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Using simple ingredients that are on hand is KEY to eating to live!

In this video Coach Nancy puts together:

🍎 Cheri’s Warm Apple Smoothie. This big, tummy-warming smoothie is delicious, light and warming AND your cells will dance when you drink it!

🥗 Lunch is a Big Salad pulled together easily- no chopping for this one!

🥦 Dinner is a Speedy Quick pull-together of the rest of the GBOMBS for the day.

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Hi there! It’s time for another What I Eat In A Day video! Today, we’re going to start out with a Warming Apple Smoothie – this is one of Cheri’s famous recipes that people love. It’s become a favorite especially when it’s cold outside which it is right now at my house, so I’m going to make the warm apple smoothie with a few little variations; all of the recipes, of course, vary as you want – change them up, make them your own.

So, Warm Apple Smoothie sounds kind of weird – I know I was a little frightened of it before I tried it, but when I did try it…mmm, it hits the spot. It’s got cinnamon in it, which is a warming spice anyway, and we’re gonna heat it a little bit in the Vitamix by letting it run longer so that it actually heats. All the ingredients are going to be either room temperature or warm, and the one thing that’s going to be warm is usually what’s frozen, which is banana – I need to get some out of the freezer and I’m going to put it in the microwave to soften it.

I’m just going to take one banana – this is a one-serving size; it’s a very generous smoothie – so that’s about a banana’s worth. Maybe spinach and remaining lettuce. The recipe, as I’m going to give it to you in the Cheatsheets – go to nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets and you can sign up to get those so you get the recipes – the recipe has kale in it, but I didn’t have any kale, so I’m using spinach.

Size – so I’m just gonna throw these in here, and if you want to measure it’s probably about close to four cups. I’m just gonna stuff in some spinach; I usually don’t measure, I just throw it in – so that’s probably about…guessing seven cups of greens, so it’s a great start for your day to start getting your GBOMBS in early. So we’ve got our banana. One thing you can do to help get the flavor of a smoothie when you’re transitioning from a standard American diet kind of milkshake to a smoothie is to add some sweet dried fruit – I’m going to put one Medjool date in this one; you could always start with two Medjool dates when you first transition, and then back down to one, and then no dates.

I’m gonna do two tablespoons of nuts, and of course, dates are all different sizes – make sure you take the pit out, just two tablespoons of oats, and water – use a cup of water. The thickness of a smoothie depends on how thick you like it. One tablespoon actually of flaxseed, this is cardamom seed – I just happen to have some so I’m just going to use a little bit of it – you can use ground cardamom or leave it out. I have a dedicated coffee grinder, it’s dedicated for spices – I use it for my flaxseed.

All right, I think we’ve got it all, now let’s give it a whirl! Okay, I had it all the way up for about a minute – mmm, it’s gorgeous; nice and thick. Okay and I’m going to add about a half a teaspoon of cinnamon, and I’m going to let it keep going so that it warms a little bit. All right, that was another minute and a half and you can feel the sides of the container, when it starts to warm up you can feel that it’s getting just a tiny warm, and when you take the lid off you should see some steam wafting up out.

Mmm, it’s just a tiny bit warm, you could certainly run it a little longer if you wanted to. This is beautiful, yummy, gorgeous, silky, smooth; and there you go, breakfast is ready – enjoy the Warm Apple Smoothie! I just want to caution you: don’t think you can warm just any smoothie – some smoothies do not work well, so any ones that we have in our Cheatsheets that say “warm,” we’ve vetted them and we know they’re tasty, so just want to let you know that this apple one is a particularly good one, so enjoy!

Now for lunch, I typically have a Big Green Salad – Dr. Fuhrman says the salad is the main dish, and this salad is not your regular Iceberg lettuce with a few tomatoes and celery on top. So I’m going to make this in a 2-quart Corelle bowl. This is green lettuce – kind of white-looking but it was from a green cabbage, this is organic arugula from Trader Joe’s – three/four cups of salad here, I’m gonna add some green leaf, I like to shred my own carrots, I have some red onion, some beets – I roasted beets the other day, it’s gonna look like a blood bath – if you don’t like beets don’t use beets, use something else. Sometimes I chop, sometimes I slice.

Throw some more on the floor, a few little tomatoes, maybe some Walnut Balsamic – Dr. Fuhrman’s recipe – I’ll put that in the Cheatsheets as well so you have that recipe – so there’s that, and then we’ll finish up lunch with our berries. Because I’ve got some walnuts in the dressing, I’m not going to add seeds to the salad, but you certainly could add pumpkin seeds if you wanted to, or sunflower seeds. Lunch is ready! See you back here for dinner.

And now, a very Quick Simple Dinner. So, I happen to have beans on hand in the refrigerator – these are adzuki beans, they’re kind of like a black bean; they start out red, and as they cook up they’re kind of black – they’re pretty simple, plain; I just cooked them to have on hand. This is some hummus that I made so I’ve got it on hand, some salsa that I love – the Green Mountain Gringo brand, some broccoli, and some portobello mushroom. I’m gonna put all this together in a very simple dish.

I’m gonna do mine mostly in the microwave, you’re welcome to use the microwave, or you could do it on a stovetop, or however you want to heat things up. The equivalent to one button mushroom is what Dr. Fuhrman suggests that we have daily, so that’s going to be plenty. It’s probably about eight ounces of broccoli, I’m just going to trim this up. If you have pre-cooked mushrooms all the better, but I’m just going to throw my mushrooms on with my broccoli and microwave them. Some nights we have soup.

I’ll cook it in the microwave for about two minutes and we’ll see how done it is. I don’t like broccoli well done, I like a little crunch to it still. All right I’m going to heat this first, then I’m going to heat the beans separately – just because I want to keep a cover on them – for about two and a half minutes and see what it does. Okay, I’ve heated the broccoli and the mushrooms and now I’ve got about a cup of beans…piping hot, and then I’m gonna do – I’m going to use the same spoon just because I’m going to use up all the salsa; strew some salsa.

I love to have hummus available in the refrigerator – this is kind of drippy hummus – use it for dressings or sauces, use it as a base for different flavored dressings and sauces. Voila; dinner is served! This is simple; yummy; if you want more spice, spice it up however you want to do it; enjoy your GBOMBS – perfect Nutritarian eating day. Until next time.

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