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Coach Nancy coming to you with some brand new recipes from my home kitchen!

If you like traditional pesto- here is a Nutritarian version that is scrumptious! It has no oil, dairy or salt and contains a surprise ingredient: CARROT TOPS (optional!).

Link to Cheatsheet: http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets

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Hey there, it’s coach Nancy with Nourish Your Lifestyle! I have a sneak peek of some recipes that are coming out in our 21 Day Challenge later on in July.

It may be out by the time this video is out. We put the 21 Day Challenges in the Family, our Eat to Live Family membership, for free every quarter. So if you’re a member of the Family you get those challenges for free and then they’re sold to the public later on.

So look out for that opportunity to get the whole 21 Day Challenge. I pulled 3 recipes together and created a set for my What I Eat in a Day video for today. The first recipe is going to be a Black and Blue smoothie.

So it has nothing to do with bruising. What I do when I do the quarterly recipes, is try to use the produce that is available during this season. So it’s summer in the Northern Hemispherehere. So I’ve got lots of summery fruits and vegetables I’m going to be using and an orange, which isn’t necessarily a summer fruit but I like to use oranges with greens because it helps to make the iron bioavailable to your body.

Using romaine lettuce and some spring mix. I’ve got a couple of carrots that I got at a farmer’s market. We’ve got a whole small pot of romaine and then I’m just going to put a bunch of spring mix in here.

Yes, you can put lettuce in your smoothie. Half a cup each of blueberries (which is the blue part) and blackberries (which is the black part). I’m going to do an orange. Like I said, the vitamin C helps the iron be bioavailable in greens. So it’s nice to pair citrus with greens.

Fresh ginger and fresh turmeric. Just a little knob of each and then I use a little grind of black pepper (you’ll never know it’s in there) and then we need banana. I might even add some ice to this too – make sure it’s cold.

That’s the nice thing about using frozen fruit, is it’s a nice cold smoothie and a lot of my fruit is not frozen. I like to grind flaxseed. So you’ll notice in our recipes we usually try to write “flaxseed ground”. So I’m going to grind it and then put a tablespoon in here.

Now some cold water from the fridge. All right, this made a nice big smoothie. Quart and a half. So a good 40 ounces.

If it’s a little bitter like this is (I think I did a little too much turmeric) you can always add a date into it. Just drop it in and blend it a little more. You could add a drop of vanilla, you could add some cinnamon, if you ever need to rectify the taste of the smoothie.

All right, so what I like to do with these is you see how I’ve filled it all the way up so there’s no air in it? That way I can keep it for the rest of the day and maybe even overnight so we’d have smoothie for tomorrow morning as well. Now we’ve got plenty of smoothie ready to start the day and we’ll come back and do lunch.

All right on to lunch and, true confessions, this is take two for lunch. Something happened, we had a glitch with the card in my camera.

So I have made the hemp dressing. I just want to show you what I’ve done. I’ll just walk you through what it is. So this is a beautiful hemp dressing. I had three cups of basil, these lovely carrot top greens, I just did maybe a half a cup of these garlic cloves, some lemon juice, not fortified nutritional yeast, some hemp seed, some aquafaba which is the bean water, and also half of a medium avocado.

That’ll give you some great mouth feel like regular pesto does with olive oil and pine nuts, but I didn’t use either one of those. So that’s going to be the dressing for our crunchy salad. We’ll move on to the crunchy salad and you can basically use whatever veggies you have in your refrigerator.

I’ll show you what I’m doing. I’ve got a little bit of brussel sprouts I’m going to just put in the shredder. I have my shredding blade in here and there we go.

I think I will shred the zucchini as well. I’ve got a big old fat zucchini here. I’m probably not going to use all of it. I’ll just use half of it. I’ve got red onion and broccoli and I will pop it in here using the pulsing to chop it up. I’m also going to put a little bit of wild rice in here for texture. I’m just going to drop it in here and give it a toss.

This is a pretty salad with the red onion, some textures, everything is not the same texture so we’ve got some shreds and some chops. That makes for a nice eating.

This will make a good three or four servings. Once you crunch through this, your jaws are going to be tired. Dinner is going to be very simple and we’ll be back in just a little bit with dinner. So there’s your beautiful crunchy salad.

All right, now we’re ready for dinner! Super simple. I have cauliflower florets. I just bought a head of cauliflower and cut them into bite size florets.

This recipe really is for one. You can eat all of this if your tummy can hold it. If you only want to do half, just do half. Whatever you think you can eat.

It’s just cauliflower and hummus and some flavorings so just grab your favorite flavorings out of your spice cabinet. I’m going to use this georgian seasoning blend. I’m not even going to try to pronounce it. It’s from trader joe’s, spicy garlicky and deeply aromatic and savory. It has a tiny bit of salt. It doesn’t even register on sodium level for a quarter of a teaspoon.

I’m just going to sprinkle a little bit of that on. This is hummus. It’s Terri’s recipe – my friend Terri, fellow Nutritarian – and it’s got some parsley in it and that recipe will be in the cheatsheet.

I’m just going to do a little squirt of mustard. If you don’t like mustard you don’t have to use it. If you want hot sauce use hot sauce. Whatever you want to do. These are kind of like cauliflower wings and I’m just going to do a little shake of some spice.

I have a rebel smart oven air and it does have an air fry feature. I’ve got the basket that I’m going to put things in. I’m only going to do 350. I’m not going to do anything over that simply because I don’t want any food to get dark. Dr. Fuhrman says that’s where the carcinogens lie, in that darkening of foods.

So if we’re using an air fryer, use it judiciously. Just bake it in an oven if you want to. You don’t want to over bake at high temperatures. Dry heat is not as good as a moist heat according to Dr. Fuhrman.

It’s a little secret to use hummus to roll vegetables in as a great way to add some flavor. No oil. I got some tahini and that’s the only fat.

I had a client ask me for a tip for roasting vegetables. She said she did it without oil and got a weird taste or a weird texture. They do kind of get rubbery if you will. The hummus helps to make a nice coating and it can get crispy if you leave it long enough.

So here we go in the oven and it will take about 20 minutes. I should have preheated but I didn’t. That’s okay, it’ll get hot fast enough. Now I’ll just keep an eye on it and we’ll be back with the finished results soon.

Let’s see how they look! This was about 20 minutes on 350. They got a little bit brown but they’re certainly not blackened at all. They’re nice and got a little bit of a crisp to them.

Crunch crunch! Again you can eat all these if your tummy will hold it and it doesn’t overstuff you. Or eat part of them and it’s a delicious dinner.

Check for cheatsheets at http://www.nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets and you can get the recipes for yourself and enjoy them in your kitchen. If you try them, drop a note down below and tell us how it went for you. If you did substitutions you did something different or have inspiration for us, let us know.

Thanks so much. Until next time, it’s coach Nancy, bye!

I hope you love that one and keep in mind the Eat to Live Family is open for registration right now, from the time I post this video, and we’re going to be closing tomorrow 7/29/2022.  So make sure you get in there. We’re not going to be opening up for another few months and we’d love to see you in there now, getting to your goals of being consistent, losing the weight, eating healthfully, feeling great! There’s tons of us in there, dozens and dozens of people all Eating to Live, getting to their healthy goals, and we want to welcome you in. Nourish Your Lifestyle Family is open for registration only for a little bit longer.

See you and bye!

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