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What I Eat In a Day (to lose weight)

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us how do you decide what to fix for meals?

Coach Nancy shares ideas for items to have on hand in the refrigerator so you can easily put together your meals.

🥣 The Special Oatmeal is NEXT LEVEL and you will love the creamy (NOT gummy) texture of these oats!

🥗 The Big Salad has a terrific Balsamic Dressing that you will enjoy on salads as well as on steamed vegetables or to dress up plain beans

🎉 For Dinner, Coach Nancy shows how to make leftover chili even tastier and gives it an extra boost of nutrition

Cheat Sheets: https://nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets/

Coach with Nancy: https://nourishyourlifestyle.com/coachwithnancy/

Hey there! I am doing a What I Eat In A Day video today for you, and the way I do these is I go to my fridge, and I look and see what I have, and I decide “okay, what am I going to eat for the day?” – we call that “Creating Our Protocol” in our coaching programs. So, I’ve created my protocol – what I’m going to eat today – and I am sharing that with you. So I’ve got some pretty simple things today, but I hope to give you some great tips along the way that may help you.

So the first thing I want to do is make some oatmeal; it’s a little chilly around here these days and it’s time for some oatmeal. So I’m going to do some unexpected oatmeal though. So I’ve got sprouted rolled oats – you can use whatever oats you want to use; old-fashioned is the best, or oat groats if you’ve got those, but I’m going to do these, rolled oats – and I’m going to make a batch, so I’m going to make a bunch so that I’ve got for a few days. I’m going to do a cup of oats in my pan, so that’s about three servings – use about a third of a cup in our oats – but we’re gonna make it bulkier by adding red lentils.

Now this is a little trick that I learned from Cheri, who is a genius and the founder of Nourish Your Lifestyle and fellow YouTube personality – you’ve seen her I know on our channel because it’s her channel – and anyway, she taught me to do this. So put red lentils; we’re gonna just rinse them off – I’ve got half a cup, I’m gonna rinse them off in the water here because they are handled – and now I’m going to add a little bit of frozen cauliflower rice, and I’m gonna do about a cup; let’s toss it in. It’s funny, my sister – I sent a video to my sister, the one that I did on holiday meals, and she commented that it was like watching our grandma cook because she didn’t use recipes. I’m like “ah, I come by it honest.”

All right so I’m gonna do three cups of water – so, I’m just gonna put this on the heat and I’m gonna cook it until it’s done. So basically what I do is I will put it up on a higher temperature until it comes to a boil, and then I’ll stir it a little bit, and then I’ll turn it down. We don’t want it to cook over, but sometimes it does that; so I’ll watch it and stir every once in a while, and that’ll help break the lentils down as well, so I’ll be back in a little while after it has cooked down. While that’s cooking, I actually decided to go ahead and work on my salad for lunch.

So I’m gonna look in my fridge and find greens that I may want to put in my salad for lunch; I’ll do some spring mix, I’ve got some cabbage, red leaf lettuce. What I like to do is – you can tear the greens if you want to, I got a half a head of red cabbage and this morning I just used the mandolin and shredded it just so I’d have it ready; it’ll last a week, so just get that cabbage done, it’s done once, and then you can just grab. So I’m going to just kind of layer this salad with lettuce; pretty. And as you can see, I’m not measuring or weighing – this is my two-quart bowl, so I go for about a two-quart salad, and I’ll do a little more cabbage.

All right so, we probably used two ounces, three ounces, maybe four ounces of greens, so now I’m gonna put some raw veggies on top. Come over here, Mr. Cameraman, we’re gonna do a little look at this. It’s only been a few minutes, this is beginning to cook, I’m gonna let it come to a nice boil, and then I’ll turn it down.

