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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY (to lose weight)

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Hey there! Coach Nancy with The Watering Mouth. I have a fast, simple, What I Eat in a Day video for you today. What we’re going to do is use what I have in my refrigerator, which I always do but, I’m going to show you things that I’ve already prepped for the week and give you some ideas about how to do some rolling prep – we call it – always looking ahead to what meals are coming down the road and having some things on hand.

So before I get into what we’re going to do for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today, I’m just going to show you a quick little template, if you will. If you’re new to it, G-BOMBS; if you’re not, you know what this means. So G-BOMBS are the things that Dr. Fuhrman recommends we include in our day, in our daily eating – High nutrient Foods: greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds, and some nuts – so this is what I make sure I eat every day. So I’m just going to leave this out so we can consult it and make sure we’re getting the foods that are recommended to eat on Eat to Live.

All right, without further ado, we’re going to go over to the fridge here. I was thinking about what I wanted to do, and I plan on what I’m calling a Deconstructed Smoothie Bowl – so I’m getting the ingredients that may go in a smoothie, but we’re going to eat them in a different way. Flaxseed that I already have ground – so, speaking of rolling prep, I buy my flaxseed whole, and then I grind it with a coffee grinder and keep it in the freezer so it’s all ready; I also keep hemp seed in the freezer, we’ll need that; and then, I’ve got fruit ready to go – so this has some strawberries, blueberries, grapes, golden kiwi, peaches – peaches are in season right now. So I’m calling this a Deconstructed Smoothie because I’m going to add some greens and fruit together.

So I’ve just got two big hands full of greens, and I’m just going to pulse. I know, it’s kind of weird having greens for breakfast but remember, greens are the number one on G-BOMBS so that’s the G; so dark, leafy greens. I’m using spinach for this; you could use kale, or cabbage, or something else – spinach is the mildest, so I’m just going to make a bed of spinach. I’m going to use quinoa and a corn tortilla later on in the day, so I don’t put too many greens in a day, but add oats if you want to – just some dried oats on top.

So there’s a nice heaping cup of fruit, I’m gonna add a tablespoon of flax, and some hemp hearts for some good omega-3s and 9s – so this is all ready! All I need to do is do a little stir; if you want to add a little bit of plant milk you could certainly do that to make it more like a cereal, but it’s yummy. The greens are unexpected, I know, but they’re going to add a little crunch and a little moisture to this, and you hardly know that they’re there. I’m going to do just a few walnuts and slice or chop them up and put them on top – the nuts and seeds help with nutrient absorption of the greens, so whenever you’re eating greens, make sure you eat a little source of fat in nuts and seeds or avocado. Be back for lunch!

Okay, we’re back for lunch, but let’s look at the G-BOMBS: so we’ve had some greens, and we’ve had some berries, and we’ve had some seeds so we’re well on our way! For lunch we’ll pull together – I’ve got my container of salad greens that I chopped two days ago, and what’s in here is a mixture of romaine lettuce, spinach, some cabbage, some sweet kale mix – which includes radicchio, some shredded Brussels sprouts, kale – carrots, got a few cucumbers in here – I’m going to add some more – sweet pea pods that are in there, so I’ve really got my mixture. I’ve got some sturdy greens in there like the kale and cabbage, as well as romaine is a pretty sturdy lettuce, and then I’ve got some spring mix, too – that’s less sturdy, so I like to do a combination because it makes a nice crunch.

And then I’m going to add some things to it to make it more interesting and more satisfying, and one of the things is artichoke hearts. So these are just plain artichoke hearts that I got from Trader Joe’s; they’re frozen, so I’m just going to do a little steaming here. And I also have some beets; so the beets I just quartered and cooked in my instant pot – I didn’t even take the skin off, that way they don’t bleed as much. I like beets.

If you go to nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets you can sign up to get all of these recipes, plus any of the past recipes we’ve done in videos, and all the future ones! So nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets.

