to bring my matcha tea, my bananas and things like that. I need to make a sandwich for Isabella.

I’m telling you all this stuff because it was a challenge this evening to not snack on things because you’re just making stuff for the kids but the thing was I had had my salad at around 4 and I was full. I didn’t want any more food. I felt totally satisfied. The salad did everything I needed it to do. I had a nice glass of water afterwards because I needed to take one of my pills and then it was done and I realized I’m done.

I’m finished but that’s not all the food that’s on the menu plan so I want to tell you what else is left. We’ve already talked about this a little bit but it’s the Simple Bean Soup.

This recipe is in the 21 Day Challenge as well and I’m just going to show you how it looks so you know what you’re going for.

The way that I made this, and remember I still have this whole smoothie left too. It was just so much food and it’s nice in this respect because then you can decide how much you need and you just eat when you’re hungry. You stop when you’re full. You automatically either lose your weight, maintain your weight, whatever you need to do and you don’t have to worry about it because the food is so delicious.

Here’s the soup. I made this soup yesterday. This is the Simple Bean Soup. It’s got some nice red beans in there when soups are made with a tomato base, tomatoes have a lot of natural sodium so you don’t need to flavor it with anything. This soup is delicious as is.

You could add some lemon or nutritional yeast or some tahini. When I ate this the first time I put cashews in, avocado is perfect with this soup too! Just a little bit of chopped avocado to give it a bit of fat which is really nice.

That’s it!

These are your meals for the day. You can have a serving of about 2-3 cups of the soup as long as you don’t eat to the point of being over full it’s all good.

That is the set of meals.

I know this was a long video but I had a lot to say about this, especially since it was more of a weight loss video. Feel free to reject all the weight loss stuff if you’re not interested in weight loss because you can just go to your hunger and satiety levels and feel full and get all these amazing g-bombs. The cherries in the smoothie count as the berries.

Also, in the plan is the ability to have a cup of berries if I wanted after dinner. Clearly I didn’t need any of that today so just eat to hunger, stop when full.

I hope you love these recipes. You can get the pdf for them of these particular recipes but remember these are part of a 21 Day Challenge so if you want to get 21 days of recipes instead of just three days of recipes you can look for that challenge on my website at thewateringmonth.com/shop.

We have tons of 21 Day Challenges on there. There’s also a free 9 Day Challenge on my website as well. Plenty of stuff like this to keep you going.

I hope you love this one. Thank you for watching! Let me know what you think down below in the comments. Is there anything that stood out to you in this video? Let’s chat about it.

Remember the recipes are at the wateringmouth.com/cheatsheets . Sign up there and you can get that pdf if you want it.

Thank you so much for watching! I’ll see you in the next video.

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