All right so now what kind of veggies do I want on this? I like to think about what kind of dressing I’m going to put on it. If you’ve been watching these videos and you know me, hummus is my go-to dressing, but I’m going to do something different today because I have just enough left – this is Dr. Fuhrman’s walnut, basically, his walnut balsamic dressing that I have altered just a little bit – it’s in a bottle, it’s not what it is – so I know I want to use this. If you’re new to our channel, if you go to nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets and sign up to get the Cheatsheets, you can get all the past ones, all of the future ones; we have tips, and recipes, and workshops – Cheri just did a workshop recently – we’ve got worksheets in there, so it’s very handy and helpful to get those Cheatsheets. All right, I’m going to use some snow peas – it’s nice to have a – what I call a “nutritarian fridge” where you can just go in and find something to pull together a salad.

I roasted some veggies; just some sweet potatoes, onions, carrots – and I think I’ll heat those up when it gets to be lunchtime, I’ll put those on top – my mushrooms, and then I did some artichokes, some fried artichokes in the air fryer. I just used a bag of Trader Joe’s artichokes – I don’t have any left because they were so tasty – I used some of Dr. Greger’s seasoning – I’ll link that recipe also in the Cheatsheets and below. So I’ll just heat all my veggies up; I’ll probably use – well, I’ll show you, but I’ll probably use half of those veggies. The only other thing I’m going to need is some raw onions – green onions are a little milder than regular onions, they’re in the Allium family like onions and garlic.

The longer you cook the lentils, the more they’re gonna break down. I’m going to add a little bit of apple juice, just for some flavor. We don’t drink juice for sure on this way of eating, maybe we’d use a little shot of pomegranate juice in a smoothie because of the antioxidant value, but I’m just going to add a little bit of because I need some liquid and some sweetness in here – and oh that smells good. We want those lentils to be done, so I’m just going to keep doing that.

Okay, now we’ve got our breakfast ready – maybe that much. Yep, so all together we have about a quart, so probably four servings. So we’ve got that ready, now I’m going to top it, let’s do half a banana – I don’t know if I’ve shown you this, I’m gonna do this just for the fun of it because I can: so we’ve got a banana and if we want to cut it a little differently, you can just…it comes apart in thirds very easily, so you can cut it a little differently, and it’ll go a little further.

All right so there’s half a banana, I’m gonna do some blueberries; let’s sprinkle a little bit of ground flax, and some cinnamon – I use Ceylon cinnamon. This would be really yummy with a little bit of plant yogurt; I don’t have any, but that would be yummy. These yummies, these are mulberries – I found these at our local co-op; it’s totally not necessary, but it’s just a fun little chewy fruit, adds a little crunch, a little interest – I’m just gonna sprinkle a few of those in, and breakfast is served. And now let’s continue with our salad.

I’ll show you what I’ve done. So I have done the onions, I just chopped them up and cleaned them up – cleaned them up, chopped them up, put them on top. My mushrooms, and the few little artichoke hearts that are in there, and about half of these veggies; I’m just going to heat it in the microwave, throw that on top.

So one of the things that I love to do is make soups and have plenty in the freezer. So, I had made some chili a while ago, and took it out of the freezer, and now I’m just going to heat it up for dinner, but I’m going to show you how I’m going to make it interesting – not just soup. And have no fear, I’ll give you the recipe for the chili in the Cheatsheets as well.

So, I’ve got some arugula that I’m going to start with as a base for the chili, but I’m just going to go ahead and heat it in the microwave while I’m fixing the rest of the stuff. Here, I’m going to put the arugula – this is just baby arugula – I’m going to tear this up, you can chop it if you want to, but I’m going to tear it. I always say “get your greens in by any means.” I’m gonna put the soup over the top.

The chili – this was a recipe that my friend, Terry, a member of our Eat to Live Family, created – it’s got zucchini and corn; all sorts of goodies. I made mine a little spicy, so it’s going to be nice to have it on the greens to take care of some of that spice. I have just a little bit of hummus still in here, I’m gonna do a dollop of it on top, and I’ll just put a little of this on for a little creaminess and just a little flavor. So, dinner is served.

So there’s our What I Eat In A Day. Plenty of food, plenty of bulk, plenty of nutrition, G-BOMBS galore. Enjoy! And be sure you sign up for those Cheatsheets, nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets, and enjoy! Until next time, I’m Coach Nancy, signing off.


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