This is a Brazil nut dressing; pretty simple, pretty thick as well – you can always thin out your dressings if it’s too thick for you as the recipe is written – and it’s got a little tarragon, a little thyme, some Brazil nuts, and some oranges. And then little plops of salad dressing; and then just stir it up when you’re eating your salad, but for presentation, I’m just going to do it this way – and be sure you have plenty of dressing that’s what makes it yummy! If we look at our G-BOMBS again we got more greens…oops, beans – I’m glad I consulted that because I need some beans!

So this is just some peruano beans, which is one of my favorite kinds of creamy bean – I like to put peruano beans in my hummus, so I have these on hand. So I’m just going to do about a half a cup of beans. You can have half a cup, a cup, whatever – if you’re an exerciser and you feel like you need extra protein, beans won’t hurt you at all – they’re great for you. So, enjoy your salad and we’ll be back for a quick dinner!

This, my friends, is quinoa; not couscous – about 10 times when I was doing the video I said couscous, I meant quinoa – sorry!

Alrighty, so now we’ve had our greens, we’ve had beans, I’m gonna actually put some raw onion on top of what we’re having tonight so I’ll show you that, mushrooms are going to come up tonight, we’ve done some berries – Dr Furman recommends at least a cup of berries, so we’ve probably had a half a cup in breakfast, so we’ll serve another half a cup of or up to a cup of some more berries after dinner – and then seeds and nuts…I think we’re set on that with the dressing and what we had on breakfast. So let me grab a mushroom – so it’s helpful to just keep that list before you G-BOMBS to consult it because I had forgotten my mushroom if I hadn’t read through that list.

So all we’re going to do is about four cups or so of vegetables, and I’m just going to do assorted vegetables. I’ve been heating my Skillet – I have a green pan, non-stick – and I’m just going to show, you see how this kind of bubbles and disappears – that’s perfect heat. So, I’m going to put my veggies in there as I prep them – whatever vegetables you have on hand is perfect. All right, so that’s going to start exuding a little bit of water – I’ll watch it, I’ll add a little more water if I need to.

What I’m going for, for this – dinner can be simple steamed vegetables, or you know water sauteed vegetables like this – I’m gonna add a little more water – but we’re going to make it a little interesting tonight and put them in a corn tortilla. I just found some yesterday that are pretty simple – they don’t have added ingredients – so I’m going to do a couple corn tortillas for dinner tonight as a holder for these veggies. A little bit of shredded green and red cabbage with some carrots, just a little bit for a little color – you could actually do those raw if you wanted to. I made couscous – another rolling prep idea: have it on hand – maybe a half a cup of couscous.

Let’s let this sweat a little bit. These don’t need much in the way of seasoning. I am going to add a little bit of Kirkland brand No Salt Seasoning – just a little, and then I’m going to actually use a California Balsamic Curry in my wraps. So we’ll be right back with all the ingredients to put together!

All right, our veggies are done and didn’t take long. I put two of these: organic thin corn tortillas, in the microwave; just going to do them for a few seconds – 15 seconds or so. So we’re just going to do these bad boys – we could add some fresh greens if we wanted to as well, and you could line it with lettuce. What I’ll probably do is – so I don’t overstuff these – I’ll just do some in here, and then I’ll do some on the plate to eat plain.

I’ve got a little bit of couscous that I’ve heated up; do the couscous or not – up to you – I just had it on hand. Do a little drizzle. Kind of unexpected on a corn tortilla – you expect Tex-Mex but this is going to be a little Curry so, fun! Let’s put a few onion slices on top, and we’ll serve this with berries, and dinner is served!

So you’ve got a whole What I Eat in a Day! Quick, easy! With some pre-made things in your fridge, you can pull together meals in no time, so there’s no excuse not to Eat to Live because you’ll feel vibrant and amazing! So enjoy these meals!

Remember, nourishyourlifestyle.com/cheatsheets for the recipes. Until next time, it’s coach Nancy! Be good!


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