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Recently I posted about Oreo’s 100th Birthday and finished by dreaming about Oreos for like a day and a half. Job hazard.

Rum Chocolates

Chocolate + dulce de leche + rum + wafer

Then, a fellow food blogger named Paula got ahold of my post and spilled the beans about the existence of dulce de leche Oreo cookies that exist in her home country of Argentina. I immediately wiped the drool off my chin and private messaged her on Facebook to demand that she share this South American delicacy with us poor, disadvantaged Americans above the equator. She was happy to quickly send up a care package straightaway that included 4 different types of dulce de leche confections….and I went to bed with a belly full of the stuff!

Dulce de Leche Haul from Argentina

Here’s what I got in the mail and you didn’t. Excuse me, your jealousy is showing.

What is dulce de leche, you ask? Well, I’ll be happy to tell you…just as soon as I wipe the rest of this drool off my chin.

Dulce de leche is basically sweetened milk, which is slowly reduced down into a caramel-like consistency, or even thicker. My favorite way to have dulce de leche is in a pastry called Alfajores – which are cornstarch cookie sandwiches with dulce de leche inside. I will be recreating and posting Paula’s recipe soon…not for you of course, but for me, so I can have them at home! You will just get the nice added bonus of getting to see the pictures, but no, I’m not sharing the cookies.


Here is the golden packaging that the alfajores came in – I felt so special getting to open those babies! The featured image at the top show what they were like inside…one word: yum!

She said that they didn’t have the Oreos at the store, unfortunately when she went to go buy the stuff for the foodie care package, but I know better and realized that she just probably wanted to save them all for herself and her fellow Argentineans! Don’t worry, I would have done the same thing, girl!! :D But I was more than happy to munch on the above amazingness in place of the Oreos. Now I’ll just have to put Argentina (Oreos) on the bucket list!

I will be sending her my return care package ASAP – it’s already bought, just waiting to be lovingly sent in the mail. Isn’t the Internet awesome??

I also wanted to give her a thankful shout-out on my blog…her blog rocks and you’ll find some GREAT recipes on there. Find Paula at VintageKitchenNotes!